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Schoolgirl's First Date

Schoolgirl's First Date

Chapter 1
Exquisitely pretty little twelve-year-old Julie Miller smiled coyly at her new boyfriend as she slowly opened the topmost button on the front of her crisp white blouse.
Billy drooled and watched closely as Julie's delicate fingers moved lower and lower down the front of her tight blouse, lingering tenderly at the button that held the material closed over her sweetly formed young tits.
"Come on, baby!" Billy whispered, his voice quivering with excitement.
"Now, if you're going to get all bothered about this, Billy, I'll just have to button myself right back up!" Julie said, pursing her full wet lips and slipping the button back through the buttonhole.
"Oh, Julie!"
"Then behave yourself! I told you I would give you a look! But that's all! Now stop that drooling and just watch!"
Billy nodded eagerly, wiped his sweaty palms hard over his knees. His eyes dropped to the small bulges of the pre-teen's breasts.
Julie settled herself back against the car seat, wet her lips again, then freed the button once more. She was just as excited as Billy was, sitting here in the back seat of her big brother's car. Jerry, the youngster's brother, had finally been persuaded to take his little sister along to the drive-in. He was not happy with the job and had secretly arranged with his girlfriend that she would drive her car and park in the back row at the far end. Then, after Jerry drove the two little kids into the drive-in, he would leave them alone in his car and hop over to Ellen's. This arrangement had worried Julie at first, because she didn't really know Billy all that well, but when Jerry promised to park only a few cars away and in the same row, she agreed.
And the idea of being alone with Billy, one of the most desirable boys in school, was very exciting to her! Imagine! Little Julie and Big Billy! His reputation was well established among the older girls! Macho man! Hung like a horse! Well, maybe it was true that Julie didn't really understand what "hung like a horse" meant, but the other girls had sure been impressed when Julie had told them that Billy had asked her out for a date!
Donna, one of Julie's best friends, had taken her aside during lunch period and tried to explain about Billy.
"Julie, are you nuts?"
"Huh? What are you talking about, Donna?" Donna clutched at her friend's upper arm, making Julie wince.
"Are you stupid, girl? Billy Powers is a sex maniac!"
Julie yanked her arm out of Donna's hurting grip.
"You're the one who's nuts, Donna!"
"Oh? You better ask Norma whether I'm nuts or not! She can tell you all about him! And I mean ALL!"
Julie pouted her lovely lips and creased her brows in a pretty frown. She whirled away from her friend and sat down on the cement steps leading down toward the football field behind the school.
"Okay," she said. "Tell me about him."
"I don't know," Donna admitted, sitting down beside her young friend, and taking her upper arm in both her hands, and pulling Julie close. "But Norma told me some absolutely terrible things about him."
Julie tried to pull her arm free, but only halfheartedly. She liked Donna a lot, and sometimes she even liked the other girl's gentle caresses, her delicate touches--but right now all she wanted to do was hear about Billy Powers.
"Are you going to tell me or not?" she insisted, offering her arm in exchange for the secret information.
Donna stroked Julie's bare skin with her fingertips, just barely touching, tickling, loving.
"Norma told me Billy wanted to ..."
"Billy wanted her to let him ... tie her up!"
Julie's head jerked back, causing her long thick blonde hair to fall down over her pretty face and shoulders.
"Yes! He wanted to tie her up! And you can just imagine the things he wanted to do to her after he had her like that!"
Julie kept the frown on her face, her lips twisted up on her face as she considered what she'd just been told. She wasn't sure she understood it right."
"What's wrong with that?"
"With what?" Donna asked. She was stroking Julie's bare arm with her cheek, now.
"With letting him tie her up?"
Donna pulled her head away from Julie's arm and stared at her friend in open astonishment.
"What's wrong with it? If a girl lets a man tie her up, she'll let him do ... anything else he wants, too!"
Julie made a face at Donna.
"Oh, poop! You don't know anything! And Norma is a crazy bitch!"
"Julie!" Donna shrieked. She hated that kind of language. It upset her terribly, and to hear her best friend talk like that was doubly upsetting to the youngster. She leaped up and glared down at Julie.
"I suppose you'd let him tie you up?"
Julie was angry now, too, and without really thinking about her answer, she leaped up and shouted loudly at Donna. "Yes, I would! And a lot of other things, too!"
And Donna turned and ran away, tears running down her cheeks. She hid in the girl's bathroom, and wept her heart out, so terribly afraid for her friend, and afraid that Julie really would let Billy have her virginity. And that was the first time in her life poor little Donna realized she wanted Julie's virginity! That she loved Julie!
She wept harder, and wasn't even aware of the arm encircling her shoulders until a quiet voice whispered in her ear, "Oh, Donna. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
Donna twisted and turned until she was fully in the arms of her girlfriend, and she gulped hard and sniffed back her last tears, then slowly and tentatively brought her lips close to Julie's, her young heart pounding wildly in her tiny chest. Julie was confused, but felt a strange sensation growing stronger inside her body, deep inside her heart and even deeper inside her ... cunny!
And she moved her head forward the slightest bit, to touch her full lips against Donna's thin lips. The two twelve-year-old girls kissed! But the touch of Donna's burning eager lips frightened Julie, and she jerked her head back, and gasped, "Oh!"
Donna tightened her grip around Julie's back, pulling their small bodies as tightly together as it was possible for them to get with their clothes on!
"Julie!" Donna burst out. "I love you!"
"No!" Julie cried, twisting her body out of Donna's arms and backing away, pressing the back of her arm against her lips, which were still moist with her girlfriend's saliva.
"Yes! I love you!"
Donna took a step forward, forcing Julie back another step. Julie found herself enclosed by the walls of the toilet stall. She glanced around quickly, then stared at the young girl before her. She was , scared!
Donna lifted her hands in front of her, imploring her friend to understand her need, her love--but it was a need and a love that she didn't understand herself! Her hands went up to her face and covered her eyes. She burst into tears.
When she lowered her hands again, Julie was gone.
And now, only a few hours later, here she sat in the back seat of her brother's car, unbuttoning her blouse for Billy.
The evening had gotten off to a very nice start. Julie had dressed in her prettiest Sunday dress, putting on her only pair of real stockings instead of those horrible pantyhose, and wearing a lovely black ribbon in her hair. As she put the black ribbon on, she felt a sharp twinge of pleasure rush over her nipples and she couldn't figure out why! It was a long ribbon, with two very long tails that hung down through her long blonde hair. As she drew it through her slender fingers, she recalled Donna's words about letting Billy tie her up.
And at that moment, she felt her nipples tingle! And she subconsciously rubbed her thighs tightly together between her nubile legs!
But the thought of Donna's words about Billy brought with it the mental image of her best girlfriend standing in the john, weeping, imploring ...
Julie wet her lips and frowned. Then she shrugged and let the picture drift from her mind as she finished her preparations for her evening with Billy.
Her outfit consisted of a tight white blouse with a thin ruffle down the buttons and around the collar and wrists. A black skirt, cinched tightly at the waist with a black cloth belt, showed her long slim legs to best advantage. The skirt hung down to just above the little girl's sweetly dimpled knees. She wore her best training bra, the one with the sleek silken cups that fit so nicely over her just-budding mounds. Her panties were plain white cotton. She had not yet had her first period, so the panties had no extra material in the crotch. When she pulled them up tightly over her hairless little puffy pussy, every sweet detail could be seen!
Secretly she purchased a pair of flesh-tone stockings and a pretty white garterbelt. Julie hated pantyhose. She wasn't sure exactly why, but they felt so constricting on her long legs, and when she didn't wear them, the cool air felt so nice against her bare skin.
Julie's heart was pounding hard and wild, her blood racing through her veins, as she pulled the stockings slowly upward over her long strong legs and hooked them to the garterbelt.
She stood up and checked her appearance in the full length mirror on the inside of her bedroom door.
She arched her back and drew her shoulders back to accent the small upthrusting of her just-budding breasts. Wow! she thought.
She pressed her hands firmly against her tight tummy, feeling the taut muscles, then let her palms slide upward to the undersides of her breast-mounds. She moved her thumbs up over her nipples and wiggled them back and forth over the front of her blouse, feeling the sensation even through the material of blouse and bra, feeling the tingling wonderful warmth grow slowly, deep down in the core of her nipples!
Oh! she moaned to herself, closing her eyes and letting her head fall backward. She stood before her mirror, slowly massaging her small but beautifully formed young breasts, her eyes closed and her long hair dangling loosely behind her.
Mmmmmm. Her moan was low and throaty, like that of a full grown woman in heat! She rubbed her thighs together, feeling the moisture come out on her skin down there, and the funny tension grow stronger up inside her virgin cunny.
It felt so nice!
She began to press her palms harder against her breasts. Her tiny nipples were hard under her moving thumbs, and tickled and itched and begged for scratching and touching and pulling and ... and ... kissing!
She was lost in her own sweet feelings.
"You're one damned sexy little broad!"
Julie screamed, gasped, straightened quickly, and slapped both palms hard over her mouth. It was Jerry!
