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The Neighbor's Teasing Wife

The Neighbor's Teasing Wife

Chapter 1
As the hot July sun soaked into her skin, Vicky Andrews felt like tearing off her bikini. She wanted to be totally naked, tan all over. But of course that would have shocked the neighbors.
"Darn," Vicky sighed softly. "I sure am getting some crazy ideas lately."
It wasn't just the idea of wanting to lie around stark naked in the back yard. Yesterday Vicky had gotten the hots for the mailman. He was new on her route, a blond hunk, and he'd looked terrific in his uniform.
Vicky felt ashamed of herself. She was a married woman, and she really did love her husband, Don. But they'd been married for seven years now, and their sex life wasn't as exciting as it used to be. In fact, Vicky thought sadly, it was about as exciting as watching paint dry.
She glanced around to see if anybody was watching, then pressed a hand to her pouting cunt-mound. She had an insane desire to slip her hand down inside her bikini and play with herself. Why, she hadn't masturbated since she was a teenager!
She didn't have to wonder what was giving her all these crazy ideas. She knew. She and Don just weren't making love often enough. He'd just been promoted, and he always seemed to be exhausted when he got home from work. He was just too tired for sex.
Vicky pressed her cunt-mound harder and felt a boiling heat in her pussy. She would have given anything just then to have a man. She imagined a huge stiff cock sliding into her cream-soaked cunt, and she moaned softly.
"Okay, Vicky, get a hold of yourself," she muttered.
Beating off in front of the neighbors wasn't the answer to her problem. But what was? She needed a lot more loving than she was getting, but Don couldn't give it to her. There didn't seem to be any way out of her dilemma.
Then Vicky was distracted from her problems when she heard voices from the next yard. That was the home of her best friend, Joan and her husband Frank. Vicky recognized Frank's voice now, but there was a female voice, too, and it wasn't Joan's.
A six-foot fence separated the two yards, but Vicky knew where a knothole was. Bored, with nothing else to do, she naughtily decided to spy and see who Frank's female guest was. She knelt before the knothole and peered into her neighbors' yard.
Frank was in shorts and a T-shirt, lounging in a chair. His visitor was Shelly, a stunning red-haired divorcee who lived in the next house over. Shelly was wearing what had to be the world's smallest bikini.
Frank was ogling Shelly's tall big-titted body, and the expression in his eyes wasn't brotherly.
"Shame on you, Frank," Vicky whispered.
Of course he didn't hear her, and she didn't want him to. She'd have been terribly embarrassed to be caught spying on him. But she decided she'd better keep spying, just in case Frank was up to something. Joan would want to know.
"I'm really sorry, Shelly," Frank was saying, "but I already lent my hedge clippers."
"Oh, damn," Shelly drawled in her naturally sexy, husky voice.
"But stay and have a drink if you've got time," Frank added.
"Why, Frank, I'd love to!" Shelly smiled.
Now Vicky was riveted by the scene. Shelly was new on the block, and her arrival had made lots of the neighborhood wives nervous. Surely this dazzling young woman wouldn't go long without a man. But would she get a man of her own, or would she seduce someone's husband?
While Frank went to get drinks, Shelly settled himself in the chair next to his, smiling. She tugged at the top of her bikini, loosening it a little so it looked like her big firm tits were about to pop out.
"Bitch," Vicky muttered.
Frank quickly returned with the drinks, and he and Shelly began to chat. She kept brushing his arm with her hand and her long red finger-nails. She really was gorgeous, Vicky had to admit, but she also seemed to be coming on to Joan's husband.
"It's so nice of you to let me stay, Frank," Shelly sighed. "I'm so lonely since my divorce. I really miss having a man in my life."
Frank looked like he was going to choke on the olive from his martini. He blushed a little, swallowed hard, and said, "Aw, come on, Shelly. A beautiful woman like you, lonely? I find that pretty hard to believe."
"It's true, Frank," Shelly purred. "At night I think I'll go crazy. You can't imagine how horny I get."
Frank turned even redder, and Vicky scowled. Shelly was coming on to him all right. And now the bitch had the colossal nerve to remove her bikini bra! She unfastened it and tossed it aside, and Frank's eyes almost popped as he ogled her melon-sized tits and big cone-shaped nipples.
"Mmmmm, that feels better." Shelly smiled. "I hope you don't mind, Frank. Nobody can see us.
"Oh, no, no, I don't mind," Frank practically yelped.
He couldn't take his eyes off her fantastic tits. Vicky really couldn't blame him. Shelly was built like a movie star, all legs and tits and ass, and now she was wantonly displaying her naked tits to Frank.
Would Frank be able to resist her come-on? Judging from the talks Vicky had had with Joan lately, she didn't think so. Joan and Frank's marriage was a lot like hers and Don's--seven years old and getting stale. Frank was probably ripe for the plucking.
"You know what I miss most of all, Frank?" Shelly cooed. "A man's touch. Like this."
She took his hands and set them on her huge naked tits. Frank made a horny croaking noise. He didn't put up any resistance. He started molding and squeezing her tits, and Shelly gurgled with excitement.
Terrific, Vicky thought. Now what do I do?
She wished she hadn't spied, but it was too late to stop. She felt she had to see everything Frank did, so she could report it to Joan. Or should she just open the gate and walk over there and put a stop to this hanky-panky?
She thought about it and decided that Frank and Shelly would probably just tell her to take a hike. She'd stay where she was, gathering information to report to Joan.
Shelly's huge silky-skinned tits seemed to be swelling as Frank molded them. Her long eyelashes were at half mast, and she was smiling seductively. Vicky wasn't surprised when Frank started getting a hard-on.
Still she thought, bastard.
The fly of his shorts was obscenely tented. Shelly noticed, too, but she just grinned. After all, that was what she'd been aiming for. She had her neighbor's husband so hot for her that he couldn't control himself.
"You're getting me awfully excited, Shelly," Frank reported hoarsely.
"Mmmmm, honey, you're getting me excited, too," she purred.
Vicky was really pissed off. Her best friend's husband was about to fall into bed with the neighborhood seductress. But at the same time, Vicky had to admit she was getting turned on by the scene. She wasn't proud of it, but her pussy was on fire.
No wonder. It was two weeks since she'd gotten laid. She had so much lust stored up, she was getting turned on just from watching other people make out. She was definitely going to have to have a talk with Don.
Meanwhile wild horses couldn't have dragged her away from that knothole. She was angry, but she was fascinated. She'd never spied on anybody before, and she'd never watched others getting it on. She just couldn't resist peeping.
"Frank," Shelly gurgled, "we'd be more comfortable on the grass, don't you think?"
"Uh, sure, whatever you say," Frank croaked.
They slid out of their chairs and onto the soft freshly mowed lawn. Shelly snaked her arms around Frank's neck and kissed him. Vicky could tell she was shoving her tongue in his mouth. She expected to see steam come out of his ears.
As she gave him a long steamy tongue-kiss, Shelly rubbed her naked tits against his chest. She pulled up his T-shirt and wriggled her stiff nipples into the thick hair mat. Frank gave a muffled groan.
At last they came up for air, and Shelly said in her husky voice, "Help a lady out, Frank? Honey, I'm so horny I could die."
"Uh, gosh, Shelly, I dunno," Frank said hoarsely. "I mean, I'm married, and I love my wife. I'm not sure I could do that to Joan."
"Darling," Shelly purred, "Joan will never know. And I really need you. Here, just feel this."
She quickly removed her bikini bottoms, and Frank gawked at her cute copper-colored bush. She grabbed his hand and stuck it between her legs. Frank shivered, and Vicky knew he was touching wet, searing-hot flesh.
"See?" Shelly whimpered. "Feel how hot my pussy is, Frank? Come on, help me out."
She didn't wait for an answer. She pulled off his T-shirt and tugged down his shorts. The crotch of his jockey shorts was bulging with an enormous hard-on. Shelly grasped the waist-band of his shorts and tugged the garment off, leaving him naked.
"Mmmmmm, Frank, you have a fantastic body," she gurgled.
Poor Frank didn't stand a chance. His cock was so engorged by now, it looked ready to explode. Shelly wrapped her fingers around the thick blue-veined column of meat and began pumping it, and Frank groaned with excitement.
There go his marriage vows, Vicky thought.
She was furious with him, yet at the same time she couldn't blame him a bit for responding to Shelly's come-on. After all, Shelly was a fantastically beautiful woman, and she was doing everything in her power to turn him on.
Vicky found herself staring at Frank's cock. He was pretty well hung. She felt hot cream oozing from her hungry little cunt, and she wished she had a hard cock of her own to play with. It had been so long since she and Don made love, so long that she was almost whimpering with need.
She rubbed her thighs together, trying in vain to ease the hot ache between her legs. This spying was making her too damned hot. She really ought to stop, yet she didn't want to miss a second of this exciting scene.
Shelly pumped Frank's iron-hard cock till he was shivering and moaning steadily. Then she flopped onto her back and pulled him on top of her. He sank down between her satiny thighs, and she cupped his ass and dug her long red nails into the taut flesh.
"Please, Frank, honey, fuck me," she whimpered.
"Oh, shit," he groaned, "I'm only human."
His ass jerked sharply, and Shelly's head lolled back in bliss. She gave a hoarse sustained moan as he shoved his long stiff cock into her burning needy cunt. Watching it happen, Vicky creamed right through her bikini.
"Oh, my God," she moaned softly.
She had to admit it--she ached to get just what Shelly was getting. She'd almost kill for it. She wanted to feel a huge hard prick cramming her starved little cunt, reaming her out. She'd never felt so frantically horny in her life.
"Unnnhhhh, honey, yesss," Shelly sobbed, "get into meeeee!"
Frank hit bottom, only his balls showing, and he groaned in delight. But Shelly didn't let him pause to savor the moment. She started jerking her hips, too horny to wait even a second for the hot action she craved. Frank snorted with lust and started fucking her hard.
"Unnnnhhhh, yesssss," Shelly moaned, "fuck it to me, baby, fuck me good and hard!"
On the other side of the fence Vicky was whimpering with lust and envy. Sure, she was furious with Frank for cheating on Joan, and she could have scratched Shelly's eyes out, but she was also going crazy with horniness.
She watched Frank's thick cream-soaked cock hammering up and down in Shelly's juice-squirting cunt and listened to him groaning with pleasure. She couldn't remember the last time Don had fucked her with that much enthusiasm.
Vicky longed for the great early days of her marriage when she and Don had fucked like bunnies. She realized now that their sex life had been getting dull and routine for a long time. Don just didn't have the hots for her like he used to.
And did she still have the hots for him? Right now, she had to admit, she wanted to be fucking Frank. She wanted to feel that wrist-thick cock pistoning in her starved cunt, rocketing her to the orgasm she so urgently needed.
"Oooooh, shit, honey," Shelly whimpered, "you're fucking me so damned good!"
Tell me about it, Vicky thought enviously.
Shelly wasn't faking her excitement. Her lovely face was contorted with pleasure, and she was jerking her hips furiously to Frank's hard rhythm. Thick pearly cream was gushing from her reamed cunt.
Vicky was almost panting with lust as she watched. Again she felt an insane desire to stick her hand inside her bikini and beat off. But even more, she wanted the real thing. She wanted a man so bad, she could have screamed.
She'd get Don to make love to her tonight. She had to, or she'd go crazy. No matter how tired he was, she'd perk him up, and then she'd fuck his socks off. The horny young housewife made herself that firm promise.
"Harder, baby, make me come!" Shelly moaned.
Frank snorted with lust and fucked into her so hard that Vicky could hear their bodies slamming together. She could hear the lewd sucking noise his cock was making as it reamed the hot cream from Shelly's squeezing pussy. The noises drove her to a fever pitch of lusty longing.
"Unnnnhhhh, shit, yesss, you're doing it to me, I'm comingggggg! Shelly wailed. "Ohhhh, God-whaaahhhhhh!"
Her body rocked and writhed, and her huge swollen tits wobbled hard against Frank's chest. Her spasming cunt brought him off a second later, and he groaned and hammered his load into her.
"Awwwww, fuckin' Christ, awwwwwww!" he roared.
Vicky shivered and whimpered as she watched them coming. She ached to be coming herself, but there was nothing she could do about it, not for hours. Her relief wouldn't come till Don got home, and even then she was going to have to fight for it.
"Oh, Jesus," Frank moaned as he finally rolled off Shelly.
Shelly grinned wickedly and gave a final lusty wriggle. "Honey, that was fantastic," she gurgled. "Just what I needed. And remember, nobody will ever know."
That's what you think, bitch, Vicky thought angrily. She drew back from her spy hole and stalked into the house.

Chapter 2
Hot from the sun and from the scene she'd just witnessed, Vicky headed for the shower. Maybe cold water would dampen her maddening lust. As she showered, she wondered what to do about her secret.
She'd just watched her best friend's husband commit adultery. Should she tell Joan?
It was hard to answer. She felt she ought to rat on Frank, and yet she didn't want to hurt Joan's feelings. By the time she stepped out of the shower she still hadn't made up her mind.
She wandered naked to the bedroom and started hunting up some clothes. She wanted something very seductive, something that would be sure to arouse Don. She paused and looked longingly at the king-size bed where they'd had such terrific sex.
It seemed so long ago. Don was always tired now, always preoccupied with his job. He'd come home, eat dinner, and fall asleep in front of the TV, leaving Vicky aching with frustration. Well, not tonight!
She picked out a little red jumpsuit, one that hugged her petite curvy body. She stepped into it and walked to the mirror. She was still in her late twenties, and her body was good. She knew any man would find her attractive.
Any man but her husband. Don just didn't seem to be interested in sex any more. Vicky knew she was going to have to work extra hard to get him turned on tonight.
She paraded back and forth in front of the mirror, sticking out her tits and wiggling her ass. The little brunette wished she could be as tall and busty and seductive as Shelly, but she also knew she was no dog.
Well, the outfit would just have to do, because Don was going to get home at any minute. Vicky hurried to the kitchen and mixed a pitcher of martinis. She dropped olives in two glasses and set them to chill. Then she heard her husband's car in the driveway.
"Okay, Vicky, this is it," she said determinedly.
Don came dragging in the door, pooped out as usual. He didn't even took at her as he hung up his jacket and flopped into his recliner. He sure didn't look ready for a roll in the hay, but Vicky vowed to change that.
"Hi, honey," she purred. "I'm so glad to see you. Would you like a martini?"
"Oh, yeah, that'd be great," Don sighed.
Vicky brought the drinks and pulled her chair close to his. "Rough day?" she asked.
"They're all rough days," Don sighed after taking a gulp of his martini. "But it means a lot more money."
"Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the money," Vicky said as she leaned over to kiss him.
She planted her mouth on his and kissed him hungrily, wriggling her tongue between his lips. No response. She probed his mouth with her hot little tongue and sensuously caressed the back of his neck. Still no response.
She drew back and looked at him. "Honey, I really worry about you. You're so tired all the time. Maybe you should think about getting another job."
"What's for dinner?" he asked.
Vicky sighed. "Steak. I'll go fix it."
Maybe he'd feel more refreshed after he'd had something to eat. She watched him closely through dinner. He hardly glanced at her and didn't notice the sexy outfit she was wearing. She might as well have been a piece of furniture.
Later, as she was washing the dishes, Don passed through the kitchen yawning. "Gosh, I'm bushed," he announced. "I think I'll just go right to bed."
"Good idea, honey." Vicky smiled. "I think I'll join you."
She left the rest of the dirty dishes in the sink. There were more important things to take care of. She followed Don into the bedroom and quickly slipped out of her clothes. Usually she wore a nightgown, but she jumped into bed naked. Don didn't even seem to notice that.
"It's so hot tonight," she cooed. "You don't need your pajamas."
"No, I guess not," Don sighed.