"How dare you come in here without knocking!?" Julie shouted at her older brother as she whirled toward him, blushing fully and feeling the hot flush of shame sweep over her entire body.
Jerry was leaning casually against the doorframe, smiling in a way that Julie had never seen before. He was staring at her in a new way, too. Julie wasn't too sure she liked it.
But she wasn't sure she didn't like it, either! She pursed her lips in anger at him, cocked her head, but he pushed himself away from the doorframe and stepped fully into the room.
"Damned sexy!"
"Oh, stop it! Jerry! Stop looking at me like that, or I'll ... I'll ..."
Jerry grinned broadly. "You'll what, little girl? Tell Mom? Tell her what? That you were standing there playing with your little titties?"
Julie blushed again, lowered her eyes.
"Hey, little sister! Maybe I'll be the one to tell! How would you like that, huh? Maybe I'll tell Mom what I just saw you doing to yourself! Shall I do that?"
Jerry moved further into Julie's bedroom, reaching out behind him to push the door shut. "Hey kid! Answer me! Shall I tell Mom what I saw you doing just now?"
Julie was backing away from him. Her eyes grew wide, her mouth dropped open.
"No, Jerry," she said very quietly.
Jerry stopped right in front of her. His lower chest pressed against the front of her blouse. Julie swayed backward a bit to avoid his touch. She kept her eyes lowered.
"'No, Jerry'?" he asked. He put his thumb under his chin and jabbed upward, forcing her face up.
Julie had been trained from birth to obey the men in her life. Her mother never gave her father the slightest hint of backtalk, and often Julie had heard her mother crying in the bedroom after her father had stormed out to the kitchen for another beer. "Jerry, Please don't."
Jerry grinned down at the little girl. "Don't what, kid? I haven't done anything to you."
Julie gulped, but it hurt her throat from the position she was being forced to hold. Her eyes wide, she watched her brother's face. He was obviously considering his position with her. Just how much could he get away with, in this situation?
"It's almost time to go, Jerry," she said with difficulty.
He lifted his other hand and checked the time.
"You're right. It is," he said. Then he added, with a snort: "Almost!"
Julie sighed and closed her eyes, turned her head so that her brother's thumb wasn't shoved up under her soft chin flesh.
"You know, Julie, I wasn't too happy about taking you and your boyfriend to the drive-in tonight. I mean, I had some pretty nice plans for Ellen and me. Now you're ruined those plans, and I think you ought to ... well ... offer some sort of ... let's call it 'compensation' ... don't you?"
"Hey, I didn't ruin any plans!" the twelve year old complained. "You and Ellen will be all alone in her car, and you can do exactly the same thing you'd have done in your car!"
"Smartass, are you? You know what I mean, Julie. You and your boyfriend are getting a nice free evening, all alone, and all because of me. What do you say? A little compensation?"
He reached out and stroked Julie's pretty hair, fitting it behind her ear.
"What kind of ... compensation?" the little girl said quietly.
Jerry shrugged. He bent his lips close exposed ear and whispered, "Let me watch you play with yourself!"
Julie twisted away, shocked.
"No!" she shouted, rushing around to the far side of her bed. "NO!"
Jerry laughed openly at his little sister's shocked expression. He walked over to the door and pulled it open. Rubbing his nose casually, he turned back and looked at the beautiful twelve-year-old girl.
"You better plan on it, baby girl," he said.

Chapter 2
Once they found a stall in the back row at the drive-in, Jerry hopped out without a word and walked over the crunchy gravel to Ellen's car, leaving the two young people alone.
They were sitting in the back seat, separated by about two feet of empty space. As soon as Jerry left, Billy slid over next to Julie, slipping his arm around her shoulder and bending his elbow so that his hand hung limply down over the front of the little girl's chest.
Julie felt as though her heart were bursting through her ribcage, but she let Billy keep his hand where it was. She was afraid he would think she was a silly little dope if she made any move to protect her tits from his hands. And yet, she had never let a boy touch her there. She was nervous, excited, frightened, and very, very eager! She couldn't wait for Billy to touch her breasts, even through the material of her bra and blouse!
And she dreaded it!
She had only one recourse--she grabbed Billy's dangling hand with both of hers!
Billy sighed, let his arm go dead-weight on the girl's shoulder. There was always his other hand. Billy cleared his throat and shifted his weight around, settling his body tightly against the girl's beside him, then placed his free hand on Julie's thigh.
Julie sighed, then bent her head to Billy's shoulder. She kept her legs pressed tightly together. She had no intention of letting him touch her there!
Her breasts were available, but not her cunny!
Not on her first date with the guy.
She felt his fingers trying to slide down between her thighs, pushing at the soft material of her skirt.
"Don't," she whispered.
"Okay," Billy said, removing his hand from her thigh as casually as he'd placed it there.
Julie didn't know whether to be thankful for his co-operation or disappointed by his seeming indifference to her body. His hand hadn't even made a move toward her tits. What was the matter with her? She nestled closer to him, frowning. She let her eyes focus on the huge movie screen outside.
The picture was just coming on.
The noise blared from the hundred speakers around them, but Billy made no move to pull their own speaker into the car.
Julie glanced up at Billy's face.
His eyes were glued to the screen. Julie pursed her lips in annoyance. She pulled his hand downward a little bit, and pressed it lightly against her breast, but he didn't notice. Julie returned her gaze to the movie.
She was getting upset, wondering just what was wrong with her that she couldn't keep Billy's attention, even by letting him touch her breasts, when the title of the flick flashed onto the screen: "SCHOOLGIRLS IN BONDAGE!"
Julie groaned silently, deep in her throat. Maybe Donna was right about this guy! She should have listened. Billy's eyes grew wide as the first part of the film began. Julie shook her head a bit, but decided her best course of action would be to watch the picture carefully and pick up some pointers on what exactly Billy liked.
After all, it was just tying girls up ...
Wasn't it?
The pre-teen watched as the young actress on the screen walked slowly down the sidewalk, followed by a black van truck full of ugly men. They were pointing and joking about her sexy body, telling each other the vile things they would do to the girl if they got her alone.
The girl in the movie was wearing one of the shortest skirts Julie had ever seen With every step, the cheeks of her ass peeped out from under the hem.
Billy was breathing funny.
Julie pressed his palm fully against her small mound of breast, then let her own hands slip down to her lap. She was trying to take his attention away from the events on the screen. His hand rested over her titty, but didn't move, didn't massage.
Suddenly, the girl in the movie was screaming wildly as the four men cut her off with the truck, leaped out and yanked her into the back of the van, and began binding her arms behind her back and stuffing a gag into her mouth.
Billy was almost gasping!
His fingers began subconsciously clutching and clawing Julie's breast. The pressure was more than the pre-teen wanted, and his fingers could really dig in hard, but at least he was doing it to her.
Julie desperately wanted Billy's full and complete attention, not his half-conscious molesting while he watched some young beautiful actress being tied up and--oh my!--stripped! The four men were ripping the girl's blouse open, cutting her bra away from her shoulders with an ugly-looking knife, baring her huge breasts!
And Billy was clawing at the buttons on the front of Julie's tight blouse!
"No!" she commanded him. Julie was pissed! She straightened up sharply, jerked her body away from Billy's, curled up tightly in the corner of the car seat, wrapping her arms around her legs and hugging herself hard.
"Hey! You crazy or something?"
"What the hell you pouting about? You're the one who put my hand on your tit, not me!"
"Oh, shut up!"
"Hey, you little creep! What the hell are you pulling?"
Julie glared at him for a moment, then jerked her head at the screen. "Watch your damned movie, creep!"
"Shit, Julie. What's the matter?" Billy's voice grew more gentle as his attention was drawn away from the action on the screen. He seemed to be really concerned about Julie. She relaxed a bit.
"I ... I don't know, Billy," Julie remained curled protectively in her corner. She was about to cry, partly from disgust and partly from frustration.
"Hey, Julie. It's okay," Billy said, trying to soothe the girl. He slipped closer to her, encircled her small body with both arms and drew her tightly against him, stroking her soft long hair very tenderly and massaging her upper back.
Julie let her hand slip over to Billy's thighs but she brushed against ... what? Something huge and hard in his pants! His ... cock! His COCK! Julie gulped hard His cock!!
Billy quickly shot his hand down to cover hers, to capture her delicate little hand there and press it down hard over his huge dick.
Julie tried to pull her hand away.
"No, do it. Come on, Julie. Do it." Billy slowly relaxed the pressure on the little girl's hand. Julie left her hand where it was, cupping the bulge in Billy's tight pants.
It was a totally new experience for Julie, and one she hadn't been fully prepared for. She had assumed that Billy would try something with her, and she was ready to let him play with her breasts, but she had never dreamed he would want her to play with him!
Her blood pounded madly in her veins. Her mouth and lips were dry, but her body was sweating. She felt so hot.
She gave the bulge a hesitant squeeze.
"Ouch!" Billy cried. He grabbed her hand away. "Bitch!" he shouted at her.
Julie cringed. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you, Billy."
"Well, damn it all, you better learn how to do this the right way, Julie."