He dropped his shorts and Vicky ogled his big hairy body. Even after seven years of marriage, she loved his body, and she felt her hungry pussy swelling, heating and creaming. Don got into bed, and she snuggled up to him.
"I've been thinking about you all day, honey," she purred.
"That's nice," Don muttered, reaching for the light.
"Wait, leave it on awhile," Vicky said, running her hands over his hair-matted chest.
"Oh, you wanta read?" he yawned.
Vicky sighed with exasperation. "No, darling, I want to make love!"
Don just blinked at her, as if he wasn't familiar with that activity. She ran her hands down over his hips and onto his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his meat and started pumping it. No response.
"Vicky, I'm kinda tired," he said.
She pumped his cock harder, faster. "But Don," she said, "we haven't made love in weeks. I'm horny, baby, I'm so horny I could scream!"
"Okay, we'll do it on Saturday night," he said.
"No, Don," Vicky said firmly, "I want it now!"
She slid down beside his cock, stuck out her tongue, and started lashing it all over his prick. Now she was finally getting his attention. He gave a little snort of surprise, then shivered. Maybe he was responding at last.
Vicky took her time, whipping her hot juicy tongue all over his big blue-veined cock. She hadn't done that in a long time, and she'd missed it. Don was always telling her to wait, that they'd do it on the weekend. Well, she couldn't wait any longer.
"Mmmmmm, mmmmmm," she moaned.
She lathered every inch of his prick with her hot spit. She caught the fat purple head of his cock between her lips and teasingly nibbled and sucked at it. Don shivered again. He seemed to be breathing harder.
She knew what he liked best, what excited him more than anything else. Opening her lips wide, she started sucking his prick into the steamy heat of her mouth. As she encased his cock in hot juicy flesh, he groaned.
"Mmmmm, that feels nice," he said.
Well, at least she was making some progress. She sucked in nearly all of his cock, all she could take without choking on it. She firmed her hot lips around the thick shaft and started sucking loudly and hungrily.
"Oh, yeah," Don groaned, "that feels great!"
Vicky gave a muffled moan of lust as she felt his cock finally reacting to her hot greedy sucking. His cock throbbed, swelled and stiffened. She almost came just thinking about it. She sucked harder and drooled all over his mushrooming prick.
Don was panting now, and he kept giving hoarse groans of pleasure as she sucked his throbbing stiff cock. Vicky was shaking with need. Tonight she was going to get laid! It almost seemed too good to be true.
She sucked till his cock was cramming her mouth and almost butting down her throat. Then she drew back and admired her work. Don's prick was massive, spit-soaked, and drooling. It was ready for action--and so was Vicky.
"Mmmmm, honey," she gurgled, climbing on top of him.
Usually they did it with Don on top, but she couldn't wait. She simply couldn't wait another second to feel her husband's massive hard prick inside her. She straddled him and jerked her hips downward, taking the hugely swollen head of his prick into her juicy little cunt-mouth.
"Oh, God," she sobbed, "I need it so bad."
Don's handsome face was flushed with lust, his nostrils flared. She'd gotten his attention, all right. He grabbed her tiny waist and started easing his thick hard cock up her smoldering pussy-hole. Vicky threw back her head and sobbed with relief as the thick column of cock filled her starved cunt.
"Ahhhhh, baby, ahhhhh," she wailed.
Snorting with lust, Don plowed his prick to her womb, stuffing her completely with the hot cock-meat. She soaked his cock with helpless floods of molten cream. She'd waited two long, horny weeks for this sensation, and she was going out of her mind with excitement.
"Fuck it to me, honey," she moaned, "fuck my brains out, lover!"
"Jesus," Don growled, "you really are horny!"
"No shit?" she whimpered. "Don't talk, baby, just fuck!"
Don leered at her and pumped his cock hard and deep in her juice-flooded cunt. He always liked it when she was naughty in bed, when she begged for his cock. Well, she was begging tonight, begging with her whole body.
"Ooooooh, shit, oooooh," she moaned.
He was fucking her good and hard, just the way she craved it, and it was a heavenly relief for the sex-starved young housewife. She creamed steadily and uncontrollably, the molten cream overflowing her cunt and soaking his balls. Her cute orange-sized tits wobbled before his lusty eyes.
"Fuck it to me, fuck me forever!" she wailed.
Don got more excited as she wickedly urged him on, and he fucked her harder and harder till she was riding his cock like a bucking bronco. Vicky let her head loll back, and she closed her eyes tight, shutting out everything but the intense pleasure she was feeling. She was already rocketing helplessly toward orgasm.
"Ohhhhhh, Don, honey, I love it!" she howled. "You're fucking me so damned good!"
That spurred him to even harder fucking, and Vicky floated to the brink of climax. She could have come right then, and come like a bomb, but she greedily held back, gorging herself on the hot sweet sensations his cock was giving her.
She ached to come, yet she didn't want the pleasure to end. She hovered there, half coming, whimpering in ecstasy, while her husband's massive prick pounded deep and hard in her starved little cunt. Nothing in the world felt better than this, she was sure of it.
But she couldn't hold off her orgasm forever, and at last it overpowered her, exploding from deep in her cunt and flaming out to shake her whole body. She shuddered violently and began to scream with relief.
"Ohhhhhh, Don, yesssss, I'm coming--waaaahhhhhh!" she howled.
"Unnnnhhh, Jesus--aaaaggghhhh!" he bellowed.
Vicky always loved to feel his thick hot load filling her cunt. He had a lot stored up this time. It flooded her pussy and overflowed, running down her legs. The searing flood made her orgasm even longer and more intense.
Even as she started coming down from that delicious orgasm, she was hungry for another one. It had been so long since she and Don had fucked, just one climax wasn't going to satisfy her. It might take two or three to do the job.
"Honey," she gurgled, massaging his prick with her greedy cunt.
But Don gently rolled her off him and gave her a peck on the cheek. "That was great, honey," he yawned. "Good night."
Good night? When her whole body was seething and aching with lust? Vicky couldn't believe it. But Don rolled on his side, turned off the light, and in less than a minute he was snoring.
"Shit," she moaned.
She'd gotten all the loving she was going to get, and that would probably be it for the next two weeks. She could have sobbed with frustration. That one wonderful orgasm had just whetted her appetite for more. She could have fucked for hours and still not have been satisfied.
Well, she had to face reality. Don was through for the night, maybe through for the month, and if she wanted more sex, she'd have to find another way to get it. And there was only one way she could think of.
Vicky rolled over to the far side of the bed, lay on her back, and opened her thighs. She slipped a hand between her legs and touched the hot and swollen flesh of her pussy. She rubbed the engorged folds and whimpered with need. She didn't believe in cheating, so masturbation was the only way out for her.
She hadn't played with herself in years, not since she was a lusty teenaged virgin. She'd almost forgotten how. But as she ran her fingers over her needy pussy, the technique quickly came back to her. Slowly and deliciously she discovered what felt best to her.
"Mmmmm, mmmmmm," she sighed.
No danger of waking Don up. He was out for the count. She allowed herself to sigh and gurgle as she caressed the steaming wet flesh of her pussy. Soon she zeroed in one the most sensitive and tender spot of all.
She found the little hooded lump of her clit at the very top of her pussy, and she pressed a fingertip to it and rubbed it in a slow sensuous circular motion. Sizzling cream spurted from her cunt and ran down the crack of her ass to puddle on the sheet beneath her. No, she hadn't forgotten how to play with herself, thank heaven.
Masturbation was going to be her only source of sex for quite a while, so she might as well go for it. She ran her fingertip faster and faster around her swollen clit, giving herself hot stabs of pleasure. She'd soon soaked her twirling finger with her heavily seeping cunt-juice.
It felt damned good, but it wasn't what she wanted most. She ached to feel Don's big hard cock pounding mercilessly in her cunt. Her fingers could never give her that kind of satisfaction. But she didn't have a choice.
Her fingers would have to do the job of a cock, somehow. Vicky slid one stiff finger into her molten seething pussy, and it felt pretty good. It wasn't as big as a cock, through, and a cock was what she really craved.
She tried inserting a second finger, and that was better, but it still wasn't quite what she needed. She somehow managed to wedge a third finger into her slick little pussy, and that was just right. It was almost as thick as a cock.
"Yeah, mmmmmmm," she gurgled.
With three fingers bunched together, she finger-fucked herself. She started slowly, then speeded up, finding that the faster she did it, the better it felt. Her fingers made an obscene sucking sound as they reamed her famished cunt.
"Ohhhhh, shit, good!" she moaned.
Soon she was finger-fucking herself as hard and fast as she could, aching to come. The bed quivered a little, but she didn't worry about waking Don. Hell, she could have been fucking another guy in that bed and Don wouldn't have woken up.
She put that forbidden thought out of her mind and just slammed her fingers harder and harder in her squirting little fuck-hole. She shoved her fingers as deep as they'd go, plumbing her molten depths. Then suddenly a gigantic orgasm ripped through her body.
"Ohhhhh, God, yesss, unnngghhhh!" she sobbed.
She moaned and writhed and rocked as she masturbated her way through that desperately needed orgasm. That would hold her for tonight. But what about tomorrow and all the days after that? What about all those horny nights when Don was too tired to fuck?
"Shit," Vicky sighed, "what am I gonna do?
She couldn't go on dying of sexual frustration, yet she didn't believe in cheating on her husband. She couldn't accept playing with herself for the rest of her life, either. But as she fell asleep, she couldn't think of an answer to her problem.

Chapter 3
On Saturday Vicky's neighbor and best friend Joan Shelton was working on the flower beds in her back yard. A slim blonde young woman, she was dressed in a skimpy halter and shorts, hoping to get her husband's attention.
But Frank had hardly looked at her all morning, and now he popped his head out the patio door and announced, "I think I'll go play a little golf, honey."
Joan tried to sound cheerful as she replied, "Okay, dear, have a nice time."
Golf, hell, she thought.
She could think of something a lot more fun to do than play golf. Her hot neglected pussy was driving her crazy. She'd have loved a couple of hours in bed with Frank, but he was more interested in knocking around a silly little ball.
So it was going to be another frustrating day. Joan tried to think of how long it had been since she and Frank had fucked, and she couldn't remember. Two weeks, three? It seemed that her attractive husband just wasn't interested in sex any more.
Joan wished her friend Vicky was home so they could talk, but Vicky had gone shopping. The two pals often discussed the problems they had with their husbands. They were both in the same boat, with seven-year marriages that had gone stale. Both women were starved for some loving.
Joan's unhappy thoughts were interrupted when she heard voices from next door. She recognized the voice of Don Andrews, Vicky's husband, but there was a female voice, too, that she couldn't quite place.
Curious, Joan strolled over to the knothole in the fence. Maybe she was being nosy, but she wanted to know who Don's visitor was. She peered through and saw the newest member of the block, Shelly, the gorgeous red-haired divorcee, standing by Don's chair and smiling at him.
Hussy, Joan thought.
Shelly was wearing a little sun-dress that hardly covered her ass. It was cut so low in front, her big tits seemed about to pop out. Don was taking full advantage of the view, too, ogling her superb body.
"I was baking this morning," Shelly said, "and I guess I made too many cookies. I thought you and Vicky might like some."
"Gee, thanks, Shelly," Don said, accepting a bag of cookies. "Vicky's not here right now. But I could use some company. Like a drink?"
"Oh, that'd be nice!" Shelly beamed. "And it'll be nice to have somebody to talk to. I've felt so lonely since I got my divorce."
Joan scowled through the knothole. Shelly was very obviously coming on to Don, but the dummy didn't seem to realize it. He went into the house and soon returned with a couple of drinks. He pulled up another chair for Shelly.
Shelly arranged herself very carefully in that chair, crossing her legs so that Don had just a tantalizing glimpse of her pink lacy panties. Fanning herself and pretending to be too warm, she unbuttoned another button of her dress, making her cleavage even deeper.
"Gosh, I'm so hot," she sighed.
You're making that obvious, lady, Joan thought angrily.
Don was staring at Shelly like she was dessert. He couldn't keep his eyes off the deep valley between her big ripe tits, and now then he'd sneak a look at her panty crotch. And according to Vicky, this guy wasn't interested in sex!
"Shelly," Don said, "I don't understand how a beautiful girl like you could go even five minutes without finding a man. I'm surprised you're not remarried yet."
"Well, Don," she sighed, "I wouldn't marry just anybody. I have to find the right man. I want somebody who really turns me on. I suppose this will sound crazy, but you sure turn me on."
Don got all red and flustered. "Uh, thanks, Shelly," he said, managing a smile. "Too bad I'm married already."
"Yes, it is," Shelly purred, sliding a hand up under his T-shirt, "but we could just fool around."
Don got even redder. He sat there with his mouth hanging open while the sexy redhead pulled off his shirt, revealing his broad hair-matted chest. She ran her sharp red fingernails through the thick fur.
"Mmmmmm, I love a man with a hairy chest," she gurgled.
"Okay, Shelly," Don laughed, "that's enough. I know you're just teasing. But you'd better watch it. You could get more than you bargained for."
"Oh, really?" Shelly cooed. "Well, I'm not teasing, honey. I'm serious. Maybe this will prove it."
She stood up, undid the rest of her buttons, and slipped out of her little dress. Underneath she was wearing the skimpiest of bras and panties. Don just about fell out of his chair as he ogled her tall, slim curvy body.
Joan just about yelped with shock and anger. How dare this divorcee bitch just walk into Vicky's yard and try to seduce her husband? It was outrageous. Joan felt she had to do something about it, but she wasn't sure what.
If she just walked through the gate and told them to knock it off, they'd probably deny that anything was happening. Joan decided the best she could do was spy, find out everything that happened, and then report it to Vicky. She just hoped Don didn't lose his head completely and go too far.
"Shelly," he was saying hoarsely, "I think you better put your clothes back on."
"Oh, no, darling," Shelly purred, "I want to take them off."
She unhooked her tiny bra and let it pop free of her enormous thrusting tits. Don groaned as his eyes locked on those fantastic melons. Then she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and started inching them down.
Don watched, helpless and fascinated, as she worked her panties lower and lower. He saw her flame-colored bush emerge, and then the panties were sliding down her nice long legs. She kicked them away and stood there naked.
"You like what you see, Don?" She smiled. "You can have it. You can have it all, right now."
Joan held her breath. Shelly was making it pretty damned hard for Don to refuse, but surely he wouldn't cheat on Vicky? He sat there open-mouthed, taking in Shelly's luscious body, and then the crotch of his jeans started to swell.
"Aha," Shelly chuckled, "I thought you'd be interested."
Don looked down at his lewdly tented fly and blushed. "Now, just hold on, Shelly," he said hoarsely. "I'm a married man. I don't cheat on my wife."
But Shelly wasn't taking no for an answer. "Don," she cooed, "I'm not trying to break up your marriage. It's just that I'm so horny. All I want is a quickie, and nobody will ever know about it. Please?"
She bent down, her stiff pink nipples grazing his chest and kissed him. She shoved her hot little tongue into his mouth. Don gave a muffled groan and almost flew out of his chair. Joan watched his ears turn red.
It looked like a losing battle. Joan couldn't even blame him for getting so aroused. After all, Shelly was a beautiful sexy young woman, and she was throwing herself at him, begging him to get it on with her.
Shelly finally pulled back, leaving Don with lust-glazed eyes and an even bigger hard-on. "Just a quickie," she said huskily.
She grabbed his hand and pulled him out of his chair. The next thing Don knew, he was on the grass, on his back, and Shelly was tugging at the zipper of his jeans.
"Shelly," he moaned, "the neighbors might see us."
"Not with this nice big fence," Shelly said soothingly. "Nobody will ever know, Don. Come on, have some fun with me."
She pulled his jeans off. He wasn't wearing shorts. His cock snapped free and stood up thick, rigid and drooling. Joan looked at it and barely stifled a moan of lust. That was just what she craved right now--a big hard cock to have fun with. It had been so long since she'd enjoyed one.