Julie nodded. Billy slid back over to the center of the seat, spread his knees wide apart.
"Well, come here."
Julie moved out of her corner, but the baffled look on her sweet face told Billy that he'd have to direct her. It was a nice thought for him. He liked controlling girls. And he could sense that this one liked being controlled!
"Unzip my pants."
Julie frowned at him, but reached out a trembling hand and touched the zipper on Billy's pants.
"It's easy, Julie ... just pull it down."
She struggled with the zipper with one hand for a moment, then had to use both hands. But she got the thing down. She could see the whiteness of Bill's underpants through the gaping opening in his pants.
"Huh?" Julie said.
"Take me out."
"Take you out?" Julie whispered.
Billy shook his head and snorted a brief laugh. Boy, was this one stupid!
"Yeah! Take out my prick!"
"Oh," Julie said very quietly. She stared at the whiteness inside Billy's pants. Then, very slowly, she reached down and opened the gap farther, slipping her one hand inside and fumbling around with the material of his underpants until she remembered what a boy's underpants looked like, recalled the slit in front ...
She touched his skin!
"Oh!" she said, startled by the feel of Billy's hot, firm dick. Julie had seen a hard cock only once before. She had only seen her brother's cock a few times, mostly by accident--though over the past few months she suspected he'd given her a few not-so-accidental shots--and it had always been soft and dangling.
Billy's prick was rigid under the girl's fingers. He moaned as she touched it, fumbling it out through the slit in the underwear and exposing it to the warming air in the car.
My God! Julie gasped in her mind. What an incredible sight! The little girl held for the first time in her life the instrument of all her longing. She recognized it instantly. This was it!
"Wow!" she whispered loudly.
"Nice, huh?" Billy said, pleased with Julie's response to the size of his cock.
He was well hung, that was for sure! And he knew how to use the thing. He'd had six virgins, and he was only fourteen himself! He eyed little Julie's pretty face and puffy blouse front with a critical pleasure. He nodded, then let his head fall back against the seat as Julie began toying with the rod of hot flesh in her delicate hands.
"Do it, baby!" he said.
Julie looked at his face, but his eyes were closed. She was afraid of hurting him again, but something deep inside her told her she'd do all right. She returned her full attention to the prick throbbing in her hands. It was wonderful. So huge and hot, so fat and moist and smooth.
She was stunned to find herself getting into a position from which she could kiss it!
She looked it over closely, inspecting it thoroughly, moaning low to herself as she turned it this way and that in her hands, treating the living thing with the utmost respect.
Her hand seemed to wrap itself automatically around the thick shaft and begin to stroke gently up and down.
"Oh, yeah! Good! Come on, Julie! Do it all the way! Jack me off, baby!"
Jack me off? It was an expression the little girl had never heard before. Still, she understood what the boy wanted her to do for him. She increased her grip pressure and began moving her hand faster up and down along the shaft of Billy's huge prick. He moaned and groaned as his pleasure built steadily toward a magnificent climax. He was young and had not learned to control the rapidity of his coming. It didn't take long!
But Julie was an untutored expert at jacking him off! She released his cock and began playing with the sac of nuts as the base, toying with the skimpy pubic hair, tickling lightly over his soft balls.
Billy reached out blindly and grasped Julie's long blonde hair, dragging her face downward into the crotch of his pants, bumping her cheek against the tip of his cock.
At first, Julie started to protest, to pull away, but suddenly she let it happen, caught her breath as she felt the firmness of the prick against the softness of her unblemished cheek. Billy began thrusting his cock against Julie's face. The pretty pre-teen wet her lips and found herself sticking her tongue out to taste the side of Billy's cockshaft!
It tasted sweet and salty at the same time! Julie began slobbering all over the thing, wetting the hair at the base of Billy's cock, bobbing her beautiful face up and down along the side of the rod, and finally, without even thinking about what she was doing anymore, slipping her face up far enough to take the whole head of the dick into her hot, wet, virgin mouth!
She was sucking on the cock and bobbing wildly, her long hair falling down around the sides of her face, sucking and pulling at the cock head like a pro before she realized what was happening!
I'm sucking cock!
Her body was drenched with sweat inside the hot car, her face rushing madly up and down on the shaft in her mouth, Billy's fists clutched hard and deep into her long hair, and suddenly he shot his hips high, forcing his cock deep into Julie's tight throat, and shot his wad down her throat!
Julie gulped and gasped, struggling to free her face from the huge cylinder spouting thick come into her mouth, gasping for air!
She gagged on the thick gouts of hot, fresh come, but swallowed hard and fast to keep the stuff from spilling out of her mouth and onto her lovely dress!
And it tasted terrific! Julie had learned that she loved the taste of come!
Billy suddenly fell back onto the seat, his cock pulling out of the little girl's tight hot mouth with a loud pop!
"Oh, God!" Billy said, sucking in a deep breath of air.
Julie sat up on the seat, on her knees. She was very pleased with herself. She sat up, smiling at her boyfriend and wiping the last traces of his come from her full lips with her sharp little tongue.
Billy was exhausted. He looked at her and shook his head. "Baby, you are something else!"
Julie grinned. "Thanks!"
Julie watched as Billy's cock shrank back down to a normal size, lying flaccid on his pants.
"Better put it back inside, baby!" he said. Julie eagerly obeyed him, very carefully fitting the soft little thing back inside the underpants, then carefully zipping the pants shut.
"Man, that was great!"
"I'm so glad you liked me!" Julie said, extremely proud of herself.

Chapter 3
Billy's head rolled aside and his eyes caught sight of the picture on the big screen again. He sighed deeply in pleasure, his hand reaching out to pat Julie's thigh under her skirt. Julie accepted his pat, like a well-loved dog might accept a pat on the head from its master. She sat staring at Billy's face while he watched the movie.
She noted his full attention to the action up there, his total absorption with the events of the movie. Slowly, she let her own attention drift to the screen, and began taking mental notes, glancing now and then toward Billy when she heard him moan or gasp at something that had just happened in the film. It was a highly enlightening session for the pre-teenager learning what would please her man, as she was beginning to think of Billy.
Only she wasn't certain that she could force herself to let him do to her what the men in the movie were doing to that poor young girl!
Oh, my golly!
SCHOOLGIRLS IN BONDAGE ended with the young girl smiling lustfully into the camera as her face was jerked backward and forward by the motion of the hard assfucking she was getting.
Billy took a deep breath as the screen went dark, and turned his head to look at Julie.
The pre-teen smiled weakly at the boy. Her pretty face was blushing, her whole body felt hot and constricted by her embarrassment at the subject of the film, the bondage and screwing of a young girl like herself!
"Good flick," Billy said.
"I guess so," Julie told him, shrugging a little.
The fourteen-year-old boy reached out casually and began rubbing the back of his hand over Julie's breasts, feeling the silken friction between her blouse and her training bra.
Julie hunched her shoulders, pulling her titties back away from the boy's touch.
"Hey, baby, after that terrific blow job, what's the hassle with a little feel?"
Julie blushed harder and moved again into her corner. She was having second thoughts about what she'd done with Billy's cock, taking it into her mouth and sucking it dry. She was absolutely certain her reputation as a "good" girl had been irrevocably destroyed by her behavior in the back seat of the car. Billy was sure to spread the word about the fine blow job he'd gotten from the little girl, and now it would haunt her for the rest of her life!
Julie felt like crying! What a vile thing she had done!
A few salty tears slipped from her big bright blue eyes and trickled down over her pretty cheeks.
Billy watched her without a word.
He didn't mind watching a pretty girl crying. He felt his prick rising as Julie's tears began to flow more freely down her face, dropping wetly onto the front of her tight white blouse over her little boobie mounds. As her blouse and bra became wet with her tears, Billy could see Julie's dark brown nipples!
Julie let her tears flow for a few more minutes, until she heard all around her the sound of the second movie coming on. Through her hands, she took a peek at Billy. He had turned his attention to the film, ignoring her tears and distress.
Oh, darn it all! she shouted in her mind Why can't you take me in your arms and comfort me, you creep!
But Julie couldn't understand that Billy was no more familiar with how to deal with girls like her than she was with how to deal with boys like him.
Her tears subsided, she wiped her cheeks with the backs of her wrists, then, pouting very obviously and sighing loud and often, she crossed her arms over her chest and settled down in her corner, determined to watch the movie and totally ignore Billy, no matter what!
If he could treat her like this, she could treat him even worse! She could ... well, she could ... she didn't know what she could do to get even with him, but she began to think hard about the problem.
If Billy told stories about her behavior here, then she could tell stories about him!
Yes! She could tell the girls that Billy was off his cookies, that he wanted her to suck his cock--and here she could make such a face of distaste and horror that the girls would simply have to believe her!--but of course, she refused! And yes, Norma had told the truth, she would tell them. Billy wanted to tie her up and feel her up and make her do all sorts of Disgusting Vile Naughty Filthy Sexy things! But of course, she refused!
But as these thoughts began to take on clearer and clearer form, as her mind began to bring into focus the sharper details of what she could say, she found her nipples growing firm and hard and begin to tingle with such lovely pleasure!