She was ashamed of herself for getting turned on by the sight of her neighbor's prick. But she just couldn't help it. He was her best friend's husband, and she still lusted for him, thanks to her own husband's neglect.
Joan felt hot sticky cream seeping through her panties. She was always horny these days, but this scene was making her even more aroused than usual. Maybe she should stop spying. But she couldn't tear herself away somehow. She knelt there panting and gawking as Shelly stripped Don naked.
"Mmmmmmm, gorgeous bod, honey," Shelly gurgled.
Don just lay there looking bewildered, his massive prick standing straight up and leaking thick rivers of hot cream. Shelly got down and straddled him, her knees hugging his hips and her slick pink pussy poised right over the swollen head of his prick.
"Relax, honey," she cooed. "You know you're gonna love this."
She started rubbing the slippery flesh of her cunt back and forth over his big purple cock-head. Don groaned, and his eyes rolled. He shuddered with excitement as he felt her steaming-hot pussy massaging his engorged cock-head.
"Damnit, Shelly!" he groaned.
"Don't fight it, honey," Shelly breathed. "Just remember that you're doing a poor lonely girl a big favor!"
She wriggled around till she got the thick head of his cock lodged in the moist opening of her cunt. His prick was into her about an inch, and she moaned and creamed all over it. Don gave another lusty shudder.
"Now you take over, Don," she panted. "I like a man to be in charge."
Don simply couldn't hold out any longer. He was horny out of his mind. Snarling with lust, he grasped her slim waist and steadied her wriggling body. Groaning, he started easing his huge hard cock up her cunt.
"Ooooooh, baby, oooooh, yesssss!" Shelly wailed.
"Awwwww, Jesus," Don groaned.
Joan was whimpering with lust as she watched. Sure, she was angry at Don and Shelly for doing this to Vicky, but at the same time she was insanely aroused. She soaked her panties with huge helpless floods of cream.
She'd never spied on anybody before, and it was turning her on like crazy. She watched Don's wrist-thick cock gliding deeper and deeper into Shelly's fever-hot cunt, and she could have wailed with need and envy.
"Yeah, baby, give me all of it!" Shelly moaned.
His face red with lust, Don kept shoving into her till at last only his balls were showing. Shelly sat fully impaled on his massive hard cock, and she gurgled in ecstasy. One thing she hadn't lied about--she really was horny.
"Unnnnhhhh, honey, that feels so damned good," she moaned. "Now fuck me, Don, fuck my brains out!"
"You better believe I will, lady!" Don growled.
Holding her by the waist, he started pistoning his big stiff cock in her seething cunt, and Shelly bounced up and down like she was riding a horse. Her luscious big tits wobbled and swayed, and she moaned in ecstasy.
"Yeah, that's it, baby," she cried, "fuck me with that big cock, fuck me hard!"
Joan bit her knuckles and whimpered softly. She wondered if she could stand to watch much more, it was making her so jealous and horny. She wanted to watch, and yet she didn't. She just knew she couldn't think straight.
Her hungry eyes were locked on Don's massive blue-veined cock as it plowed up and down in Shelly's dripping pussy. Joan would have given anything to trade places with the redhead. She was absolutely famished for a good hard fucking, which was something her husband hadn't given her in weeks.
"Unnnhhhh, shit, so damned good!" Shelly wailed.
Oh, shut up, Joan thought miserably.
She had a crazy urge to masturbate. Lately she'd started doing that again, feeling like a guilty little kid. But it was her only sexual outlet for weeks at a time, and she just had to get off somehow. She ached to get off right now.
Would anybody see her? Joan glanced around. She didn't see any neighbors in upstairs windows. Her pussy was so hot and needy, she decided to take the chance. She slid her hand down inside her shorts and panties.
"Ohhhhhh," she moaned softly.
She was touching the searing-hot cream-drenched flesh of her pussy. The swollen folds were very sensitive to the touch. Even a light stroking motion felt terrific. Joan rubbed her aching pussy and spied on the neighbors.
Shelly was having a nice long ride on Don's pistoning prick. Her head thrown back, her red hair flying, she was grimacing with pleasure and moaning steadily. Thick cream overflowed her crammed cunt and ran down her legs.
"Ohhhhh, yeah, fuck it to me, Don, I love it!" she moaned.
Don was grinning like a maniac as he hammered his engorged cock in her hot and juicy fuck-hole. He obviously wasn't thinking about his wife or his marriage vows. Joan could have strangled him, yet she knew just where he was coming from.
If somebody attractive had come on to her, she knew she couldn't have resisted. She was starved for sex, and she'd take it any way she could get it. Right now, though, the only way she could get it was from her own stroking fingers.
She wanted more than that. She wanted to feel the biggest cock in the world cramming and reaming her hungry pussy. She stuffed two fingers up her cunt and began finger-fucking herself. The pleasure was instant and overwhelming.
"Ohhhh, shit," she moaned, "ohhhhh!"
She didn't have to worry about being overheard, because Don and Shelly were making plenty of noise themselves. Don was groaning hoarsely and steadily, and Shelly was squealing and whimpering as she took his pile-driving cock.
"Harder, you big bastard, really give it to me!" the redhead howled. "Make me come, Don!"
Don gave a lusty snort and fucked into her with all the speed and force at his command. Shelly sobbed in ecstasy. Her huge tits worked crazily. Watching them, Joan finger-fucked herself into a frenzy of pleasure.
Shelly stiffened for a second, then began to convulse. "You did it to meeee!" she wailed. "I'm cominggggg--unnnnhhhhhhh!"
"Awwwww, shit, awwwwww!" Don bawled, jetting his load into her squeezing pussy.
Joan dug her fingers deep into the boiling pulp of her cunt and brought herself off violently. Trying not to scream with relief, she dropped to the grass and rolled around, masturbating her way through the delicious climax.
"Ohhhhh, God, ohhhhh!" she gasped.
Then she dizzily rolled to her knees and peered through the knothole again. Shelly was sitting on Don's cock and grinning as he caught his breath.
"Thanks, neighbor," she chuckled. "I really needed that. And don't worry. Your wife will never find out."
We'll just see about that, lady, Joan thought.

Chapter 4
Joan thought long and hard about what to tell Vicky. She didn't want to hurt her friend, but on the other hand she felt Vicky ought to know that Don had been unfaithful to her.
The next day, Sunday, Frank said he was going to play golf and that Don was interested in coming along. It looked like the perfect opportunity for their wives to have a good long talk. As soon as the men left, Joan hurried over to Vicky's house.
To her surprise, Vicky took one look at her and blushed right down to her toes. "Oh, hi, Joan," she said uneasily.
"What's with you?" Joan demanded. "Aren't we friends any more?"
"Oh, of course we are, honey," Vicky said, giving her a hug, "but I have to tell you something, and it's so awkward."
"That's funny," Joan said. "I feel the same way. I've got something I ought to tell you, but I don't know how to say it."
"Okay, then," Vicky said grimly, "I'll go first. A couple days ago, on Frank's day off, he fucked Shelly. I watched through the knothole in the fence."
"Oh, my gosh!" Joan exclaimed. "I can't believe this. What a coincidence."
"What are you talking about, Joan?" Vicky cried. "What do you mean, a coincidence?"
"Well, yesterday Don fucked Shelly. I watched through the knothole, too."
"That bitch!" Vicky cried.
"That tramp!" Joan agreed angrily.
"Well, what are we gonna do about it?" Vicky asked. "I'm damned if I'll let her go on fucking my husband."
"Right," Joan said. "She's not taking Frank away from me. Tell you what. The guys will be gone playing golf till dinnertime. We could have a nice long visit with Shelly."
"Good idea," Vicky said. "We could straighten her out and let her know that she'd better keep her claws off our men."
"Let's go," Joan said.
They went through the back yards because it was shorter that way. Shelly lived just on the other side of Frank and Joan. But when the two friends arrived, they were astonished to find Frank's car in the garage.
"What the hell?" Joan exclaimed. "What's our car doing in her garage?"
"I hate to think," Vicky said grimly. "We better take a peek through the window and find out what's going on."
They tiptoed up to the kitchen window and peered inside but saw no one. Vicky signaled for silence, then tried the back door. It wasn't locked, and the women sneaked inside. They heard voices coming from the living room. There was a curtain in the archway, and Joan and Vicky hid behind it and peeked out through the gaps.
They barely kept from gasping. Shelly was sitting in her living room wearing a see-through negligee, and she had two guests--Don and Frank. The men were sitting with drinks in their hands, leering at Shelly.
"I'm so glad you two could drop by," she cooed.
"That bitch," Joan whispered, "I'm gonna go in there and strangle her."
"Simmer down, honey," Vicky whispered. "Let's just see what happens. If we butt in now, we could risk losing our men."
Joan decided Vicky was right. Don and Frank were thinking with their balls, not their brains, and they wouldn't respond to reason or to scolding. It would be best just to spy and find out exactly what was going on between Shelly and their husbands.
"Well, Shelly," Frank said, "Don and I got to talking, and we decided the only thing we can do is share you. We don't want a fight over you. We've been buddies for a long time. So do you think you can handle us both?"
Shelly laughed. "Of course, boys! I'd love to handle both of you. No problem."
"Great," Don said. "We decided to leave the choice up to you, one of us today and the other tonight. You decide who you want to get it on with right now, and the other guy will leave. So what's your decision?"
Shelly laughed again. "Boys, nobody has to leave. I can make it with both of you. In fact the idea really turns me on."
Don and Frank gawked at her, and Joan and Vicky exchanged stunned glances. What was the woman proposing? Was she really serious about making this scene into an orgy? Don and Frank were wondering the same thing.
"Uh, let's get this straight, Shelly," Don said. "You want us both here, now?"
"That's right, honey," Shelly said. "We could have a really outrageous time together. Trust me."
She stood up, untied the belt of her negligee, and let the filmy garment slide off. The men groaned as she stood naked before them, displaying her fantastic body without a trace of modesty. She was grinning broadly.
"What do you think, fellas?" she said. "Like my idea?"
"Oh, hey, Shelly, whatever you want," Frank croaked.
"Right," Don panted, "you call the shots."
"Great!" Shelly leered. "Let's start by having both of you take your clothes off."
"My God, she really means it!" Joan whispered.
"Ssssshhhhh," Vicky replied. "We don't wanta get caught."
They watched their husbands undress. The men made a pretty awkward job of it, because they couldn't take their eyes off Shelly. But finally they managed to fumble out of their clothes, and they stood there naked, with stiff hard-ons.
"Mmmmmmm, just look at that," Shelly purred, eyeing the two hard and ready cocks. "Lucky me."
Vicky and Joan were eating their hearts out. Their husbands hardly ever made love to them any more, yet they could produce instant cock-stands for Shelly. Obviously there was something very wrong with their marriages.
Vicky realized that Don wasn't too tired for sex after all. He was just too tired for her. And she had to admit that after seven years of marriage, the excitement had gone out of their love-making. But what could she do about it?
Joan was having identical thoughts. Obviously the fire had gone out of her sex life, but what was the solution? Wrap up Shelly and present her to Frank for Christmas? There had to be some other answer.
The young wives had their attention brought back to the present when Shelly drawled, "Frank, honey, lie on your back, please?"
"Oh, sure, baby," Frank panted.
He stretched out on his back, and his massive cock stood up rigid and drooling. Shelly eyed it and licked her lips. Then she dropped to her hands and knees and crawled between his legs. She stopped when her red-glossed lips were about an inch from the hugely swollen purple head of his cock.
"Mmmmmm, looks good enough to eat," she gurgled.
Out flashed her little pink tongue, and she whipped it all over Frank's cock-head. He shivered and groaned. She licked up his dribbling cream and rolled it around in her mouth, savoring it. She gulped it down with a hungry gurgle.
"Gosh, I haven't done this for so long," she sighed. "I sure missed it."
"Help yourself!" Frank grinned. "Have all you want!"
Shelly went on licking up his cock-cream as fast it ran from his piss-hole. Meanwhile Don drew close to watch, his cock stiff as steel and dripping big globs of cream. His nostrils were flared with lust.
"Hey, Shelly," he said hoarsely, "can I get in on this?"
"You sure can, honey," she grinned. "And I think you can figure out how."
He figured it out, all right. He dropped to his knees behind her and socked the engorged head of his prick into her drooling little cunt-mouth. As he started pushing into her, she whimpered with pleasure and soaked his cock with a helpless rush of sizzling pussy-cream.
"Unnnnhhhhh, yeah, honey, get into me!" she moaned.
Vicky and Joan gawked at each other. They could hardly believe what was happening. Shelly was actually taking on two men at the same time, and she was enjoying hell out of it.
Now Don was snorting with lust and shoving his rigid big cock deeper and deeper into the redhead's cream-squirting pussy. Shelly paused, her juicy tongue resting on Frank's cock-head, and gurgled with delight as she felt her cunt being crammed.
"Oh, God, that feels great, baby!" she panted.
Vicky barely stifled a whimper of jealousy and longing. She knew exactly how great it felt to take Don's thick hard prick. It just didn't happen to her often enough. But Don obviously had no problem getting up his enthusiasm for Shelly.
Joan was thinking jealous thoughts, too. She practically had to beg Frank for sex these days, but all Shelly had to was look at him and he was ready to go. She could have strangled the woman, not to mention strangling Frank.
"Deeper, honey--ahhhh, yessss!" Shelly groaned.
Now Don's wrist-thick cock was all the way into her famished little cunt, only his big hairy balls showing. His nostrils were flared with excitement as he savored the heat of the beautiful divorcee's cunt. But Shelly began to wriggle her ass impatiently, wanting action.
"Come on, Don, fuck me! she whimpered. "I need it so bad!"
"The hell she does," Joan whispered angrily. "What about us?"
Vicky just nodded sadly. Shelly got a lot more sex than she or Joan did, that was for sure. Now Don gave a lusty growl and began hammering his cock into her, and Vicky almost moaned with longing.
"Yes, baby, great!" Shelly panted. "Give it to me good and hard, honey."
"Don't forget me." Frank leered.
"Frank, I couldn't possibly forget you," Shelly cooed.
She opened her lips very wide and started sliding them down around his stiff-standing cock. Once again Joan and Vicky gawked at each other. There seemed to be no limits to Shelly's kinky ideas. Now she was fucking one man and going down on another at the same time.
"Awwww, Jesus, yeah!" Frank yelled.
"Fantastic," Don panted. "Shelly, you're the answer to a horny man's prayers!"
Vicky could hardly contain herself when she heard that. Hell, if Don was horny, all he had to was let her know. She would have done anything to please him. All the satisfaction he needed was right in his own bed. But, no, he wanted Shelly, and he was proving it right now.
Vicky hadn't seen her husband so turned on in years. His face was flushed with excitement, and he was snorting and groaning as he hammered his engorged cock in Shelly's naughtily squeezing cunt. This man was definitely not too tired for sex.
As for Frank, he was going out of his mind with horniness as Shelly encased his cock in the steam heat of her mouth. She slid her red lips down till she had almost all of his big hard prick. She drew in her cheeks and started sucking, and Frank almost flew off the rug.
"Christ, yeah, suck it, baby!" he groaned.
Joan whispered a little curse and clenched her fists. She gave a damned good blow-job herself, just as good as Shelly was giving him now, but Frank wasn't interested. He yawned at the idea of his own wife sucking him off. But look at him now!
He was almost cross-eyed with excitement, panting and moaning, as Shelly worked her wet lips furiously up and down his long thick cock. Joan was ready to kill. It just tore her up to see her husband so excited over another woman.
But what could she do? She and Vicky didn't know how to handle this situation. All they could do was spy helplessly as their men got it on with the sexy red-haired divorcee. Shelly was getting all the great stuff which the two young housewives craved.
"Mmmmmmm, uummmmm," Shelly moaned.
Her throat muscles were busy as she gobbled Frank's oozing cock-cream. Her hips were busy, too, jerking to Don's hard rhythm, meeting each deep thrust of his prick with a greedy shove. She was getting deeply and thoroughly fucked, and the spying women were eating their hearts out with envy.
Then, all of a sudden Shelly drew her head back, letting Frank's spit-soaked cock snap free. She wriggled off the stiff skewer of Don's hugely engorged cock. Both men stared at her in surprise and disappointment.
"Don't worry, boys!" She laughed. "I'm not quitting. I just want you to change places. I like to experiment."
There wasn't a word from Don or Frank as they hurried to do what she wanted. They'd probably have juggled or jumped through hoops if she'd asked them to. Now Don stretched out on the rug, and Shelly crawled between his legs, while Frank knelt behind her, fisting his stiff drooling prick.
"Okay, let's go!" She grinned.
Frank gave a hoarse groan and stuffed his cock into her so hard that he almost knocked her over. He hit her womb in one hard greedy thrust. But Shelly didn't complain. She just gurgled with lust and soaked his cock with thick hot cream.
"Yeah, baby, great!" she moaned. "Now fuck me good and hard, give me everything you've got."
Frank proceeded to do just that, fucking into her so hard that her luscious body recoiled with the impact. But that seemed to be just the way she wanted it. She wailed with delight, then looked hungrily at Don's rigidly standing cock.
"Mmmmmm, yeah," she gurgled.
She opened her lips wide and shoved them down around the massive blue-veined column of cock-meat. Don let out a hoarse yelp as he felt his cock being sheathed in the boiling juicy flesh of her mouth. She pulled her cheeks in sharply and began to suck his prick loudly.
"Awwww, yeah, baby, go for it, suck!" he yelled.
"Unnnnhhh, Jesus--ahhhhh!" Frank groaned.
Shelly had her mouth full and could only make happy gurgling noises as she took two stiff cocks at the same time. Joan and Vicky watched in an agony of lust and envy. This redhead had revived their men, something they themselves hadn't been able to do in years.
The trio worked faster and faster as their excitement reached the boiling point. Shelly worked her lips with lightning speed up and down Don's nearly exploding cock. Frank hammered his prick furiously in her dripping little cunt.
The three of them seemed to be thundering toward a huge mutual climax, and it wasn't long in coming. Shelly gave a hoarse sustained moan, and her body began to rock and quiver. Frank let out a yelp of ecstasy and hammered his steaming load into her sucking cunt. Don bellowed and filled her mouth with jizz till her cheeks looked ready to burst.
"Unnnhhh, Jesus--awwwww!" Frank howled.
"Eat it, baby--aaaggghhhhh!" Don roared.
Vicky and Joan couldn't stand it a second longer. They hurried quietly out of the house and returned to Vicky's place, where they sank into chairs and moaned.
Another woman had completely captivated their husbands. What could they do about it? And how could they get their sex lives back?

Chapter 5
"Joan, we've got a problem," Vicky sighed.
"Hey, no shit?" Joan said bitterly. "I can see we've got a problem, honey, but what are we gonna do about it?"
"Well, I think the first thing I need is a drink," Vicky said. "How about you?"
"Make it a double, please!"
With drinks in hand, they discussed their situation. "It's pretty clear," Vicky said. "The guys want somebody new. They're not really too tired for sex."
"Yeah. They just proved that," Joan said. "And you're right. What they want is novelty. I guess I can't really blame them."
"Me either," Vicky said. "I have to admit it, Joan, I look at other men these days, and I wonder how it would be to get it on with them."
"Me, too," Joan confessed. "Well, if the guys want novelty, we have to give it to them, but how? Dye our hair? Get different clothes?"
"I don't think that's gonna do the job," Vicky sighed. "They really want other women. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Don has the hots for you. He'd find you a lot more interesting than he does me."
"Vicky!" Joan cried. "You may be on to something."
They stared at each other, then began to grin. "Hey, you're right, Joan," Vicky said. "I bet it would really turn the guys on to switch partners. I mean, if Don's gotta fuck somebody else, I'd rather it was you."
"Exactly," Joan sad. "That way we could keep it all in the family, so to speak. I wouldn't feel jealous of you, the way I do of Shelly, and I think the guys would really go for it."
"It's settled, then," Vicky said with a wicked grin. "We're gonna put the make on each other's husband."
"And that will leave poor little Shelly out of the picture," Joan cackled.
They spent another hour working out the details of their scheme. By then the men came home. Don and Frank walked into the house with their golf equipment, trying to act innocent.
"Oh, hi, girls," Don said. "Got a drink for us?"
"Joan will fix you a drink at her place, honey," Vicky said. "She needs you to look at some wiring. And Frank, I'd like to borrow you for a couple hours to fix a leaky faucet."
The women had chosen their plan well. Don was no good at plumbing, and Frank was a dummy when it came to wiring. It seemed perfectly natural for the women to trade their husbands' services. Don went off with Joan, leaving Vicky with Frank.
"Where's that faucet?" Frank asked.
"Oh, there's no big rush," Vicky purred. "How about a drink first? You probably had a hard day on the golf course."
"Uh, yeah," Frank said, reddening a little. "A drink would be great, Vicky."
She brought him a drink and sat next to him on the couch, moving so close that she could feel the heat of his exciting male body. She'd always found Frank attractive, and lately she'd been wondering how he was in bed. This seduction was going to be very fun and interesting.
"I'm glad we're alone, Frank," she said. "I need somebody to talk to. Things aren't going very well between Don and me. We hardly ever make love any more."
Frank reddened again. No doubt he had a vivid image in his mind of the day's events, Don fucking Shelly and then getting sucked off by her.
"I'm sorry to hear that, Vicky," he said. "But you have to realize that the longer you're married, the less exciting sex is. Face it. Don's probably feeling restless."
"Yeah, me, too," Vicky sighed. "I know just what you mean, Frank. I could use a little adventure myself. I'd never leave Don or anything like that, but I wouldn't mind getting some new stuff on the side."
Frank's eyes flicked over her petite curvy body. She hoped she was giving him some naughty ideas. That was the whole point of this conversation. She snuggled closer to him, till their thighs touched.
"You'd have to be very careful, Vicky," he said. "You wouldn't want Don to find out."
"Oh, of course not," Vicky breathed, rubbing her tit against his arm. "I'd be very, very careful. And I'm sure you would, too, Frank."
She kissed him, darting her hot little tongue suggestively between his lips. Frank shuddered with excitement. Vicky could see that he wouldn't be hard to seduce. She slipped her tongue fully into his mouth and probed around.
Frank gave a muffled moan. Vicky felt sizzling juice squirting from her cunt and soaking her panties. Her tits welled up and her nipples went stiff. She really looked forward to getting this man into bed.
Now Frank was kissing her, gliding his big hot tongue between her lips, and she creamed uncontrollably. She slipped onto his lap and snaked her arms around his neck. Under her ass she could feel his cock ballooning.
"Uuuuuummmmm," she murmured.
By the time they came up for air, they were both flushed and panting. "You know, Vicky," Frank said hoarsely, "I have a confession to make. I've been attracted to you ever since we first met. But of course I couldn't do anything about it, because you're my best friend's wife."
"And you're my best friend's husband," Vicky gurgled. "But they don't have to know a thing about this, Frank. We've got the perfect opportunity right now."
Frank seemed to agree, because he pulled off her T-shirt and ogled her tightly packed lace bra. Then he reached around her and unfastened the bra and pulled it off. He ogled her luscious firm tits and stiff rosy nipples.
He cupped her sensitive tits and started molding them in his hot hands. Vicky purred with lust. Her tits weren't nearly as big and spectacular as Shelly's, but Frank seemed just as turned on by them. Her stiff nipples throbbed and poked against his palms, and she soaked her jeans with hot pussy-cream.
"Mmmmm, honey, you're getting me so excited," she moaned.
"I'm getting myself pretty excited," he rasped.
He bent down, stuck out his tongue, and started licking her cute stiff nipples. Her nipples were very sensitive when they were swollen with lust, and Vicky squealed with excitement. She loved feeling his big hot tongue lashing the tender buds.
"Mmmmm, yessss, terrific!" she sighed.
Frank lathered her nipples with his hot spit, then sucked the right one into the hot cave of his mouth. As he sucked it, Vicky went on creaming heavily and uncontrollably. She was way overdue for some great, unhurried love-making. All she ever got from Don these days was quick fucks, over too soon to satisfy her bottled-up needs.
Frank turned to her left nipple and sucked it, too. Vicky caressed the back of his neck, wriggled her juicy tongue in his ear, and ran her fingers through his hair. It was so wonderful to be held and loved again.
There was no reason to rush, either. According to their plan, she and Joan would keep each other's husband for at least three hours, even if it meant hog-tying them. They wanted to allow plenty of time for seduction and fun.
Frank sucked her nipples into throbbing wet nubs, and then Vicky decided it was time to return the favor. Grinning, she slid off his lap and onto her knees before him. She tugged at the zipper of his pants, working it over the big hard bulge at his fly.
"Jesus," he said hoarsely, "I wonder if we should be doing this? I mean, Joan and Don are right next door."
And fucking up a storm, I hope, Vicky thought.
But she said soothingly, "Don't worry, honey. It'll take Don hours to do that wiring job. We're perfectly safe."
"I hope so," Frank sighed. "I mean I don't want to do anything to hurt Joan."
Oh, no? Vicky thought.
The guy had a lot of nerve. Just an hour ago he'd been over at Shelly's, cheating on his wife. Now he was about to make it with her best friend. But Vicky quickly forgot these things as she pulled his pants down.
His jockey shorts were bulging with his massive hard-on. She gave a little moan of lust as she caressed the hot lump. Then she grabbed his shorts and pulled them off. Wriggling between his legs, she fisted his engorged prick and started pumping it.
"Awwww, Jesus," Frank groaned.
He looked down at her with lust-glazed eyes. She was pretty sure what he was thinking. He was wildly aroused, of course, and he was probably gloating over the idea of taking his buddy's wife to bed. Little did he know!
At that very moment, with any luck, Joan would be taking Don to bed. Or maybe they were just having fun, making out, like Vicky and Frank. Vicky didn't feel a bit jealous. She didn't mind the idea of her best friend fucking her husband.
After all, there was plenty in this scheme for her, too. She discarded Frank's shorts and ogled his magnificent hard cock. It was the same size as Don's, long and thick and rock-hard. She ran her hands up and down the blue-veined column of cock-meat, creaming furiously.
"Mmmmmm, Frank, you have a gorgeous cock!" she gurgled. "I love playing with it."
Frank grinned happily. He must have forgotten his worries the moment her hot little hand closed around his prick. Now as she pumped his cock-meat, he began breathing hard, and he got flushed all over. She was getting him as excited as Shelly had.
And that proved her and Joan's theory--all their men wanted was a little novelty, a different woman to fuck. It didn't have to be Shelly. Vicky and Joan could cut Shelly completely out of the picture. They could save their marriages and have a ball while they were doing it.
Vicky bent lower, stuck out her tongue, and started lashing it all over the fat purple head of Frank's cock. He snorted with excitement, and big thick globs of cream began to ooze from his piss-hole. Vicky went for them eagerly, spearing them up with the pointed tip of her tongue.
"Mmmmmm, mmmmmm," she moaned.
"Holy shit!" Frank gasped. "I can't believe this is happening!"
It was pretty strange, Vicky had to admit. She and Don had lived next door to Frank and Joan for five years, and she'd never dreamed of putting the make on her best friend's husband, not until today. In fact till today she'd never made love with anybody but Don.
Well, things had to change. And Vicky liked the change. She hungrily gobbled Frank's cream, rolling it around in her mouth and savoring it, hotly aroused to be making it with somebody besides her husband. Don had been overdue for cheating. Now she realized that she was ripe for it, too.
She opened her mouth and slid it down around Frank's hot throbbing prick. He groaned and fed her more thick rivers of salty cream. She took in more than half his huge cock, drew in her cheeks, and started to suck.
"Oh, Jesus, yeah!" Frank yelped.
Vicky drooled all over his cock-meat. She loved giving blow-jobs, but Don never seemed to have time for them any more. All he wanted was a quick fuck, and then he'd roll over and snore. At last she was able to give all the hot loving she'd stored up.
She sucked faster and faster on Frank's wildly pulsating cock, drinking up his juice as fast as she could get it. Frank slumped back red-faced and glassy-eyed, thoroughly enjoying himself as he watched his buddy's wife sucking hungrily on his prick.
"Fantastic," he groaned. "Outrageous!"
But he was soon beyond words. Snorting and groaning, he lost control of himself and began pistoning his stiff cock over her slick tongue, fucking her mouth. Vicky drooled heavily as she waited for a steaming mouthful of his come.
"Uuuuummmmmm," she moaned.
Frank's eyes rolled back in his head and closed. He stiffened for a second, then gave a deep groan and began hammering his jizz into her mouth. She let it collect, letting her cheeks bulge out till they felt ready to burst. Then she gulped down the whole hot thick load.
"Unnnhhh, shit--aaaggghhhh!" Frank yelled.
Vicky had really enjoyed sucking him off, but it hadn't done much for her hungry hot pussy. While he was still shivering with the aftershocks of his climax, she stood up and wriggled out of her jeans and panties.
She moved forward, straddling Frank's legs and practically shoving her dark little cunt-bush in his face. Her fever-hot eyes and heavy breathing told him what she wanted. He grinned and cupped her ass, drawing her even closer.
She saw his tongue flash out, big and red and gleaming. Then she felt exquisite pleasure radiating from her pussy as he began to rake his tongue up and down over the puffed and creamy flesh.
"Oooooh, Yeah, Frank, lick meeeee!" she wailed.
How long had it been since her own husband had gone down on her? Vicky couldn't even remember. Don had no time for foreplay any more. She was starved for a hot knowing tongue on her pussy, and at last she was getting it.
"Ohhhhh, Frank, I love that!" she moaned. "It feels so fuckin' good, honey!"
Frank really knew what he was doing. He was a world-class pussy-eater. Don was pretty great at it, too, except he didn't do it any more. Vicky gorged herself on the delicious sensations, hot cream overflowing her famished cunt and running down her legs.
Then Frank zeroed in on the most sensitive place of all, the engorged and throbbing button of her clit. He whipped it with the stiff tip of his tongue, giving her jolt after jolt of pleasure. Vicky sobbed in ecstasy.
"Ohhhhh, God, baby, I love it!" she wept. "Don't stop, Frank, get me off!"
Frank knew just how to do that, too. He caught her pulsating clit between his lips and started sucking it. Vicky almost flew through the roof. Pussy-cream gushed down her legs, and her pretty face twisted with ecstasy.
"Yes, yesss, suck meeee!" she wailed. "Keep doing it, I'm almost coming!"
She closed her eyes tightly and forgot everything but the pleasure she was feeling, the best love-making she'd had in years. This was the way Don used to get her off, when he was still interested in making it with her. She'd missed this kind of attention. She was starved for it.
She felt the gigantic climax bursting from the base of her clit and thundering through her whole body. She threw back her head and screamed in ecstasy. Frank sucked hard and fast on her squirming clit, making her orgasm long and intense.
"Unnnhhhhh, God, I'm comingggggg!" Vicky sobbed. "Unnnhhhhh, yessssss--whaahhhhhh!"
She almost blacked out with pleasure. She adored having her pussy eaten and being sucked off, and it had been far too long since she'd enjoyed that special treat. It was almost a full minute before she stopped coming.
"Jesus!" Frank exclaimed. "I think you really needed that, honey."
"You bet I did," Vicky said hoarsely, "and I need a whole lot more. Why don't we go to the bedroom and be more comfortable?"

Chapter 6
"Now wait a second, honey," Frank said. "We don't wanta go too far."