And her little cunny began to leak such a sweet perfume!
She sighed loudly and glanced at Billy, hoping he was watching the sexy shifting of her long legs.
But he was staring wide-eyed at the film. On the screen, an incredibly beautiful young girl was hanging from the overhead beam in a dungeon, stripped to the waist, her lovely large knockers bouncing wildly with each hard blow of the torturer's thick whip!
And Billy was eating it up!
Little Julie could see the bulge throbbing in his pants!
Why wasn't he holding her? Why wasn't he trying to touch her tits or feel up under her skirt or even just kiss her? What the fuck was wrong with her!
She had never said that terrible word before!
But now, she whispered it again, very quietly to herself.
She lifted her right hand up and let her fingers stroke ever so lightly over the swollen little nubbin of her nipple! It sent electric shocks of pure sex ripping through her breast! Pure fucking sex! FUCKING! Come on, you stupid creep! Why the fuck don't you try to fuck my cunthole?
Julie tightened her thighs as hard as she could to feel the sweet sensations coursing into her clit, sensations that were compounded by the stroking and pulling and pinching of her fingers at her own tiny sensitive nipple!
She moaned, very quietly. Her long hair slipped back and forth over her shoulders as the little girl let her head roll from side to side, closed her eyes and brought her other hand up to her left breast and began massaging hard, clutching and cupping and mashing her small mounds hard in a rising frenzy of girlish innocent lust!
As her head turned in its rolling toward Billy, she blinked her eyes open very briefly, just to see if he was watching her yet, and was pleased to see that he was!
She parted her full lips a tiny bit and slipped her tongue out to wet them, keeping her sweet face turned toward Billy.
He was drooling!
It suddenly struck Julie that what she was doing here in the car, for herself and for Billy, was exactly what Jerry wanted to watch her do for him!
And the thought of having Jerry watch her caress her own little boobies--maybe even her bare boobies! brought the little pre-teen to even greater heights of personal pleasure, pleasure that found its focus in both of her burning nipples and her tight seeping clit!
"Go, baby!" Billy whispered harshly. The violent action up on the screen had been completely forgotten by both young people.
"Oh, Billy!" Julie gasped. "This feels so good!"
"Let me!" he said, leaning toward her, reaching out for her breasts with both hands curled like claws!
"No!" she shouted at him. "You just sit there and watch!"
Billy was shaking with desire for this beautiful morsel of masturbating girlhood, but he forced himself to stay back, to only watch.
Julie was extremely pleased that she had taken the boy's attention away from the vicious whipping on the screen. Such painful torture really upset her and she didn't want that to ever happen to her!
She wanted this to happen to her!
Her own hands teasing her own nipples! And Billy, forcing her hands away, taking her tits in his hands and mashing and crushing them into mounds of aching lust!
But Billy was simply watching!
Damn you! Julie cried in her mind. Damn you, Billy! Take me! Make me! Force me!
The word, shouted madly in her brain and echoing loudly through the almost thoughtless haze of her rising sexual pleasure in her own breast massaging, startled the little girl, made her shudder at her own boldness, her blatant tease!
Her breathing was ragged.
Her heart was pounding with excitement!
Her nipples ached to be bared to the clawing scratching relief of the young boy's fingers!
And her tight virgin cunthole was steaming, dripping wet!
Julie felt the moisture seeping down along the bare skin of her thighs above the tops of the stockings, wetting her flesh with sweat and girlish lubrication, sweet smelling and slippery and wonderful!
She moaned, threw her head back against the seat and clutched her titties hard, finding her hard little nipple nubbins through the material of her silken bra and pulling them away from the softer plumpness of her small boobies and rolling them, pulling them, pinching them between her thumbs and forefingers.
"Ohhhhhhhh ..."
Billy was gulping hard and literally drooling on himself with lust to feel his little girlfriend's titties, to see those sweet mounds bared, to suck them into his mouth and bite them and tongue them and tease them ...!
But look! What the fuck was the kid doing now?
Julie was slipping her left hand slowly down the front of her tiny tight body, down over her taut tummy to the soft material of her skirt, downward over her firm thigh to the hem of the skirt, and under!
Under the hem of her skirt and rising, lifting the material as her hand moved higher up her thigh over the stocking to touch the hook and the strap of the garterbelt, to feel her own hot skin between the top of the stocking and the leghole of her pretty panties, to trace sweet patterns in the warm stickiness of her own juices that were spilling out of her virgin cunny, dripping and streaming and trickling down between her bare thighs!
She felt herself! She let her knees fall open, and pressed her hand upward against the front of her wet panties!
Her panties were soaked!
"Oh, God!" Julie moaned as her fingers touched the slick wet material over the entrance to her sex channel, touched and teased those two sweet puffy lips of her hairless box!
Julie spread her knees wide open, as far as they would open in the confined space in the back seat of the car, and pressed hard into herself!
Her juices squirted out of her cunt!
Her hand played and tickled at her clit, one finger pushing hard into the spongy softness of her tube, trying to force its way fully inside, but stopped by the net of panties covering her mound.
She shut her eyes tightly and gritted her teeth.
She felt her hips twitching, her spine and back tightening hard, her nipples swell to huge size, to the bursting point!
She was going to come! The little girl was bringing herself off!
She moaned! She gasped and twitched on the seat, flipping her skirt high on her thighs with her wrist as her fingers worked frantically to play her little piping clit to climax!
As the little girl worked herself up, she forgot entirely that she wasn't alone!
But Billy was right there!
He couldn't stop himself! He suddenly reached out and grabbed Julie's hand, yanked it out from under her skirt!
Julie screamed, "NOOOO ...!" and she fought like a little hellcat to get her hand back to her trembling clit! She jerked and twisted her wrist out of Billy's tight grip and rammed her hand back under her skirt, her fingers jabbing and rubbing wildly at her cunnylips to get them open enough to feel her clit again!
And Billy was pulling her hand away again!
But Billy wanted that job for himself!
"Julie! Let me do it for you! Let me do it!"
"No! You don't know how!"
"Yes, I do! Let me show you!"
"Get away! I'm almost there! Oh! OH! It feels so fucking great!"
Her thighs were jumping wildly, her hips bouncing off the seat, the hem of her skirt flying up over her tummy, exposing her bare thighs and soaked panties!
Her legs were splayed widely open!
Her fingers were shoved deep into herself, probing the tight hole and pushing the panties inside her body!
Billy took a deep breath, grabbed the girl's shuddering thigh with one hand and her twisting, turning wrist with his other hand. He pulled her hand away.
Julie shuddered all over and opened her eyes wide in anger and frustration and glared at the boy. Her breathing was coming in terrible hard little gasps, her fully lips were pale and dry, her mouth wide open to reveal a straight line of beautiful white teeth.
Billy crushed his full weight down onto her, pushing her back onto the seat into an awkward position from which she couldn't possibly defend herself!
"No! Let me up! Don't touch me, you bastard!" the little girl shouted, struggling violently against the boy's probing, harsh, rough hand between her legs!
"Shut up! You fucking tease! Shut your fucking mouth and let it happen!" Billy shouted right back at her.
Julie gasped as she felt his fingers pulling at the panties that covered her twitching creaming twat!
"Damn you!" she screamed. But her hands clawed their way out from under her body and up over the boy's back to find his hair, and instead of forcing him away from her body, her fingers locked together in his hair and yanked his face down to her breasts.
Billy didn't hesitate for a second, but opened his mouth and took Julie's little breast fully into his mouth and bit down, chewing at the little girl's swollen nipple right through her tight white blouse and her silken cupped training bra!
"Ahhhhhh ...!" Julie groaned with pleasure as Billy slid his index finger past the leghole of her panties and into her sticky hole, jabbing hard and painfully against her clit, then beginning to massage the soft nub more gently!
"Oh, yesssss ..." she sighed quietly letting her hips take up the same motion as the sweet loving fingers on her pussy, rotating and rocking in time to Billy's firm, knowing touch!
"How did you know?" the girl whispered.
Billy didn't hear her. He was lost in his sucking at her blouse and bra and breast. The material was soaked with his hot saliva as he chewed and gnawed and ate at her boobie right through her clothing!
And his hand moved of its own accord, leading the way into pure bliss as Julie, eager and innocent and willing, followed!
"Do it! OH! OHHHHHHH! YESSSSSS!" the little girl's voice squealed loudly, her head thrown back as her slim hips lifted high off the seat, trembling and shaking, her legs taut and fighting to straighten out and lock her body into the arched position of love!
And Billy fought her back, losing his hand on her pussy, fighting to regain the inside of her panties, bobbing his head all over the front of her blouse to grab her other titty into his mouth, bouncing as she bounced beneath him!
"Damn it, girl! Stop fighting me!"
Julie clenched her jaws, her breathing coming in hard and painful little gulps and gasps as she tightened her whole body, trying so hard for her first boy-made climax!
"I'm not fighting ... not ... fighting you!" she forced out.
Her body had a will of its own, and it was struggling to get her into the right position!
She released her grip on Billy's head and raised her arms over her head, pressing hard against the side of the car to bring even more pressure to bear on her lust-swollen pussy lips, trying to force Billy's working fingers deep into her love channel!