Vicky stared at him. What did he consider too far? They'd already gone down on each other, and earlier he'd been part of an orgy with Don and Shelly. Frank's morality was a little hard to understand.
"What do you mean, Frank?" she asked.
"Well, it really wouldn't be right for us to fuck, Vicky," he said. "That'd be cheating on Don and Joan."
Vicky could hardly believe her ears. Hadn't he cheated on Joan already? Apparently he thought it was okay to cheat with Shelly, but not with Vicky--because she was his wife's best friend, and Don was his buddy.
If only she could have told him that at that very moment Joan was putting the make on Don! But the women had agreed not to tell on each other. Vicky would have to find some other way of coaxing Frank into her bed.
"Okay, Frank," she sighed, "maybe you're right. But could you do something for me?"
"Sure, honey, anything you want," Frank said.
That was the opening Vicky needed.
"I'm still so horny," she said. "Would you at least go down on me again?"
Frank's eyes gleamed with lust. "Glad to!"
"Great," Vicky said. "Let's go."
She grabbed his hand and towed him along to the bedroom. She just hoped her plan would work. Maybe if she got Frank aroused enough, he'd forget his silly ideas. She pulled him onto the bed beside her.
"Mmmmmm, I just love the way you eat pussy, honey," she gurgled. "Don never does that for me any more."
She rolled onto her back, bent her knees, and opened her legs wide, showing Frank her pretty pink cunt-slit. The swollen cream-soaked flesh was fringed with delicate dark curls. Frank ogled her pussy and licked his lips.
Then he crawled between her thighs and she felt his hot breath tickling her cunt. Vicky shivered with excitement. She moaned hoarsely when she felt his big hot tongue contacting the highly sensitive flesh.
"Mmmmm, yeah, baby, lick me!" she cried.
Frank gave a lusty snort and started lashing his hot wet tongue all over her horny little pussy. Vicky gurgled and squealed, and she fed him hot floods of tangy cream. He gobbled the musky juice as fast as he could get it.
"Oh, yeah, lick me all over, honey," she moaned.
Frank didn't need any urging. He was a natural pussy-freak. He lathered every inch of her cunt with his hot saliva, tonguing deep into the steamy folds and scooping up her salty hot cream. Vicky was going out of her mind with excitement.
As she'd told him, Don never did this to her any more. And she was willing to bet that Frank had stopped doing it for Joan. The only thing that could get his excitement up was making it with a new woman.
And Vicky had to admit to herself that she loved making it with a new man. She'd never made love with anybody but Don. She'd been a virgin on her wedding night, and she'd never considered cheating--not until now.
"Unnnnhhhh, Frank, I love that," she gurgled.
Last time he'd gotten her off by tonguing and sucking her clit. This time he was trying something else, something just as thrilling. He used the stiff tip of his tongue to rim the tight little mouth of her cunt, circling it fast, driving her crazy with need.
"Unnnnhhhh, God--unnnhhhhh," she moaned.
She started wriggling lustily, trying to impale her cunt on his stiff tongue. That was what she craved, feeling something big and long and hot cramming her pussy. But Frank knew what she was after, and he wouldn't give it to her. He was deliberately teasing her, pulling his tongue away every time she went for it.
"Come on, honey," she whimpered, "stick it in me!"
But Frank just continued to race his pointed tongue tip around and around the very mouth of her cunt, never penetrating her more than half an inch. It was driving Vicky crazy with lust. She jerked her hips harder, trying desperately to plunge her fever-hot pussy down around his big tongue.
"Damn you, Frank!" she sobbed. "Give it to me. Stop teasing me. I can't take much more!"
At last he relented. Vicky went limp and yielding as he began easing his stiff tongue into her cunt. She adored that sensation. She whimpered and creamed, soaking his face with the molten juice. Inch by inch he crammed her cunt with his hot throbbing tongue.
"Ooooooh, shit, yesssss!" Vicky wailed.
She couldn't stop juicing as he filled her pussy with the thick wet slab of tongue-meat. He pushed it into her as deep as he could, almost reaching her womb, and she practically came, she was so turned on. It had been years since Don had done this special thing for her.
"Oh, honey, I love it!" she sobbed. "Make me come!"
Frank knew just how to do that. He slid his hands under her lustily churning ass, gripped the firm globes, and steadied her writhing body. With his target secure, he began to piston his tongue in and out of her juicy little pussy. It was just like being fucked, only more wickedly exciting.
"Unnnnhhhhh, yes, baby, yessss!" Vicky howled. "Fuck me with that big thing, don't stop!"
Her natural lusty instincts carried her away, and she used the strong young muscles of her cunt to squeeze and tug at his tongue. Frank snorted with arousal. Maybe she was giving him some ideas.
Maybe he'd realized how great that hot action would feel around his cock instead of his tongue. Vicky continued the suggestive squeezes, her cunt sucking hungrily at his tongue, and Frank gave it to her faster and faster.
"Oh, shit, yeah, I'm gonna come!" she gasped.
Arching her body up so far that her ass cleared the bed, she took his pistoning tongue as deep as she could get it. Her thick hot cream spurted out uncontrollably, splattering his face. She steadily tightened her pussy, getting more and more wonderful hot friction.
"I'm almost there," she whimpered. "Give it to me real hard now, baby, as hard as you can!"
Frank eagerly obeyed, hammering his tongue into her with lightning speed. Vicky screwed her eyes shut and hurtled to the edge of orgasm. Greedily she hovered there for a moment, gorging herself on the fantastic sensations. But then she couldn't hold back her climax a second longer.
"Ohhhhh, Frank, yessss, I'm comingggg!" she yelled.
As her cunt went into hard hot spasms around his tongue, he growled lustily. Could he imagine her fiery pussy squeezing his cock like that? Vicky hoped so. She writhed and bucked and groaned her way through the delicious climax.
Al last she went still and panting, and Frank drew his cream-soaked tongue from her soaking pussy. He rose to his knees, displaying an enormous hard-on. Vicky grinned triumphantly. Her idea had worked great. Frank just couldn't help being hotly aroused by tongue-fucking her.
"Aha," she chuckled, "look at that."
"Just couldn't help it!" He grinned.
"Well, let Vicky do something about that," she cooed as she reached out to pet his prick. "We can't let poor Frank go home with a hard-on."
Frank shivered and his nostrils flared as she ran her fingers up and down the massive blue-veined column of cock-meat. Thick cream began to ooze from his piss-hole, running down his shaft. Vicky imagined that monstrous cock in her cunt, and she whimpered with need.
Sure, she'd just finished coming, but already she wanted more. One climax couldn't begin to satisfy the lust she'd stored up after years of neglect by her husband. She'd have to be fucked senseless before she had had enough.
"Frank," she moaned, "please fuck me! I need it so bad, honey. I'll go crazy if I don't get laid!"
"Oh, shit," he sighed, "I'm only human."
He moved up on top of her and sank between her eagerly parted thighs. Vicky was practically moaning with lust. For the first time she was going to fuck somebody besides her husband.
"Yes, yes, baby, stick it in me!" she panted.
Frank growled and socked the fat head of his prick into the juicy little pit of her cunt-mouth. He plugged the little hole full, then started gliding his big hard cock into her. Vicky arched her body to take it, wanting to feel every inch of her cunt crammed with throbbing cock-meat.
"Yes, ooooh, yesssss!" she squealed, clawing his shoulders and creaming all over his cock.
"Christ, honey, you really do need it!" he panted.
"You better believe I do," she groaned.
At last his massive cock touched bottom, and Vicky gave a little sob of relief. This was the sensation she'd been craving for days. That quick fuck with Don had only made her wild for more cock. Now she had what she needed, a cunt full of rock-hard hot cock-meat.
"Fuck me, Frank!" she moaned. "Fuck me crazy. Do it to me till I can't take any more!"
"I'll sure try," he growled.
He cupped her wriggling ass and started sawing his stiff cock slowly and deeply in her seething pussy. Vicky whimpered with delight. She rubbed her clit greedily against his jerking cock-shaft and drenched his cock with helpless floods of sizzling cream.
"Yeah, yeah, that's it, fuck me!" she panted.
His slow sensuous fucking was exciting, but the horny young housewife needed more action. Her frantically jerking hips gave him the clue. He responded to her hot rhythm and worked his prick faster and harder in her molten pussy-hole.
"Unnnhhhhh, yeah, motherfucker," she gurgled, "now you've got it, now you're fucking me great!"
Her naughty words spurred Frank into even harder action, and soon they had a terrific rhythm going. Their bodies slapped together and the bed quivered. Vicky whimpered and squealed, while Frank snorted and groaned.
"Aren't you glad you changed your mind?" she teased.
"I gotta admit I am," he laughed.
Vicky laughed, too, and for more reasons than he knew. Maybe at that very moment Joan and Don were fucking also. Vicky's fevered imagination pictured them humping up a storm. She pictured her husband fucking her best friend. For some weird reason, it turned her on like crazy.
Go for it, Joan, she thought.
She really was dying to know how Joan was getting along. Was Don harder or easier to seduce than Frank? What wild things were they doing to each other? Just thinking about it made Vicky hotly aroused.
Her arousal made her fuck faster at Frank, jerking her hips greedily, urging him into even harder action. His stiff cock-shaft was rubbing deliciously over her swollen clit, giving her hot stabs of pleasure. It was the nicest fuck she'd had in a long time.
"Mmmmmm, baby, you're doing it to me so good," she gurgled. "I hope you're having fun."
"Jesus, yes!" Frank gasped.
His face was flushed and contorted with lust. His cock throbbed hard against the sucking walls of her cunt. He fucked into her harder and harder, till the bed was creaking and vibrating. Vicky loved every second of it.
She wished it could go on for hours, but her body was starved for orgasms. She didn't think she could ever come enough. She rubbed her clit frantically against his sawing cock-shaft and felt a huge explosion of pleasure in the depths of her pussy.
"Frank, shit, you're doing it to me--whaaahhhhhh!" she howled.
"Ahhhhhh, Jesus," he groaned.
He wasn't coming with her, but he was really getting off on the hard squeezing action of her convulsing cunt. He fucked her hard as she climaxed, making her sensations doubly powerful. Vicky bucked and moaned her way through the violent orgasm. She was delighted to feel his prick still hard and ready inside her.
"Mmmmm, yeah, let's fuck some more!" she panted.
"Honey, you just came," he laughed.
"Yeah, but I want more. I need it, Frank. God, it's been so long!"
"Okay!" He leered. "But let's turn you over and let you cook on the other side."
That was fine with Vicky. She wanted to fuck him in every way imaginable. She let him flip her over into the doggy position, and she waited eagerly, her cute little ass wriggling with lust.
"Yeah, do it, Frank," she panted, "stick that big thing into me, fuck me crazy!"
Frank grasped her hips and socked the thick hard head of his cock into her molten pussy-hole. He dug into her hard and deep, and she threw back her head and howled with delight. Once again her famished cunt was crammed with rock-hard cock.
"Unnnnnhhhhh, yesssss!" she moaned, clawing the bed.
Snorting with lust, Frank began fucking her like a pile driver, too wildly aroused by now to be gentle. Vicky didn't mind at all. She craved a really hard fucking. She kept her ass raised, letting him in deep, and she soaked his hard-driving cock with blast after blast of cream.
"Yeah, fuck it to me, fuck my brains out!" she howled.
She just hoped Joan was having this much fun. Their scheme would be ruined if Joan couldn't get Don into bed. As soon as they could, the two friends would get together and compare notes. In the meantime, Vicky could only wish Joan luck.
Vicky was getting plenty of luck. She was getting the hard steady fucking she craved, and she'd adored all that naughty foreplay. Frank had made love to her the way Don used to do, the way she missed so much. She gorged herself on the hot sensations, wishing they never had to end.
Frank was fucking into her harder and harder, his flat belly slapping her ass loudly. She had to hang onto the bedspread to keep from being knocked over. Her tits were wobbling crazily, and molten cream gushed down her thighs.
"Ooooooh, baby, you're fucking me so damned good!" she groaned. "I'm gonna come real quick."
"Me, too," Frank warned hoarsely.
Vicky tightened her cunt around his cock, getting the hot friction that would put her into orbit. She didn't have long to wait. Frank slammed his hugely swollen prick into her sizzling depths and touched off an orgasm that made her throw back her head and scream.
"Unnnnhhhhh, God--whaaahhhhhh!" she wailed.
"Take my load, baby!" Frank bellowed.
Vicky clawed the bed and sobbed her way through the biggest come she'd had in months. It was so obvious what she needed. She just wanted to get laid often and well. It wasn't too much to ask, yet her own husband wouldn't give it to her.
Well, maybe he was giving it to Joan.
"Jesus, I'm gonna be late for dinner," Frank exclaimed. "I better run. This was great, honey. I hope we can do it again soon."
"So do I, Frank," Vicky purred. "When you get home, tell Don his dinner will be waiting."

Chapter 7
Meanwhile, over at Joan's house, the rest of the plan was being carried out. Don had accompanied Joan to her place, bringing his tool box, totally unaware of the job she really wanted him to do.
"So what's the problem, Joan?" he asked. "Bad switch? Loose wire?"
"No, Don." She grinned. "That's not really it. I don't want you to fix my wiring. I want you to fix me."
"Excuse me?" he said.
"Let me make us a couple of drinks, and I'll explain," she said, leading him over to the couch.
Don was looking puzzled when she joined him. He hardly noticed when she scooted up close to him, practically sitting in his lap. He sipped his drink and looked at her, waiting for an explanation. Joan wanted to giggle.
She had a big surprise for her best friend's handsome husband. Joan had always found Don very attractive, but she'd never dreamed she'd be putting the make on him. She suspected the feeling was mutual. Don found her attractive, too, but considered her off limits.
"I have a problem, Don," she said.
"So tell Uncle Don all about it."
"I hope Uncle Don won't be shocked, but here goes. Frank and I have a lousy sex life. We just don't seem to turn each other on any more. We haven't made it in weeks, and I'm going crazy."
Don turned beet red, but he managed to control his voice as he answered, "Well, Joan, that's a bummer. But you guys have been married a long time. You can't expect the excitement to last."
"Oh, I realize that, Don," Joan said, stroking his hairy forearm. "The question is, what am I gonna do about it? I just can't go on without sex. I'm so horny, I could die."
Don got even redder. "I hope you're not thinking about stepping out on Frank."
Joan gawked at him. Why shouldn't she be thinking about cheating? Hell, Frank cheated on her. Just an hour ago he and Don had been romping with Shelly. Yet Don seemed shocked at the idea of Joan fucking another guy.
"Well, Don, what can I do?" she said. "He won't make love to me, and I've gotta have somebody. Matter of fact, I got an idea."
"Yes?" Don said nervously.
"You and I have always been good friends," Joan said. She slid her hand onto his leg. "I was thinking how convenient it'd be if we helped each other out."
"Uh, what do you mean, honey?" Don croaked.
"Oh, come on, Don." Joan grinned. "You know what I'm getting at. I find you sexy. I'd just love to go to bed with you."
Don gulped down his drink and leaped to his feet. "Oh, no," he exclaimed. "Forget it, Joan. I couldn't do that. Frank is my best friend."
Joan sighed with exasperation. She'd never figure men out. Don thought nothing of fucking Shelly, but he wouldn't fuck Joan because Frank was his buddy. But cheating was cheating, as far as Joan was concerned.
Now Don was heading for the door. She had to stop him. If he left, her scheme would be ruined. Even worse, he'd walk into his house and catch his wife trying to seduce his best buddy. Joan whisked off her T-shirt and unhooked her bra.
"Don," she purred, "doesn't this interest you?"
Don turned, gawked, and reddened. His eyes locked helplessly on Joan's gorgeous high-riding tits. She strode over to him, her tits wobbling enticingly. She took his hands and set them on her hot naked tits.
"Don't tell me this doesn't interest you," she said.