Her blouse was pulled out of her skirt waist, and this exposed her bare belly. Immediately, Billy found this wide expanse of virgin tummy flesh and ducked his lips down to kiss and suck at the twelve-year-old navel!
It tickled!
"No!" Julie shrieked at him.
But boys will be boys, and Billy was no exception. He wanted her belly button and he would have it. His caressing hand shifted to the wrong position on her twat as he directed his conscious attention to the girl's sweet tasting tummy!
He sucked and slobbered all over her skin, then licked her salty sweat and his own saliva. Shoved his long tongue deep into her belly hole and tickled and tasted and teased her belly until she was groaning and pushing at his head, struggling under his heavy weight to get his hand back to her clit, and moaning and her twisting and grunting pounding at his back with two little feeble fists!
"Make me come! Damn you! MAKE ME COME!"
Julie was in tears now, her eyes flooding her cheeks with hot salt water as she shook her head from side to side in the most terrible burning itching frustration of her entire twelve year old life!
Julie was hysterical!
She wanted it so bad!
"FUCK ME!" she screamed at the top of her lungs!
She was bawling loudly, weeping and wailing her lust and virgin desire to be rammed deep and hard with a big prick!
She bounced and jerked her body all over the back seat of the car, crying and begging for cock, her arms high over her head ... until she suddenly realized that Billy wasn't on top of her anymore!
Her body tightened, frozen utterly still. Slowly, she opened her eyes.
"Billy?" she whispered hoarsely.
"Huh?" Billy said casually. He was sitting calmly on the far side of the seat, pretending to watch the picture outside.
Julie struggled up into a sitting position, pushing her skirt back down over her bare thighs, and beginning to tuck her blouse back into the waist of her tight skirt.
"I said, huh? What the fuck do you want?"
Julie was stunned, baffled, hurt, and terribly frustrated. She didn't begin to understand what was happening between them.
"What ... what's the ... matter? Did I do something ... wrong?" she asked, in a very quiet little voice, full of hurt.
Billy only nodded, keeping his eyes on the girl on the screen. She was being gagged with something shaped like Billy's dick! Julie glanced at the picture, frowned, looked back at the boy across from her. She sighed deeply, lowered her pretty, tear-stained face to the back of the seat and began crying.
Her sobs were very quiet.
She heard the car door open and shut. She looked up quickly. Billy stuck his head back inside for a second.
"Want some popcorn?" he asked her. She shook her head.
"Okay," he said, turning away from her. But before he left for the refreshment stand, he looked back at her, considered for a moment, then told her, "When I come back, you better be naked!"
He stood with his head shoved inside the car window, glaring at the little girl hard.
Julie lowered her eyes.
"All right," she whispered.

Chapter 4
Poor little twelve year old Julie Miller sat alone in the back seat of her brother's car, in the back row of the drive-in theater. She was whimpering to herself, trying to figure out what she had done wrong. It didn't make the slightest sense to the pre-teen girl.
She was begging for his cock, she was open for him, she was ready--and then he simply left!
What on earth could she have possibly done ... wrong?
Julie shook her head, and sighed.
Her young body still throbbed and shook from her near-climax, still longed and lusted for the filling prick inside her virgin twat. She wanted to feel Billy inside her, wanted his wonderful hard huge cock rubbing up inside her love channel, making her come!
She was feeling very sexy!
Oh, damn! What have I done wrong? the little girl whined to herself, shook her head again, flicking her long hair over her pretty face. She let the thin curtain of blonde hair falling over her eyes, and peered through that lovely veil at the movie out the car window.
The girl was being forced to squat down on something sharp. The picture was a tight close-up of her wincing, agonized, but very beautiful face.
Julie winced with her, suddenly feeling again the terrible sharpness of the sawhorse against her cunny--that day two years ago, when she had just turned ten years old, when Frank and Sam ...
"Bang! Bang! You're dead!"
"I am not! You missed!"
Running and dodging wildly through the trees, Julie outraced the nearest boy and ducked quickly into a tiny grove of bushes that hid her from his sight.
He passed nearby, calling, "Hey, Julie! Where are you? Aw, come on! That ain't fair!"
He was joined by Frank, who stood waving his cap pistol menacingly at waist height. Julie liked Frank a lot. He moved next to Sam and called out, "Come on, Julie! The Indians gotta tie you up so the cowboys can save you!" And since that statement seemed entirely logical to Julie's ten-year-old mind, she simply stood up and waited.
Sam caught sight of her first.
"Okay, paleface! Hands up!"
Julie, who didn't think it was slightly strange that the Indians would have pistols and be wearing cowboy outfits, slowly raised her slender arms straight upward over her head, then stepped timidly out from the center of the bushes.
She was wearing a very short yellow skirt with cowgirl tassels around the hem. Her blouse was red and fitted very tightly over her unformed little chest, clearly outlining her two sweet little nipple nubbins, those small pre-pubescent swellings of dark brown that showed so invitingly through most of her thin blouses. She didn't wear a bra yet, but her mommy had promised her that very soon they would go shopping for her first training bra!
"March!" Frank commanded her, jabbing the barrel of his gun hard into the little girl's back.
"Ouch! Not so hard!" Julie protested.
She marched in the direction Frank had shoved her. As the children neared the huge, weather-beaten double doors at the back of the barn, Julie began to wonder what was going on. Usually, they just wrapped some long clothesline around her waist, pulling her tiny body back against the nearest tree.
She turned and started to ask Frank why he was taking her into the barn. Her daddy had warned her a lot of times about going into this place. It was dark and dangerous, and sometimes people used it for doing awful things! She knew a lot of terrible stories about this dark old barn, and even if none of them were true, the building was very old and unsafe. It could fall down any time at all.
But Frank gave her a stern look that told her not to argue with him, and she was a very good little girl, and she did like Frank so that she turned back to the door and kept her fears to herself.
She trusted Frank completely.
After all, wasn't he the cowboy who saved her most often?
She started to lower her arms because they were hurting from being held so high for so long, but Frank jabbed the small of the pre-teen's back with his gun again, pushing her ahead of him through the doors and into the dusty smelling interior of the scary barn.
"Find something we can tie this cowgirl to, Sam!"
Both boys looked all around, but it was hard to see the objects in the barn until after their eyes got used to the dim light. It was Julie herself who first spotted the sawhorse over in the corner.
"How about that thing?" she asked quietly, lowering one arm long enough to point at it, then raising the arm high again.
"Huh?" Sam said, but Frank was already pushing Julie toward it, and Sam followed, fiddling with the trigger on his pistol, which was threatening to fall off.
"Okay, you!" Frank growled, once again poking Julie's sore back with the barrel of the gun. "Pull that thing out away from the wall so we can tie you up to it!"
"Yes, sir," Julie said calmly, taking hold of one end of the huge wooden sawhorse and trying to pull it around.
"Help her, Sam!"
Sam grunted, started to re-holster his gun, but lost the trigger somewhere in the litter of straw on the wooden floor. He said something nasty and shoved the gun into the leather holster, then grabbed the other end of the horse and easily swung it around so it stood several feet out away from the wall.
"Good," Frank said, obviously satisfied. He was walking over toward a pile of rolled baling twine. Sam dashed over beside his buddy, eager to be of help.
Both boys had to climb up onto a low platform made out of standard cement blocks to reach the twine, and it was then that Frank developed his plan to its fullest. He eyed the rope, the heavy cement blocks, the sawhorse and Julie!
He nodded to himself in the cool darkness of the barn, and smiled a smile that was not that of a little boy!
Julie stood quietly, submissively, while Frank came back over to her, carrying a long length of baling twine.
"Okay!" Frank shouted directly into her lovely face. Julie cringed perfectly. "Turn around!"
Julie turned as ordered.
"Put your hands behind your back and cross your wrists!"
Frank was shouting into her ear, and that hurt!
But Julie dutifully obeyed his orders, and instantly felt the roughness of the twine as Frank somewhat over-eagerly wrapped it around her thin wrists, pulling it so tight it cut deeply into her unblemished skin.
"That's too tight, Frank!" she whimpered in protest.
"Shut your mouth, paleface!"
"Okay," the ten-year-old cowgirl whined, sniffing a little and twisting at the rope with her wrists to ease the slightly painful tightness. But it didn't work.
"Now, get up on that horse!"
Julie tried. She walked around the huge thing several times, trying to find some way up by herself, but she couldn't do it, though she lifted her long leg a couple of times to try it.
The sawhorse was gigantic. It had flat wooden sides that extended halfway to the floor, making a huge inverted vee with the point at the top, level with Julie's chest. The angle of the point was very sharp, and the top edge of the point had been made rough and full of splinters from long years of misuse. There was absolutely no way for the little girl to climb aboard the thing with her hands tied behind her back.
Frank and Sam each took one of her arms and lifted her small lightweight body up and over the end of the horse, then set her down, one long leg on either side, her inner legs resting down along the wooden sides.
"Oh!" she gasped as they released her full weight onto the point of the horse!