Don gave a low groan and tightened his hands around her tits. They made a perfect handful for him, and as he squeezed them, her nipples went stiff with lust, poking suggestively into his palms. He gave a lusty shiver.
"Joan, I shouldn't be doing this," he said hoarsely.
"But it feels so nice, honey," she cooed. "Gosh, it's been so long since Frank played with my tits. Please don't stop!"
His nostrils flared, and he began to mold and caress her hot silky tits. Joan shivered, and she creamed right through her panties. She wasn't kidding him. She really was starved for a man's touch. Her tits swelled and throbbed in his hands.
"This isn't so terrible, is it?" she gurgled. "We're not doing anything serious, just playing a little."
"Yeah, I guess you're right," Don said.
"Good, then come back to the couch," Joan said. "We'll be more comfortable there."
Don followed her in a daze of horniness. They sat down, and he grabbed for her tits again. While he squeezed them, Joan glanced down at his fly and saw that it was swelling fast. She almost moaned with excitement.
She ached to feel a big hard cock reaming her starved cunt. It was all she thought about these days. Frank had left her starved for loving. But now she had a chance to get everything she needed, if she just played this scene carefully.
"Mmmmm, that's so nice, honey," she sighed, slumping back against the couch. "Would you lick them and suck them, too?"
"Oh, Jesus, I shouldn't," Don groaned.
"Please?" Joan whimpered. "I want it so bad!"
Don bent low, stuck out his tongue, and started lashing the hot wet meat over her lust-engorged nipples. Joan moaned and almost flew off the couch. Her nipples were extremely sensitive especially when they were engorged and eager.
"Yes, baby, yessss!" she hissed.
Don lashed his big tongue faster over the stiff rosy nubs, leaving them glistening. Then he slid his mouth down around her right nipple and started sucking it. Joan creamed an enormous flood of hot juice that seeped through her jeans.
"God, yes, suck!" she gasped.
She couldn't remember the last time Frank had done this to her. It had been years since she'd been so aroused. He never took the time to arouse her, to play with her, and she missed that so much. All she ever got from him these days was a quick fuck, once or twice a month.
That wasn't enough for Joan. She wanted all the touching and feeling, licking and sucking, that went along with love-making. She loved to fuck, of course, but fucking alone wasn't enough to satisfy her deepest needs. Her whole body craved a man's attention, not just her pussy.
Now Don was giving her what she needed. He sucked one nipple, then the other, and Joan sat there and gurgled happily, soaking her panties and jeans with her uncontrollably gushing cream. Her lust was at the boiling point and she ached to get off.
"Don," she said hoarsely, "do something to get me off. I'll die if I don't get off, honey!"
Don looked at her with a mixture of guilt and lust. "I really shouldn't, Joan. We have to think of Vicky and Frank."
Joan was thinking of them, all right. With any luck at all, Vicky would have driven Frank wild by now. They might even be in bed, fucking like animals. The thought inflamed Joan. She wasn't going to miss out on the fun.
"Vicky and Frank don't have to know about this," she said. "And it'll take Frank hours to fix that faucet. Come on, Don, be a pal. Get me off."
Her big blue eyes were hot with need, and her tits were throbbing in his hands. Don took pity on her. He slowly undressed her, and Joan shivered with anticipation. She had so much lust stored up, her body felt ready to explode.
"Jesus!" Don exclaimed, ogling her naked body.
Joan was slim but curvy. Her skin was smooth and flawless. Her neat little cunt-bush was the same golden color as her hair. Don couldn't help staring at her. She watched his fly get hugely tented. She fought the urge to grab for his cock. She knew she had to play this scene just right.
She let Don call the shots. He positioned her on her back, her legs bent and spread, then crawled between her hot thighs. She moaned when she felt his hot breath tickling her starved pussy. Then his tongue burned deliciously along her cunt-slit.
"Ooooooh, yesss!" she squealed. "Lick my pussy, honey, I love that."
Don groaned like he was almost coming in his pants. He raked and lashed his big hot tongue over the swelling folds of her cunt-gash driving her wild with pleasure. Joan creamed helplessly, soaking his big hot tongue.
"Oh, I love it!" she sobbed. "I just love it!"
Don lathered every inch of her steaming pussy with his hot saliva. He tongued into every moist fold and cranny. Joan went on creaming steadily and uncontrollably, soaking his bobbing chin with the hot sticky juice.
Frank used to go down on her like this, and he was damned good at it. But now he was always too tired, too preoccupied with his work--or so he told her. Joan suspected he just craved a brand-new pussy to eat. Maybe he was getting one right now.
She imagined Frank and Vicky getting it on. Maybe she was nuts, but it really excited her to think about it. She creamed even harder, the sizzling cream splattering Don's flushed face. He looked at her in surprise.
"Jesus, Joan, you really are horny!" he exclaimed.
"No shit?" she moaned. "Please, Don, keep licking me, get me off before I go crazy!"
Don plunged his head between her thighs and went back to work. Joan whimpered in ecstasy as she felt his big juicy tongue lashing all over the red-hot swollen flesh of her pussy. She could have come easily, but she didn't want the fun to stop.
"Mmmmmm, yeah, perfect," she gurgled.
She began to raise her body, greedily pushing her hot cunt against his whipping tongue. The more friction, the better. She closed her eyes and forgot everything but the fantastic pleasure he was giving her.
She even forgot that her husband might be fucking another woman at that very moment. The only thing that mattered was getting off on Don's expert tonguing. She felt him folding back the golden-furred lips of her cunt-bush and fully exposing her engorged clit.
"Yes, honey, lick me there," she panted. "That's the best place of all!"
Don didn't really need any encouragement. Joan suspected he had a natural hunger for pussy-cream. He started raking his tongue back and forth over her joy clit, lapping up her juice and eating it as fast as he could get it.
Joan writhed and whimpered with pleasure. Thick hot cream spurted from her pussy-hole, soaking Don's face. Her clit was the most sensitive and responsive part of her body, and his tongue was right on it, teasing and lashing. She bared her teeth in a lusty snarl and teetered on the brink of orgasm.
"Shit, that's good," she moaned, "so fuckin' good!"
Then Don surprised her. He suddenly jammed his lips around her throbbing clit and started sucking it. Joan almost flew off the bed. She gave a hoarse scream of pleasure, and molten juice coursed down her ass-crack and puddled on the bed.
"Oooooh, baby, oooooooh!" she howled.
Nothing could feel better than this. She sobbed with bliss as Don sucked hard and hungrily on her clit. No way could she keep from coming now. The explosion started from the base of her clit and thundered through her whole body.
"Unnnnhhhh, God ... Yesssssss--aaaahhhhhhh!" she wailed.
Her body went into violent pleasure spasms, and Don couldn't keep his lips on target. He rose to his knees, watching her with lust-glazed eyes as she rolled around and sobbed with relief. At last she went still and looked at him.
Her eyes went right to his cock. It was about to batter its way out of his pants. She could actually see it bucking and throbbing through his clothes. All she could think of was getting that huge hard-on into her starved little cunt. She made a grab for him, pulling him down on top of her.
"Come on, Don, honey, fuck me," she panted. "God, I need it so bad I could scream!"
But to her surprise and disappointment, Don wrenched himself out of her frantic embrace. "No, Joan, I just couldn't do that to Frank and Vicky."
Joan could have howled with frustration. She wished she could take him over to his house and show him Frank and Vicky fucking. That would change his mind in a hurry. But she and Vicky had agreed not to reveal their plan to the men.
Then she thought of something else. "You've never cheated on Vicky?" she asked slyly.
Don turned scarlet. He should have, too, because that very day he'd been making it with Shelly. How could he justify fucking her and not Joan? But Joan knew all too well--Frank was his buddy, and he wouldn't fuck his buddy's wife.
But his buddy's wife was about to kill for a decent fuck. Joan couldn't control her hunger. She grabbed for the zipper of his pants and tried to pull it open. Don grabbed her hands, and they started a wrestling match.
"Damnit, Joan, no," he panted. "I won't fuck you. I'll do anything else, but not that."
"Anything else?" Joan grinned.
"Yeah, you name it," he said.
"Then how about going down on me again?" she said.
"Sure, great," he said with relief.
Joan had an idea. If she could just get him hot enough, he might forget his marriage vows. He'd gotten wildly aroused from going down on her, and now she was going to get him even hotter. She flopped onto her back and opened her legs.
Don made a dive for her, and the next thing she knew, he was shoving his tongue up her cunt. It felt fantastic. She wailed with pleasure and drenched his face with a helpless flood of steaming pussy-cream.
"Oh, yeah honey, fuck me with your tongue," she moaned.
Don's long thick tongue hammered in her cunt, giving her hot stabs of pleasure. Joan adored it, of course, but she was also hoping it would give him ideas. He might start to want his cock in there instead of his tongue.
She made it tantalizing for him, using her cunt-muscles to squeeze and tug at his tongue. Her pussy was tight, smoking, and velvet-lined. Don had to be thinking how terrific it would feel to cram his cock in there.
"Unnnhhhh, give it to me as hard as you can, baby!" Joan wailed, "Make me come!"
Don groaned and tongue-fucked her with lightning speed, and she closed her eyes and rocketed to the brink of orgasm. She could come so easily this way. It was just a matter of seconds. She felt another violent climax erupting from the fiery depths of her pussy and shaking her whole body.
"Unnnnnnnhhhhhhhh, you did it to me, I'm comingggggg!" she screamed. She lost track of time as she writhed and bucked in ecstasy. But at last she went limp and panting, shivering with the delicious aftershocks of her orgasm. Don leaped off her and stood up.
"What are you doing, honey?" she asked dizzily.
"I'm going home," he said grimly. "I'm going home to my wife where I belong."

Chapter 8
"Oh, no, you don't!" Joan cried, leaping off the couch and tackling him. Don yelped with surprise as the slim blonde knocked him to the carpet and sat on him.
She couldn't let him go. She needed him too badly. And if he went home, he'd find Vicky in bed with Frank. All hell would break loose. Joan had to do everything in her power to keep him with her.
"Joan, damnit, let me up!" Don growled.
Joan paid no attention to him. She just grabbed his zipper and tugged it open. She seized his pants and shorts and pulled them off. His cock sprang free, standing up stiff and drooling. Joan whimpered lustily at the sight of it.
"Now listen, Joan," Don snarled, "I'm telling you for the last time, I'm not going to bed with you, so you might as well--ahhhhhhhh!"
As he was protesting, Joan dipped her head way down, opened her lips, and slid her hot wet mouth down around his cock. Don gave a helpless groan of lust as she began sucking his cock-meat. The big man shivered and writhed.
"Unnnnnhhhh, Christ, stop that," he babbled hoarsely. "It isn't right, Joan--unnnnhhhh."
He could protest till he was blue in the face, but Joan wasn't quitting. Now that she had his big throbbing prick in her mouth, her excitement reached the boiling point and she couldn't think of anything but that throbbing column of cock-meat.
"Mmmmmmm, uuummmmmmm," she moaned.
She sucked hard and hungrily on his cock. It had been so long since Frank had let her give him a blow-job. He was always too busy, too tired. Joan was absolutely starved for the taste of cock, and she showed it now.
Don stopped babbling and just groaned and panted as the cock-starved young housewife sucked loudly and greedily on his prick. Joan soon realized that the fight had gone out of him. He groaned in bliss each time she sucked on his prick.
Maybe he thought this was as far as she'd go. After all, he'd considered it okay to go down on her and relieve her horniness, and now she was just returning the favor. But if he thought he was leaving without fucking her, he was wrong.
Joan worked her hot juicy mouth up and down the hard, throbbing shaft of his prick, sucking up the thick salty cream that oozed from his piss-hole. Don watched her with hot lusty eyes, his nostrils flared. He was red with excitement, his face twisted into a lusty grimace. He was going out of his mind with excitement, and that was just what Joan wanted.
She drew her cheeks in farther, making her mouth tight and searing hot. As she worked her juicy lips up and down the hugely engorged shaft of his cock, Don's eyes almost bugged out, and he snorted with excitement.
"Yeah, baby, that's it, suck!" he roared.
Joan instantly drew her head back and let his spit-soaked cock snap free. He groaned in frustration. She sat astride him with a mocking smile, while he stared mournfully at his nearly exploding prick.
"Goddamnit, Joan," he groaned.
"Something wrong, honey?" she asked innocently.
"Are you kidding?" he exclaimed. "Look at my cock. I'm going crazy."
"Oh, I'll still get you off, darling," Joan purred.
"Then why the hell don't you do it?" he panted.
"Okay, but I'm gonna do it a different way."
"Any way you want," he sighed, closing his eyes.
Maybe he was expecting a hand-job, but he didn't get it. Instead Joan wiggled around till the dripping mouth of her cunt was right over the fat purple head of his prick. Then she plunged herself down on it, impaling her starved pussy on the thick iron-hard shaft of his cock.
"Ahhhhhhh, yesssssss!" she moaned.
"What the hell?" Don yelped.
He opened his eyes to see Joan sitting on his cock with a happy grin on her face. She was fully skewered on his prick, and only his big hairy balls were showing. Her steamy tight cunt gripped and squeezed his cock-meat.
"Mmmmmmm, at last," Joan gurgled. "I haven't been laid in weeks, Don. I just gotta have this. Come on, be a pal and give it to me!"
"Oh, shit," Don sighed. "Well, you can't say I didn't try to resist!"
"Right!" Joan grinned. "And you were very brave. Now will you please fuck me?"
Don grinned back at her and grabbed her by the waist. With a lusty snort he began pistoning his thick hard cock in her cunt. She wailed with delight and soaked his hammering prick with sizzling pussy-cream.
"Help, I'm being raped," he groaned.
"Oh, shut up," Joan laughed. "Just fuck me, damnit."
He finally did shut up. He was too busy to talk. Snorting and groaning, he worked his enormous hard-on faster and faster in her greedily tugging cunt, giving her blasts of pleasure that made her howl and writhe. At last she had what she wanted, the thing she just couldn't live without.
"Ohhhhhhh, baby, yesssss," she wailed, "fuck it to me, don't ever stop! Shit, I need this so bad!"
Don was watching his thick blue-veined cock hammer in and out of her dripping cunt. He seemed fascinated with the sight. Now and then he looked up at her lust-contorted face, and that made him even more aroused.
Joan could guess what he was thinking. He was wickedly excited to be fucking his buddy's wife, driving her out of her mind with pleasure. Joan sensed that it had been a secret fantasy of his for a long time.
"You've wanted to fuck me, haven't you, Don?" She grinned.
"Since the moment I met you," he confessed. "But of course I couldn't, because--ah, shit, what difference does it make now?"
"Right," Joan chuckled.
It didn't make any difference what had held him back, because now they were doing it. Nothing was holding him back now. He growled with lust and pounded his steel-hard cock into her smoldering cunt-depths, and she wailed with pleasure.
"Mmmmmm, baby, you're fucking me so good!" she whimpered. "God, I love it!"
Her naughty remarks just spurred him into harder action. Joan knew he was almost on overload, and she knew she'd better get off while she still had time. She tightened her hot little pussy around his pile-driving prick and let the red-hot friction carry her to the brink of orgasm.
"Ohhhhh, God, you're gonna make me come!" she gasped.
"Yeah, go for it!" Don panted. His eyes rolled, and he yelped, "Awwwwww, fuck, shit--awwwwwww!"
"Ooooooooh, God ... whaahhhhhhh!" Joan screamed.
The first sizzling jet of his come had set her off. She was coming right along with him, her greedy cunt sucking up his jism. They rocked and bucked together for almost a minute, and then she collapsed on top of him.
"Mmmmmmm, fantastic," she gurgled.
"I hope you're satisfied now," he chuckled.
Satisfied? Joan didn't know the meaning of the word, at least not when it came to sex. She'd been starved for so long, she just couldn't get enough. She'd had a fantastic orgasm, but already she was greedy for more.
"I'd never get enough of you," she breathed, squeezing his prick with her come-filled pussy-hole. "Just stay where you are, honey. I'm not finished with you yet."
"You gotta be kidding," Don groaned.
Joan didn't answer. She just went to work with her strong greedy cunt-muscles, giving his cock a naughty massage. Don snorted with excitement, and pretty soon she could feel his cock-meat swelling inside her. She soaked it with a hot blast of pussy-juice and wriggled lustily.
"Oh, good," she gurgled, "now we can have more fun."
"Uh, Joan, I'm a little worried that Frank might walk in," Don said.
Joan glanced at the clock. If Vicky kept her word, there was plenty of time left, time enough for another hot fuck. She kept her cunt clamped greedily around Don's prick, not letting him escape.
"Don't worry," she said. "He's probably still working on Vicky's plumbing."
"And you want me to work on yours?" Don chuckled.
"You got it," she laughed. "But let's do it another way this time, okay?"
"Hey, you're calling the shots," he said. "I'm in the clutches of this mad lady sex fiend, and there's nothing I can do about it."
"I'm glad you get the picture," Joan said, rolling off him.
She rolled right onto her hands and knees, sticking out her cute little ass. Don ogled the rosy-pink flesh of her slit and saw thick rivers of cream pouring from her famished little cunt. Snorting with lust, he crawled up behind her and grasped her hips.
"Yeah, honey, stick it in me!" she panted. "I want you to fuck my brains out!"
"Yes, ma'am," Don chuckled.
He pressed the enormously swollen head of his cock into her cunt-opening, spreading her pussy-lips wide. Joan gurgled with lust and drenched his prick-head with molten cream. He started pushing into her.
"Unnnhhhh, yeah, give me that big cock, give me all of it!" she wailed.
Nothing was more exciting to her than that first long thrust, feeling a rigid throbbing cock cramming her cunt. She clawed the rug in her wild excitement, and she creamed steadily and helplessly, the molten liquid running down her legs.
"Oooooooh, shit, ooooooh!" she cried.
Don was panting and growling with lust as he eased his fat cock slowly but steadily into the tight velvety hole of her cunt. He really was taking his time, savoring every inch of penetration, but Joan loved it.
She never wanted that first delicious thrust to end. She was practically coming, she was so hungry for it. Frank had left her famished for cock. She whimpered and shivered and creamed as Don gradually filled her cunt with his pulsating fuck-tool.
"You got it all now, baby," he said hoarsely. "Jesus, this is great! Let's not rush, okay?"
"Okay," Joan gurgled. "It'd suit me fine if we did it about twelve hours."
"I wish to hell we had twelve hours," Don sighed.
He started fucking her slowly and sensuously. Joan whimpered and dug her nails into the rug, practically coming with each long steady thrust. Each time he reached her womb, she creamed an enormous flood of hot cunt-juice.
It was a wonderful change from Frank's quickies. That was all she got from her husband any more, just fast rolls in the hay. It was often over before she could get off, and she was lucky if she even got that much more than twice a month.
Clearly Frank was bored with fucking his wife. Well, surprise. His wife was bored with fucking him, too. Joan was just realizing how bored she'd been for the past couple of years. Fucking a new man was so exciting.
She'd never believed in cheating, and she'd never fucked anybody but her husband, not until now. Now she knew what she'd been missing by not fooling around. Things were going to be different. Frank could fool around, and so could she.
"Yeah, fuck me, Don, fuck me forever!" she sighed.
He shivered with arousal at her lusty words and fucked into her a little faster. Joan liked that. She always liked to be fucked fast, although not as fast as Frank did it. What she craved was a steady hard fucking that would finally quench her fiery lust. She hoped her neighbor could do it for her.
She also wondered how Vicky was making out with Frank. She hoped he hadn't been as hard to seduce as Don. But she knew her friend, and Vicky would eventually get whatever she wanted. She just hoped Vicky was having as much fun as she was.
"Mmmmmmm, baby, that's so good," she gurgled. "Fuck me a little faster now, okay?"
His hot sweaty hands were kneading her hips, keeping the same pace as his cock. He speeded up, and Joan gasped with excitement. His slow fucking had been wonderful, but this was even better. The harder, the better, she thought.
"Yeah, yeah, give it to me!" she panted. "Fuck the living shit out of me!"
Don's thick cock was making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed the hot cream from her pussy. The molten liquid was running down her thighs. Joan hadn't creamed so hard in years, but then she hadn't been this aroused in a long time.
For the first time in months she knew she was going to get off. She knew she was going to get all the fucking she needed. If only she could feel that way with her husband! But luckily she had this sexy neighbor who was willing to give her everything Frank denied her.
"Unnnhhhh, that's great, honey," she moaned. "you're fucking me so damned good!"
She wondered how Frank would react if he walked in right now. She imagined him opening the front door and seeing his beautiful blonde wife on her hands and knees, taking his best buddy's stiff cock. She creamed furiously.
Yes, she really was turning into a dirty-minded lady. All kinds of kinky ideas turned her on. She loved to picture Frank fucking Vicky. She wanted Frank to watch while she fucked Don. She was a regular sex maniac.
"Harder," she panted, "fuck me as hard as you can, Don!"
"You sure you can take it?" he growled.
"Try me," she gurgled lustily.
He gave it everything he had, fucking into her so hard that she was almost knocked over. She grasped the rug and moaned. His belly slapped loudly against her hot ass. It was an almost brutal fucking, but she loved it.
"Yeah, that's it," she wailed, "fuck me hard, baby, don't stop!"
Don groaned and pounded his cock into her, bringing both of them to the brink of orgasm. Joan hovered there, gorging herself on the delicious sensations. Then she felt the first hot sting of his jizz against her womb, and she started coming like crazy.
"Unnnnnhhh, God--whaahhhhhhh!" she screamed.
"Awwww, Jesus--aaaaggghhhhh!" Don yelled.
Joan sobbed in ecstasy as she took his hot jetting load. The boiling juice overflowed her cunt and gushed down her legs. She came violently, her spasming cunt sucking every last drop of come from his hammering prick.
"Mmmmmmmmm, I loved that," she gurgled. Then she pricked up her ears. "Oh--oh, here comes Frank."
She heard her husband's steps on the porch. She and Don grabbed their clothes, streaked to the kitchen, and got dressed just in time. They looked a little flushed when Frank walked into the kitchen, but he didn't seem to notice.
"Hi, Don," he grinned. "Vicky says to tell you your dinner's waiting."
"Uh, yeah, thanks," Don blurted as he hurried out the back door.

Chapter 9
During the week that followed, Don kept finding excuses to go over to Joan's house, while Frank always seemed to be hanging out with Vicky. The two young wives found it very funny, not to mention very exciting.
"I'm sure glad we had this idea," Joan said to Vicky one day. "I haven't been this well laid in years."
"Me, either," Vicky replied with a grin. "But I think I've got an even better idea. What if we let the guys in on our secret?"
Joan began to laugh. "You mean, tell them that we set them up?"
"Right," Vicky chuckled. "I think that would make them even more horny. Our own husbands might even get excited about us again."
"You may be right," Joan said. "I love making it with Don, but Frank's always been number one for me."
"And I'd love Don to have the hots for me again," Vicky said. "So how about it? We could have a little party Saturday night, just the four of us."
"You're on!" Joan grinned.
When Vicky told Don that they were going over to their friends' place that Saturday night, he didn't looked very thrilled, and she could guess why. He'd much rather have been alone with Joan. But he put on a suit and came along kind of grumpily.
Frank didn't seem very pleased, either. When Vicky and Don arrived, he was slouched in his chair, frowning. He shot Vicky a look which told her what he really wanted. Vicky could hardly keep from laughing.
She went into the kitchen to help Joan make drinks. "Well, everything's set." she said. "This is gonna be a very interesting evening."
"Yeah," Joan laughed, "the guys will never know what hit them. Come on, let's get started."
They took in the drinks, and Vicky said, "Gosh, it's a warm night. I think I'll take off my clothes."
The men laughed, thinking she was just joking, but their laughter changed to astonishment as Vicky began to strip. Very calmly, as if there was nothing unusual about it, she removed her dress, shoes and pantyhose. She started to unhook her bra, when Don bounded out of his chair and grabbed her.
"Vicky, have you gone crazy?" he cried.
"Don, let go of her," Joan said with a smile. "She's got a good idea. I'm gonna take off my clothes, too."
"The hell you are!" Frank cried.
But Joan started stripping, and she was down to her bra and panties before Frank could get to her. The men stood holding their half-naked wives and looking totally freaked. Joan and Vicky exchanged grins. Soon it would be time to tell their husbands the truth, but not quite yet.
"What's the big deal, Frank?" Joan laughed. "You've seen both of us without our clothes before, haven't you?"
Frank turned red. "Uh, what are you talking about, honey?"
"I'm talking about the fact that you and Vicky are having an affair," she said. "But that's okay. Don and I have been getting it on, too."
Now Frank and Don were gawking at each other. "You've been fucking my wife?" Don bellowed at his buddy.
"Seems like you've been fucking my wife," Frank growled.
"Now, boys, don't fight," Vicky said. "It's all right. Joan and I planned the whole thing."
"That's right, guys," Joan giggled. "We set it up that first day. We decided to seduce each other's husband--and it worked really well, didn't it?"
Frank and Don just stood there with their mouths hanging open, so the women proceeded to take off the rest of their clothes. Then they changed partners and began undressing the men. Joan removed Don's suit, and Vicky stripped Frank.
"Mmmmmmm, you guys have gorgeous bods," Joan sighed.
"Yeah, aren't they sexy?" Vicky agreed.
Suddenly Don snorted with laughter. "You're not putting us on, are you? You really did plan this whole thing. But why?"
"Honey, that should be obvious," Vicky said. "You were bored with our sex life. We wanted to create some excitement."
"Frank was bored with our sex life, too," Joan explained, "but he sure as hell isn't bored with Vicky. See, we just wanted to get you guys interested in sex again."
"Well, you sure succeeded!" Frank grinned.
Now they were all naked, and Joan drew Don down on the rug and started kissing and pawing him. Frank and Vicky joined them, just a few feet away. The plan had worked.
The men were obviously very aroused at the thought of exchanging wives openly. They wanted to make it with each other's woman, with everybody in the same room. Joan and Vicky found it hotly arousing also. Everybody was flushed and panting.
Vicky grabbed Frank's cock, started pumping it, and felt it mushroom in her fist. It pushed her fingers wide apart, and it grew long and thick and rigid. Vicky squealed with excitement and pumped his cock-meat faster.
"Ooooooh, look what I've got, Joan!" she cried.
"Hey, I want one, too," Joan exclaimed, wrapping her fingers around Don's cock.
"Oh, Jesus!" he snorted.
Joan's hand was hot and quick on his cock. In no time at all his prick was ballooning into a long stiff column of flesh. Thick hot juice began to ooze from his piss-hole, and Joan dipped her head down to lick up the salty liquid.
"Mmmmmnunm," she gurgled.
"That looks like fun!" Vicky cried.
She stuck out her tongue and started licking up the hot cream that oozed from Frank's cock. Frank and Don exchanged grins. There was no jealousy between them, because nobody was left out of the fun. It was just one happy little orgy.
"Girls," Don said hoarsely, "this is a terrific idea."
"Yeah, it sure is," Frank panted. "It's outrageous, but it's working!"
Now there was nothing left to do but have fun. The women had won their men over to their kinky idea. Vicky and Joan gorged themselves on hot salty cock-juice, while Frank and Don shivered and snorted with lust.
"Baby, you're getting me damned horny," Don growled to Joan.
"Then do something about it, honey," Joan laughed. "I'm up for just about anything."
"Okay, let's see if you like this," Don replied.
He rolled the slim blonde onto her hands and knees. Joan crouched lustily in the doggy position while Don knelt behind her. He grasped her hips and socked the fat purple head of his cock into her slick cunt-mouth. Joan clawed the rug and squealed with eagerness.
"Oh, yeah, baby, stick it in me!" she cried. "Fuck me good, Don, I want it!"
Vicky felt Frank's cock give a horny jump in her fist. His eyes were glued to the other couple, and he panted with excitement as he watched his wife take his best buddy's stiff cock right to the hilt.
"Oooooooh, yesssss," Joan cried.
Don shoved his big hard cock all the way into her and started fucking her hard. Her cute tits wobbled crazily, and her pretty face got contorted with pleasure. Frank's prick drooled all over Vicky's pumping fist.
"Why, Frank," she cooed, "I do believe you're excited by all this. What a naughty mind you have."
"Damn right," he growled. "Why don't you sit on my cock?"
He stretched out on his back, and Vicky climbed aboard. Straddling him, she poised the dripping mouth of her pussy right over his engorged cock-head. As she sat down on it, he grasped her waist and pulled her onto his rigid cock.
"Ohhhhh, yeah, honey," Vicky moaned, "stick that big cock into me, give me all of it!"
Don watched his pretty brunette wife sliding down another man's cock, taking it into her hot horny pussy-hole. He growled with lust and fucked harder and harder into Joan's steaming cunt. Both men were excited out of their minds as they fucked on each other's wife.
"Yeah, terrific idea, girls," Don panted.
"This gives a whole new meaning to friendship," Frank chuckled.
Vicky sank as low as she could on the fat skewer of his prick, and he started fucking her hard. He watched his cream-soaked cock pistoning in her pussy-hole and watched her luscious tits wobble. But he was also watching Don and Joan.
Don's belly was slapping loudly against Joan's ass as he hammered his stiff cock into her. She was clawing the rug and moaning with pleasure. Now and then they both glanced over at the other couple, heightening their excitement.
"Oooooooh, isn't this wild?" Vicky laughed.
The others laughed, too, but not for long. They were getting too insanely turned on to make jokes. The men's cocks hammered harder and harder in those hot slippery pussies, and the women moaned with bliss as they rocketed toward orgasm.
"Ohhhhhhh, shit, am I ever gonna come!" Joan whimpered.
"Oh, God, me, too!" Vicky cried.
"Not to mention us guys," Frank groaned.
Dizzily Vicky took the deep hard thrusts of Frank's cock while she watched her husband furiously fucking her best friend. It was crazy, it was kinky, but she loved it. She hadn't had such a hot time in years.
The best part was, everybody felt the same way. Everybody loved the women's outrageous plan. Don and Frank were performing like young studs, and the women could hardly keep from coming. Nobody in this room was bored with sex.
Vicky watched Joan's eyes roll, then close tightly, as the pretty blonde hovered on the brink of climax. Don was red-faced with lust, hammering his cock into her with lightning speed. She stiffened for a second, then gave a long hoarse moan.
"Unnnnhhh, Don, honey, I'm comingggg!" she howled. "Ohhhhhhh, shit, yessssss ... Ohhhhhhhh!"
"Take my load, baby, unnnnggghhhhhhh!" Don yelled.
"Oh, Jesus," Frank groaned, "that did it. Unnnnhhhh, shit, yeah ... aaagggghhhhh!"
"Oh, my God ... whaahhhhhhhh!" Vicky howled.
She felt Frank's load sizzling into her cunt, and that triggered her body-blasting orgasm. The room was in uproar as all four people came hard. Vicky just hoped the neighbors couldn't hear all that moaning and yelling and wailing. They might think there was an orgy going on!
Finally the two couples rolled apart and stretched out on the rug to finish their drinks. Vicky and Joan grinned at each other, very pleased with the results of their little experiment. Don and Frank looked pretty pleased, too.
Then Don crawled over to Vicky and said, "Honey, I really oughta apologize for my lousy performance in bed these days. I know I wasn't keeping you happy."
"It happens to lots of couples, honey," Vicky answered. "Joan and Frank were having the same problem. But luckily we found a solution."
"We sure did!" Don leered. "Come here."