The sharp wood dug directly into the pretty little girl's taut little cunny, making her moan with the strange sensation.
"Oh! I don't think I want to do this!" the child gasped down to the watching cowboys.
The whole of her slight weight was resting on the point of the sawhorse, and was being borne by her tender virgin countless! She felt like she was going to be sliced in half! And yet it wasn't pain. It was ... well, it was ... hummmmmm?
Julie cocked her head to her shoulder and consciously felt her weight on her cunny. She shifted a little and winced. "Ouch!"
But she didn't ask to be taken down. Her legs were held wide apart by the slant of the boards on the sides of the horse, and this gave the point plenty of room in her crotch to move around, from slicing directly into her body between her two puffy little hairless countless to resting over toward the joining of either leg to her hips. She shifted around on top of the thing, trying to find the most comfortable position. But what she found instead was a truly wonderful pleasure growing down there, down there!
And she found that it was not the most comfortable position that gave her the greatest pleasure in her pussy, but the position that brought the sharpest twinges directly between her lips!
She shifted into that position, wiggling a little to help open up her twat for the sharp wooden plane.
Frank was watching her wiggling with intense interest, and was rubbing the front of his pants in a very funny way when Julie finally stopped moving around and looked down at him. He caught her looking at his massaging hand and quickly stopped, glaring up at her.
"We better blindfold her, Sam!"
Sam nodded. He was getting pretty bored with this cowboy stuff. He wanted to play hide-and-seek. He was the best player in the town and was proud of his record as the only one who never got caught. It never entered his mind that the other children might not be seeking him any too hard! But he was Frank's buddy and sidekick, and did what he was told.
"Blindfold her with what, Frank?" he asked, scratching his rear end.
"Let's use her sock! Help me take off her shoes and socks!"
Frank worked one of the pretty girl's feet while Sam worked the other. He unbuckled her black patent leather shoe and slipped it off her foot. Then he rolled her white knee sock down and off her foot. Julie had delicate little feet with cute toes. Frank gave the bottom of her bare foot a quick tickle and grinned as her foot jerked spasmodically away from his touch.
"Climb up there behind her, Sam!"
Sam took the sock from his buddy and climbed up on the sawhorse, trying to balance himself so that he didn't have to sit splayed open like Julie was. He didn't want his nuts busted!
"Blindfold her with one of the socks, and make sure it stays in place! Make it tight!"
Sam got up close behind Julie and placed the sock over her eyes. He fumbled badly with it behind her neck, trying to make a decent knot in the thick material. Finally, he succeeded.
"Can you see out of that?"
"No," Julie said quietly.
She was busy with the nice warm pressure of pleasure building in her tummy, seeping down into her pussy and coming to a focus in her tiny virgin clit. She felt something oozing out of her pussy lips and wetting her cotton panties!
She barely heard Frank tell Sam to gag her.
"Open your mouth, Julie!" Sam said loudly in her ear.
"Huh? Why?"
"We gotta gag you."
Sam shrugged. "Frank says so," he said.
Julie thought about protesting. She didn't particularly want to have something stuffed into her mouth, but then she didn't particularly care if she did, either. She opened her jaws wide, and felt the dry, thickness of her own sweaty smelly sock being pressed between her immaculate teeth, stuffed deep into her mouth.
She almost gagged. She shook her head to indicate to Sam he had put it in deep enough. Then she felt the boy wrap a few turns of twine around her face and over the sock in her mouth to keep it held in place. She sighed through her nose. She sat up on the tall sawhorse, her arms bound behind her back, her wrists beginning to ache a little from the tightness of the rope around them, and her own sock stuffed into her mouth for a gag, her other sock wrapped over her eyes, blindfolding her, but she didn't care.
She was concentrating on that strange new thing happening downstairs in her ... Down there ...! in her cunny!
It was marvelous! She shifted her tiny tight butt forward, and almost screamed into her gag! Oh! OH, GOD!
It sent thrills of pure sexual ecstasy bursting through her pussy and driving directly upward through her taut flat tummy into her quick-swelling nipples!
And Frank went wide-eyed as he watched those two little girlish buds bloom outward, puffing out the front of Julie's tight red shirt!
His cock rose hard and high!
Somehow, he had to get rid of Sam!
Julie was doing some pretty strange things up there, and Frank wanted to help her out. He had gotten some ideas from one of his father's magazines a few days ago, and he knew Julie was in love with him, and would let him do anything he wanted to with her, or to her!
Then, he remembered his original plan with the heavy cement blocks!
He motioned for Sam to help him, then went over and began pulling one of the huge blocks off the platform, dragging it toward the sawhorse and Julie.
"We'll need two more," he whispered to his sidekick. To hell with getting rid of Sam. Sam could help, and then he could back up any story that Frank might choose to tell afterwards!
Better keep him here, for self-protection. After all, he didn't have any idea of how the little girl would react to his nifty idea!
From her blindfolded perch atop the sawhorse, Julie heard only whispered conversation between the boys, and gagged as she was, she couldn't ask them what they were saying.
But she wasn't worried.
She had been tied up before. Her arms even felt comfortable when they were bound behind her back. She kind of liked it. Being tied up made her feel kind of secure, and anyway, she was always rescued ... and almost always it was Frank who did the rescuing!
And right now, her only real concern was the incredible feeling between her widespread young thighs!
She moaned into her sock gag.
She felt the boys tying more twine around her bare ankles, pulling the rope tight around her tender flesh. Then there was more fumbling, more tying, but this time it was to something else, something down a bit lower than the little girl's bare feet. Julie figured they must be tying her physically to the base of the horse, but why that would be necessary, she didn't have the faintest idea.
But she heard Sam say clearly, "I don't get it, Frank."
"You will," Frank replied, his breath sounding a bit strained.
He stepped back away from his handiwork to admire it for a moment.
Julie sat on top of the horse, her long slender legs spread apart by the wooden sides and her feet bare. Around each ankle the boys had tied several windings of the tough scratchy twine, and to the other end of those lengths of twine they had tied a cement block.
But the cement blocks each rested precariously on top of a second block.
And if the boys should kick the bottom block out from under the top block, the top block would have absolutely nowhere to go but straight down to the ground!
And poor Julie would be split in half!

Chapter 5
While the beautiful ten year old sat atop her sawhorse, carefully adjusting and readjusting her cunnyhole over the sharp angle of the wood, trying to make the sensations even stronger and better, Frank pulled Sam several paces away and whispered his idea to him.
Sam frowned, not understanding the point of it. But he shrugged his agreement. Frank had always been a little bit rougher than necessary with Julie, anyway, but as far as Sam had ever seen, Julie seemed to tolerate it pretty well. Maybe she even liked being treated like that.
Sam went over to the far side of the sawhorse and waited for Frank's signal.
Frank stood close to Julie's leg, eyeing the pretty pre-teen's well-formed thigh under her tight, short skirt. Sam was out of sight on the other side of the horse, so Frank reached out gently and touched the hem of the little girl's skirt. He lifted the soft yellow material very carefully, hoping Julie wouldn't notice, but in case she did and tried to call out through the gag, Frank began noisily clearing his throat all the while keeping his eyes glued to the pretty bare skin that was being revealed!
Julie either didn't notice the lifting of her skirt or she didn't care, because the only sound that escaped her delicate young throat was a low purring moan of pleasure.
Frank thought perhaps Julie liked having her skirt lifted!
He sucked in his breath as the white cotton underpants came into view under the rising hem of the skirt. He licked his lips.
This was the first time in his life that Frank had ever seen a girl's panties--while she was wearing them!
Julie shifted her weight forward suddenly, startling the boy, and making him drop the skirt back down. Frank watched closely as the little girl kept shifting her weight forward and backward over the pointed top of the horse. This was very strange! What the hell was she doing to herself? careful, If she wasn't she get a damned big splinter right up her ... CUNT!
But the longer Frank watched the girl's movements, the more he saw how much she liked doing it. He saw her head begin to roll loosely around, her pretty face turning toward the ceiling and her long blonde hair falling down her back and hanging loosely and free, swaying with the slow rotating of her slender neck.
The sounds coming from her throat were not sounds of pain, but sounds of real pleasure!
She wasn't groaning, she was ... purring!
And damned if her hip motions didn't remind the boy of that stag film his father kept locked up--not too securely--in his office at home. Motions the girl had done when the man had gotten on top of her and stuck his prick into her cunt!
Was Julie ... fucking?
Was she somehow fucking the sawhorse?
Frank was astonished at the sensuality, the sweet instinctive well-oiled humping of Julie's tight thighs and hips. The quiet sleek way her body thrust forward, but only from her waist to her knees, then slipped backward, running her cunny slit back and forth along that pointed rail of love!
Then, for the first time, Frank noticed the sweet perfume in the air.
He had no idea of what that smell was, but he knew he liked it! Loved it! And wanted to smell it forever!
He watched her thighs, watched so close that if he hadn't shifted his own weight to one side, little Julie's tummy would have touched his nose!
Damn! That smell! It's so strong right here in front of Julie! Could it be ... her?
Frank sniffed as quietly as he could, as close as he could to Julie's slowly undulating pussy.