He pulled his wife into his arms and kissed her till Vicky thought steam would shoot from her ears. Don hadn't kissed her like that since they were courting. She felt her pussy growing hot and wet and swollen.
"Mmmmmmmm," she gurgled, "mmmmmmmnunm."
To her delight, her husband was interested in her again. Don actually lusted for her. It had taken some pretty unusual remedies, but she'd finally gotten what she wanted most in her life, a horny husband.
As they came up for air, she glanced over and saw her friends kissing hotly, too. Frank was working his tongue in Joan's mouth and pawing her sleek slim body. Vicky felt glad for her friends, but Don soon captured all her attention as he drew her close for another long steamy tongue-kiss.
Vicky was creaming like crazy. She ran her hands all over Don's hard hairy body and finally grasped his cock and pumped it. His prick responded fast. It swelled in her fist, throbbing and bucking.
"Don, you animal," she giggled.
"Grrrrrr," Don replied.
Vicky laughed and pushed him onto his back. She crawled between his legs, grasped the thick hairy base of his cock, and dipped her head down low. Out flashed her wet pink tongue. She lashed it all over the engorged head of his cock.
"Yeah, baby, go for it," he panted.
Meanwhile Joan and Frank were busy with some fun of their own. Joan was on her back, legs bent and spread wide, and Frank was lashing his big red tongue all over her steamy pussy. Joan squealed and moaned with delight.
"Unnnhhhh, honey, I love that," she panted. "Don't stop, lick me all over!"
Frank hadn't gone down on her in ages, but he hadn't lost his talent. Joan couldn't stop creaming, and her horny husband gobbled up every drop of her tangy juice. He lathered every inch of her pussy with his hot spit.
Vicky watched out of the corner of her eye, drooling all over Don's cock. He laughed and said, "I bet I know what you want, honey."
"Then give it to me, darling," Vicky moaned.
Don flipped her onto her back, and a second later she felt his molten tongue lashing her pussy. It was the most heavenly sensation for the love-starved young wife. She creamed helplessly all over his face.
"Ohhhhh, darling, I love that!" she wailed.
"Hey, Don," Frank called, "let's have a contest. Let's see who can get his woman off first."
"You're on," Don laughed.
Then he jammed his mouth onto Vicky's swollen clit and started sucking. She screamed with pleasure and creamed in huge hot floods. Obscene sucking noises a few feet away told her that Frank was using the same technique on Joan.
"Unnnnhhhh, God, unnnnhhhh," Joan wailed.
Vicky greedily arched her body and shoved her throbbing clit even harder against her husband's loudly sucking lips. She closed her eyes and hurtled toward climax. Don had always been able to get her off fast and hard with his sucking.
Joan kept pace with her, wailing and moaning, and it was a real question who was going to win the contest. Vicky really didn't care, not as long as she got off. She felt a violent orgasm exploding from the base of her clit, and she threw back her head and wailed with bliss.
"Ahhhhh, honey, you did it, I'm cominggggg!" she screamed.
"Oooooooooh, Frank, oooooooh!" Joan howled.
When the women finally stopped coming, Don wiped his cream-smeared face and said, "Well, old buddy, I think it was a draw."
"Yeah, I agree," Frank chuckled. "Let's face it, we're both geniuses."
But the laughter stopped as the front door suddenly banged open. In the doorway stood Shelly.

Chapter 10
Frank was the first to recover his wits. "Close the door, Shelly," he snapped. "We don't want the whole neighborhood to see us."
"I'm sorry," the pretty redhead sighed as she shut the door. "I just lost my head when I saw what was happening."
"How come you didn't knock, Shelly?" Joan said angrily.
"And what are you doing here?" Vicky demanded.
Shelly turned red as a beet, redder than her own hair. "Oh, shit, I don't know what to say. I know I'm being very rude. But I was sitting home alone, just dying for some company, and I decided to do some visiting."
She paused and blushed even harder. "Anyhow, I walked up on the porch, and there was just a little gap in the drapes, and I peeked in and saw you guys. I just had to join you."
Joan and Vicky looked at each other. They'd gone to a lot of hard work to get their husbands back from Shelly, and now here she was horning in on their fun. The gorgeous divorcee just wouldn't stay out of their lives.
On the other hand, they knew just what she was going through. She hadn't seen Don or Frank all week, because they'd been busy fucking each other's wife. Shelly had to be frantically horny by now, and the two young wives could relate to that. They'd just had the same problem.
"Well, what do you think, honey?" Joan whispered. "I feel kinda sorry for her."
"Me, too," Vicky whispered back to her friend. "What the hell, why not let her join the party."
"And I've got another idea, too," Joan said. She turned to Shelly and spoke in a normal voice. "Shelly, we know you've been making it with our husbands."
Don and Frank turned as red as Shelly, and the lovely divorcee moaned. "Oh, God, I'm sorry! You must think I'm a terrible bitch. But really, I don't want to wreck your marriages. All I want is a man."
"I figured as much," Joan said gently, "and I might just have a man for you. My brother Jim is coming to visit in a few days. He's divorced, and he's just the right age for you. I know he'd go for you, so I'll invite you over a lot while he's here.
"Oh, Joan, you're wonderful," Shelly cried, running to her and hugging her. "Now, if I can just control myself till then."
"You don't have to, Shelly!" Vicky grinned. "We'd like you to join our party."
Shelly gave her a hug. "You two are great! You really understand."
Frank cleared his throat loudly and said, "We're glad you girls like each other, but do you think we could get in on the party, too?"
"Yeah, ladies," Don laughed, "what about us?"
"Oh, were we neglecting you guys?" Shelly cooed.
"Let's get 'em," Vicky cried.
"Yeah, here we come!" Joan laughed.
Frank and Don found themselves covered in females. Shelly stripped as fast as she could and joined Joan and Vicky in kissing, caressing, and tonguing the two laughing men. It was a happy tangle of bodies.
"Oh, boy, we must be dreaming!" Don laughed.
"Yeah, this is fantastic!" Frank leered.
"I just don't know how we're gonna take care of all these women, though," Don said, faking a worried look. "Maybe we should all watch TV instead."
"Over our dead bodies," Shelly declared. "Girls, let's have a huddle. We'll figure out how to deal with these apes."
The three women crouched together and whispered, while Don and Frank ogled them. It really was like a fantasy come true. They had a blonde, a brunette and a redhead all panting to get it on with them. They waited eagerly to see what plan the women would come up with.
Then the women turned to them, grinning wickedly. "Okay," Shelly said, "I think you guys are gonna love this."
"We're gonna take you one at a time," Vicky added. "Frank, you're first."
They jumped him. Suddenly Joan was practically sitting on his face, and Shelly and Vicky were crouching on either side of his stiff-standing cock. Don roared with laughter.
"You're outnumbered, partner!" he cried. "I sure hope you can handle the situation."
"I'm sure gonna try," Frank laughed.
Then he groaned as he felt not one but two hot juicy tongues lashing all over his cock. He peered between Joan's spread thighs and saw Vicky and Shelly going down on him, their pink tongues whipping greedily over his cock-meat.
"Holy shit!" he panted.
Shelly was working the top of his cock and Vicky was tonguing the lower part. Frank got so excited that thick globs of cream started oozing from his piss-hole. Vicky and Shelly gobbled the salty liquid like it was candy.
"Mmmmmm, I hope you don't mind sharing this with me, Vicky!" Shelly grinned.
"Not as long as you leave some for me."
Frank was glad he'd shot his load once already. Otherwise he would have been coming all over the place. Those two naughty hot tongues were driving him wild. And if that wasn't excitement enough, he had Joan's luscious-looking pussy only an inch from his face. It was swollen, creamy and inviting.
He reached up and folded back the golden fur of her bush, fully exposing the little hooded lump of her clit. His tongue shot out and contacted the supersensitive button, and Joan gave a wail of pleasure.
"Oooooooh, yesssss, baby, lick meeeee!" she cried.
Frank whipped his big hot tongue up and down over her clit, giving her hot stabs of pleasure. Joan creamed like mad, and as the thick hot juice poured from her pussy, Frank lapped it up and gobbled it.
"Mmmmmmm, honey, I love that," she moaned.
Frank got off on gobbling her cream and driving her wild with his tongue. His pretty blonde wife was so responsive, juicing all over his face. And at the same time he had those two pretty women tonguing his cock. It was just about all the excitement a man could take.
"Oh, shit, fantastic," he groaned.
Don had crawled up close to watch. He didn't feel envious or left out. He understood they had to take turns. All he felt was incredible lust as he watched the three lovely women working on his best friend. There was so much to watch, he hardly knew where to look.
He watched Vicky and Shelly lashing their gleaming tongues around and around Frank's stiff cock, licking up every drop of his dribbling cock-cream. His own cock gave a lusty jump and leaked sizzling juice.
Then he moved his eyes to Joan's wantonly exposed pussy. Frank's tongue was all over the hot swollen flesh, licking up her spurting cunt-juice, then returning to stab and tease her engorged clit. Joan had her head thrown back, and she was whimpering in ecstasy.
"Oh, baby, that's so damned good," she sobbed. "Lick me all over, Frank, don't stop!"
Don felt a powerful urge to grab his cock and jack off, but he decided to save his hard-on for more exciting things. Somehow he'd manage to hold out till it was his turn with the girls, but it wasn't going to be easy. His lust was at fever pitch.
He wondered how in hell Frank was holding out. The guy had a hot pussy right in his face and two women tonguing his cock. It had to be damned difficult to keep from coming in a situation like that.
"Mmmmmm, I want more of this stuff," Vicky moaned as she hungrily gobbled Frank's cream.
"Go for it then," Shelly panted. "I'll take a break. But don't get him off without me."
"Right," Vicky said breathlessly.
Shelly moved back, and Vicky slid her hot juicy lips down around Frank's thick throbbing cock. She caved in her cheeks and started sucking, and Frank groaned in bliss.
"Christ, yeah, honey, suck!" he cried.
With Joan's pussy right in his face, he couldn't tell who was giving him that blow-job, Vicky or Shelly. But whoever it was, she was an expert. She was suctioning the hot cream out of his cock and gobbling it as fast as she could.
Meanwhile Joan was greedily shoving her hot pussy against his lashing tongue, signaling her need for more action. Frank gave it to her, whipping his tongue furiously up and down the steamy folds of her pussy and driving her to a frenzy of pleasure.
"Unnnnnhhhh, God, unnnnnnnnhhhh!" she wailed.
Frank knew his wife, and he sensed she was very close to coming. He decided to give her a really great send-off. He made his tongue long and stiff, then crammed it deep and hard into her boiling pussy-hole.
"Oooooooooh, yesssssss!" Joan screamed.
Everybody looked to see what was making her so insanely aroused. They watched Frank's slippery hot tongue burying itself to the root in her dripping cunt. Then Frank's head bobbed fast as he began to tongue-fuck his moaning wife.
"Unnnnhhh, honey, yessss!" Joan gurgled. "Do it to me, make me come."
Obscene wet sucking sounds filled the room as Frank reamed out Joan's hot cream and Vicky suctioned up his juice. It wasn't long before Joan began to buck and writhe around the pistoning slab of tongue-meat, a violet orgasm shaking her body.
"You did it to meeeeee!" she howled. "Ahhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh!"
She bucked her way through the body-shaking climax and then rolled off Frank, panting and flushed. But Frank's tongue didn't get a rest. Vicky immediately released his cock from her mouth and jumped up to sit on his face.
"His cock's all yours, Shelly," she panted. "I want his tongue."
"Fine by me!" Shelly leered.
People were changing places so fast, Frank couldn't keep track of it all. Now it was Vicky's hot dripping pussy that was right in his face, and it was Shelly's hot wet lips sinking down around his engorged cock.
"Don," he croaked, "I may need some help."
"No problem, buddy!" Don laughed. "You just pass 'em on to me as soon as you finish with them. I'll start with your wife."
He pulled Joan over to him, and they started some heavy hot tongue-kissing. Frank would have liked to watch, but now Vicky was pressing her searing cunt against his face, demanding his attention. He gave it to her, slamming his stiff tongue deep into her smoking fuck-hole.
"Unnnnhhhh, yessssss!" she gasped.
Meanwhile Shelly was sucking like crazy on his cock. Frank matched her hot hungry rhythm with his tongue, pistoning it up and down in Vicky's boiling pussy. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his wife climbing aboard Don's rigid drooling cock.
"Yeah, come here, baby," Don growled.
Joan straddled him and shoved her famished cunt down around the thick hard skewer of his prick. She took the whole thing in one greedy shove. Don grasped her waist and started fucking her fast and hard, making her cute tits wobble.
"Yeah, fuck it to me, baby!" Joan gurgled. "Fuck me good and hard, Don!"
Frank almost shot his load just from watching them. He didn't know why it turned him on so much to see his wife fucking another guy. Maybe he was some kind of pervert. He decided he liked being a pervert.
He dug his stiff tongue deeper and harder into Vicky's hot juicy cunt, and she creamed all over his face. She whimpered and moaned with pleasure as he gave her a good steady tongue-fucking. Shelly's mouth boiled around his cock, and she gobbled up all his oozing cock-juice.
Frank had just about had it. He was insane with excitement as he ate that hot pussy, felt his cock being ravenously sucked, and watched his pretty blonde wife riding his best buddy's cock. No wonder he was on overload.
He gave Vicky everything he had, hammering his tongue into her till her cunt spasmed and flooded. She was coming hard around his tongue, wailing in bliss.
"Ooooooh, motherfucker!" she screeched.
She climaxed for almost a minute, then rolled off him. Frank's tongue was almost in need of a splint, it had been working so hard. But it still wasn't going to get a rest. Vicky had hardly tumbled off when Shelly jumped up and took her place.
"Give me some of that good stuff, honey!" she panted. "I won't need much."
She wasn't kidding. Frank crammed his tongue into her, and before he'd reached bottom she was coming like crazy, her cunt in hard spasm, splattering his face with boiling cream.
"Ooooooooh, God, yessss!" she howled.
As Frank tongued her through that powerful orgasm, he watched Vicky sit on Don's face. Don was still fucking Joan hard and fast, and he didn't skip a beat as he shoved his long stiff tongue into his wife's hungry pussy.
"Yeah, baby, get me off!" Vicky wailed.
Shelly stopped coming and glanced over at the others, wondering how she could get in on the action. But Frank had plans for her. By some miracle, he hadn't shot his load yet. He needed Shelly's help.
"Hey, neighbor," he said, "how about taking care of my hard-on?"
"Darling," Shelly purred, "I'd love to."
She scooted back down his body till she was sitting right over his enormously engorged prick. Frank grabbed her by the waist and eased her down the thick hard pole of cock-meat, then started fucking her hard.
"I'm not gonna last long, baby," he panted. "I hope you can come with me."
"No problem!" She grinned.
Now everybody was being taken care of. Shelly was getting the hot fucking she craved, while Don's cock and tongue were giving Joan and Vicky a steady dose of pleasure. Frank spun out of control and fucked Shelly with lightning speed.
"Ohhhhhh, God, ohhhhhhhh!" the pretty redhead wailed.
Afterward, nobody remembered who got off first. It just seemed like they were all coming at the same time, the room echoing with hoarse groans and shrill howls of ecstasy.
Frank emptied his huge steaming load into Shelly's convulsing pussy. Don's tongue drilled hard into Vicky's cunt and brought her off just as he boiled his jism into Joan's cunt. The sizzling flood made Joan climax violently.
When it was over, Joan brought a fresh tray of drinks. "I think we should drink a toast to Shelly," she said.
"Me?" Shelly exclaimed. "How come? Gosh, you thought I was trying to steal your husband."
"That's just it!" Joan laughed. "That started this whole thing. Vicky and I would never have come up with these crazy ideas if it hadn't been for you."
"That's right, Shelly!" Vicky grinned. "It may sound weird, but you saved our marriages. So, everybody, here's to Shelly--and to a whole lot more fun and games!"
The End