He threw all caution to the winds and touched the front of Julie's short yellow skirt where it rode the rail of the horse. Sam popped his head up on the other side, giving Frank a look of boredom, but when he saw Frank quickly motion him to keep silent and just watch, Sam shook his head and sighed loudly.
But he watched, his eyes growing wider and wider as Frank carefully lifted up the very front of the girl's skirt, and kept lifting until both boys could duck their heads the slightest bit and look directly under her dress and see her panties!
And what they saw was amazing!
Julie's panties were all wet!
Did she pee herself?
No, that didn't smell like pee under there!
It was some hot perfume!
Even Sam took good notice, sniffing in the pure virgin fragrance and closing his eyes with delight.
Frank held Julie's skirt as high as he could, part of his mind marveling at the lack of protest by the girl, and partially absorbed by the sight of Julie's panties pressing deeply into the pussy groove between her puffy countless!
Both boys stared and stared as the pre-teen rubbed herself wetter and wetter on the wood. Julie was so lost in her own sweet emotions that she never sensed her skirt was raised, exposing her actions to the boys. She had forgotten that the boys were in the barn with her, or even that she was in the barn.
She was lost in a world of her own making, oblivious to everything else in the universe except the deliciously warm pleasure glowing inside her cunny and her pointy swollen nipples!
The fluids from her drooling cunthole thoroughly wet the wood she was sliding herself over, and the small splinters of wood had ripped tiny holes in the crotch of her panties, letting her bare hairless skin ride directly against the wood itself. The splinters got so wet with little girl juice that they didn't dig into her soft flesh.
They only helped provide better friction to her burning cunny lips!
She was moaning and cooing and purring in the throes of her very first little girl orgasm! Feeling the rising tide of feeling spread slowly and warmly through her tummy and cunny and titties until she really thought she would go mad unless something drastic happened--and soon--NOW!
She gasped and shuddered, crouched down and jerked and sniffed in quick little bursts of shallow inhalations and exhalations as she rode her girlish climax on her wooden horse!
She was trying to bounce around on the horse, but the tiedowns to the cement blocks prevented her from rising off the rail, so all she could do to keep the rushing hot pleasurable pumping trembling violent climax coming--coming--COMING, was to jerk her young cunt harder and harder against the wood!
"Uh! Uh! UH!" she grunted, twitching her cunt forward again and again as the flood of come spewed out of her virgin hole and began dribbling down the wooden sides of the sawhorse!
She felt the wetness on her bare thighs as they slipped and slid over the gooey juices on the wood.
It was wonderful!
Finally she hunched forward and breathed in a tremendous amount of air, held it for a long long time, then released it in a long loud sigh through her nose.
Her first come!
Her very first orgasm! And it had been a pure delight! Pure pleasure such as she could not have dreamed in her wildest daydreams!
She wanted to do it again--immediately! And again! Forever! And ever!
Ohhhhhhh ...
"Wow!" Sam said aloud, breaking the strange intense silence of Julie's first climax.
The word startled all three of the youngsters, and it made little Julie sit up straight on the horse. When she did that, she tugged at the hem of her skirt, feeling that it was not where it belonged!
She mumbled fiercely into the sock in her mouth, shaking her head and shifting her hips to pull the skirt back down, but Frank held on tightly, lifting the hem even higher, high enough to reveal the tight waistband of Julie's pretty white panties and a wide expanse of bare little girl tummy. And that sweet, flat tummy was heaving hard with the remains of the pre-teen's lustful little climax, and the beginnings of her distress at having her cunny exposed by her two friends!
The two boys stared at the wonderful sight of Julie's wet panties, her sweaty come smeared thighs, and they sniffed and sighed over the strong fresh odor of the little girl's sexual lubrications and come juices.
Sam just stared and sniffed, but Frank was getting hot for more than looking and smelling ... he wanted the whole thing!
All the way!
Wetting his lips and moving his free hand carefully, hesitating and trembling, he reached up and out toward the waistband of Julie's panties.
He felt the backs of his knuckles brush very lightly against her soft, taut tummy, and Julie sucked her belly in hard, riding her cunny back on the hard wooden rail of the sawhorse, trying desperately to avoid the boy's touch!
"Sam!" Frank commanded harshly. "Get behind her and shove her ass forward!"
Sam nodded and hopped down to the end of the sawhorse. Julie couldn't shift much farther back anyway, because of the tiedowns around her ankles attached to the heavy cement blocks on the floor, but Sam gave her tight butt a hard push and sent her slipping back toward Frank's waiting fingers.
Instantly, Frank hooked his fingers down inside the waist of the panties, drawing the girl's thighs and cunt closer.
Julie cried out into the sock filling her aching mouth. Her ankles hurt like hell from the tightness of the ropes around them and the pulling weight of the blocks. Her wrists were hurting, too, and she was getting scared, afraid of what the boys might do to her defenseless young body.
But it was far too late to worry about getting away!
Frank pulled the front of the child's panties out away from the hot tummy and tried to rip them off her thighs by force, but the material wouldn't give so easily.
Sam wanted to see her pussy, too. He quit shoving on her buns and darted around to Frank's side, his eyes going wide as he stretched his neck to peer down into the steaming dark cavern inside Julie's underwear!
"Man, oh man!" he gulped.
"Hot damn!" Frank agreed. "Get something we can cut these panties off her with!"
When Julie heard this, she started shaking and struggling wildly on top of the sawhorse!
No! NO! she screamed in her mind.
She could hear Sam scrambling all over the straw littered floor, looking anxiously for something sharp that would rip through the panties and let him see her cunny, bare and hairless!
Julie was working madly at the soaked mass of her sock in her mouth, twisting her head and upper body in strange contortions as she shoved her tongue at the thing and chewed her jaws and shook her head wildly to try to free herself of the gag.
She felt a corner of the sock drop down over her chin, wetting her soft skin with her own saliva. But it was a start! She pushed and chewed and tongued the huge wad until she felt it really giving, sliding out and down under the twine that held it, weakly now, in her wide open mouth.
And finally it fell out of her mouth entirely!
But the twine still rested between her teeth. Julie sighed, breathing deeply through her mouth, catching her breath, easing the strain in her aching jaws and tongue.
The sock had fallen into the loose net of her skirt, between her chest and Frank's clutching fist holding the skirt high, almost up to Julie's pretty face.
He was so occupied with her panties he hadn't even felt the weight of the wet sock hitting the skirt.
Julie wished she could see, but at least she could call out for help.
She took in a deep breath, ready to scream and caught her breath, held it. Who could hear her, from inside the barn? No one, that's who. Damn it all!
She felt Frank's fingers trying to pull her panties down lower on her hips, but the position she was in wouldn't allow that.
Sam shouted, "Hey! I found something!"
"Get it over here!"
Julie heard the running feet and then felt Sam's rough breath on her bared thigh. Something was passed to Frank, and suddenly Julie winced, tried to back away, as she felt the cold, rusted wirecutters begin their jagged tearing work on the waistband of her pretty panties.
She moaned.
Her only hope was to try to talk them out of this terrible thing they were doing to her.
"Please," she whispered. "Frank, please don't do this to me."
Sam growled and groaned as he looked up and saw the gag out of the girl's mouth. But the sight of the ropes between her full, wet, sensuous little girl lips made his tiny fat prick rise hard and hurting in his tight cowboy pants.
He stared at her lips as she begged Frank to leave her alone, to help her get down off the sawhorse, to release her.
"Oh, shut up!" Frank ordered her loudly.
He was twisting the wirecutters this way and that, trying to rip the material open so that he could strip it off her pussy. Suddenly the elastic in the waistband gave way, and with a long ripping sound, Frank tore the panties open down her left thigh to the legband.
"Noooo!" Julie cried.
"Sam, get up there and put that damned gag back in her!"
But Sam was too hot to hear the order. All he wanted to do was stuff the girl's sweet mouth with his chubby little dong!
"Sam!" Frank shouted again, this time giving the boy a hard shove. "Gag her! Stuff something into her mouth and shut her up!"
Sam suddenly doubled over at the sound of Frank's words, the thought of shoving something--his cock!--between those puffy lips of hers and filling her mouth and shutting her up!
He doubled over and clutched the front of his pants, jerking and jumping up and down as he filled his underwear with come!
He'd come in his pants!
Creamed his jeans with the thought of fucking Julie's mouth!
"Ohhhhhh ..." the boy groaned, moving backward across the floor as he kept himself bent over, squeezing his dick dry through his pants.
He backed up to the door, then suddenly turned and darted through, ran off home.
"STUPID!" Frank shouted violently after him.
Julie didn't know what had happened, that her sweet mouth had made a boy come in his pants, but her own heart was pounding wildly as she felt Frank's hands return to their work of stripping her cunt bare of her protective panties.
She suddenly thought of a new way to try to get out of this awful situation.
"Frank!" she called down to the boy. "Listen to me! If I'm up here and you're down there, you can't do anything to me! Help me get down off this thing! Put me down on the floor! Then I'll ... I'll help you!"
This made Frank stop and look up at Julie.
"Huh? Help me?"
She nodded. "Yes! What can you do if I'm tied up like this? I could really show you my ... my cunny ... if you untie me and let me down. I'll ... I'll even ... take off ... everything! I'll take off all my clothes and let you ... let you feel me ... anywhere you want to! Don't you want to see my ... breasts, too? I'll take off my shirt! I'll take off my skirt and my panties and lay down on the floor and let you ... do anything you want to ... to me!"
She was talking like crazy, a mile a minute, trying to get him to agree to untie her and get her down from the hard horse. Then she could run like hell out of here!
Frank slowly lowered the front of Julie's skirt and then tossed the wirecutters aside.
"You promise?"
Julie nodded eagerly.
"Yes! I promise!"
"If you try to run away, I'll catch you! Boy, will you regret it!"
Julie wet her lips. "I won't try to run away, Frank! Hey! Don't you think I might like to be touched!"
Frank hadn't considered that possibility, but when Julie said it, he grinned and raised his eyebrows. Wow! All right! And he hopped around behind her and began tearing at the tightly wound twine!

Chapter 6
Julie, still sitting spread-legged on top of the sawhorse in the dimly lit old barn, felt Frank's hot breath on her bare arms as he fumbled the rough tight twine from around her thin wrists.
Finally, she felt the almost sexual release of pressure on her sensitive wrists, and sighed and shuddered with both relief and, strangely, a light fluttering pleasure in her wrists ... and her nipples!
She brought her hands around her body and rubbed her tingling wrists hard, bringing back the circulation. It felt good. She shook her shoulders and hunched her back some, to ease the strain of her upright position.
Then she simply waited for Frank to take the blindfold off her eyes and untie her ankles from the cement blocks. She heard him grunt as he reached up high to the back of her neck and loosened the sock around her eyes. It fell away and Julie squinted hard before slowly opening her eyes. But since the light was not bright in here, she had no difficulty adjusting to the darkness.
Now she sat on the horse, her legs open, her prepubescent pussy lips pressing down with her full weight on the ridge along its top, waiting for Frank to release her legs. She sighed and glanced at the high ceiling of the barn.
Frank wasn't untying her legs.
"Frank?" she said.
"What?" he answered. He was standing in front of her, a few feet away from the sawhorse, just watching her.
"What is it? Aren't you going to let me down?" she whined.
Frank gave her a silly grin, then shook his head very slowly. "Nope," he said.
Julie managed to force a tight smile to her lips and cocked her head coyly to one shoulder, at the same time lifting her hands toward her tiny puffy nipples.
"I though you wanted me to take off my clothes for you."
Frank nodded sharply.
"Yep! Go ahead!"
Julie jerked her head, shocked. "What?"
Oh no!
"No!" the little girl cried. She placed both hands down on the rail of the horse under her body and pushed, trying to lift her body and pull the blocks backward so she could slide off the horse.
"Hey!" Frank shouted at her. "If you pull those blocks off the bottom ones, I think you'll cut yourself right in half!"
Julie bent far over to one side and peered down at the cement block arrangement that held her bound in place atop the wooden instrument.
It was no use!
"Please let me down, Frank! Please! I want to go home!"
Frank got an ugly look on his face. He took a step forward and glared up at the miserable little girl-child.
"Hey, you dope! You weren't gonna let me do nothing, were you! I oughtta ... I ..." Frank sputtered, trying to think of some proper revenge on the girl. "I oughtta just leave you right here, alone!"
And that struck real terror into the little girl's trembling young heart! She was really frightened of being alone in the dark! She even slept with a bright nightlight! Even at the age of ten years old she didn't want to stay alone in the dark, and especially not in this scary old barn!
"NOOO!" she cried out, tears filling her lovely dark blue eyes.
"Oh yeah?" Frank said, very interested in this sharp response to his threat. Maybe he had something here! It was worth a try, anyway!
"Listen, Julie. You said you'd take all your clothes off, if I let you down, right?"
Julie nodded, wiping the slight wetness away from her soft cheeks.
"Okay, I'll let you down ... AFTER YOU STRIP!"
Julie tossed her head and groaned loudly, but her perky little nipples rose hard and stuck out blatantly through the thin red material of her shirt.
"No," she said, finally looking down at her tormentor. "Let me down first ... then I'll ... strip ... uh, take off my clothes.
Frank grinned and shook his head.
"Don't trust you," he said.
"Please?" she whimpered.
He shook his head.
"Well," he said, "if you're just going to sit there with all your clothes on, I guess I might as well be going ..." And he turned towards the doors and started ambling toward them, but very very slowly.
Julie gritted her teeth, sucked in her lower lip and began chewing on it lightly, watching Frank leave her alone. She held her silence until she saw he really meant it, and was about to step through the doors and out into the fading sunlight.
"NO! WAIT I'LL ... I'LL DO WHAT YOU WANT!" she shouted.
Frank stepped through the doors anyway, standing just out of the child's sight. He liked teasing her.
"FRANK!" Julie screamed at the top of her little lungs!
Frank was chuckling, just outside the doors.
The poor, terrified little ten year old screamed and shouted at the very top of her lungs, crying desperately for Frank to return and not leave her alone in the darkness!
Her screaming only made her voice grow sore and hoarse. She began crying, tears falling in twin rivers from her pretty blue eyes and wetting the front of her tight shirt, soaking through and wetting her swollen nipples.
And as she wept and shook, the motion of her trembling shoulders made her nipples rub lightly over the material of her shirt, made the dark brown softness harden into tiny nubbins of super-sensitive lust!
She moaned hoarsely.
"Frank ..." she called weakly.
Her face was lowered, her eyes closed. She was defeated. Her whole body ached. Her cunny, running on the sawhorse rail, was swollen and hot and slippery and wet. The aching in her spine seemed to mingle deeply with the sharp pleasure rising in her throbbing nipples and the softness of her cunny lips ... to make the little girl feel so mellow and sweet and kittenish ... she began to purr and rub her cunny along the wood again ... very slowly ... very very slowly ... and to smell her own wonderful smell ...
"Well?" Frank said from directly in front of her.
Julie jerked hard, startled by the nearness and boldness of the unexpected voice.
"Well?" she whispered to him.
"Your hands are free. I'll free your legs after you've taken off your clothes."
Julie nodded weakly.
"Okay," she said quietly.
"You can get your skirt off over your head. But you'll have to tear your panties off. I got them mostly cut through, so you shouldn't have no real problem with them."
Julie shut her eyes and wet her lips.
"It's getting late, Julie. I'm getting hungry. Aren't you?"
The pre-teen nodded.
"Let's go, then! Strip it off, baby!" Frank said gleefully. His cock was already up, but it got even harder as he watched the pre-teen little blonde begin to take off her tight clothing.
Julie didn't know where to begin. She let her hands fall to her skirt waist, then lifted them to the neck of her shirt, then lowered them again to her waist. There, she slowly undid the buckle around her skirt and let it fall open. She looked down and slipped the button free and ran the zipper down the side.
The skirt was open and loose, but couldn't fall down her legs due to the spread of her thighs. She fumbled with the material for a few seconds, then grasped it firmly and pulled it upward over her trim little body, ducking her lovely face down into the loose folds and pushing it up and over her head, her arms going high. She sat atop the horse like that for a moment, her upper body buried in the mass of her yellow skirt, her arms held high, and her slim lower body exposed to Frank's eager eyes!
The child's tummy was shuddering with trembling breaths, her bare belly exposed almost to the top of her virgin slit where the cotton panties were pulled aside from Frank's long tear.
She looked delightful, delicious!
Frank pulled his cock out of his pants!
What a surprise for the kid!
Julie finally threw the skirt off her upraised arms, clutched the material in one hand, and lowered it down to cover her thighs and tummy. And then she saw Frank's hard boycock sticking straight out of the front of his pants, pointed directly at her wide eyes!
"Oh!" the child gasped.
Frank gave her a big grin and looked down at his own dong.
"Like it, huh!"
Julie stared and stared. It was the first time in her life she had seen a male sex organ, and what a sight! Huge and long and thick, it looked like it had a life all its own! It made her stare, made her eyes lock on it, made her feel very hot and sticky and smooth and wonderful and, WOW!
Frank smiled as he saw Julie lick her lips, her eyes still locked to his prong.
He gave his hips a shove forward in a motion he didn't have to think about at all, a motion Julie understood instinctively. She sucked her breath in hard when she saw Frank repeat the thrust and she moaned and she tossed her skirt onto the floor several feet from the base of the sawhorse.
Her cunny was tingling madly!
Her nipples felt like they were about to burst open!
Continually wetting her lips, sensuously stroking her full lips with the tip of her tongue, and keeping her eyes on the fat dick staring directly into her eyes, little ten-year-old Julie stroked her fingertips up over her bared tummy muscles to the bottom of her tight red shirt, caught the material up in both hands and then slowly began working it upward over her body, baring first her stomach, then the underside of her dark brown swollen nipples, moaning low, cooing and purring to herself all the while she moved.
The shirt moved upward slowly, finally exposing her little nipples! They popped into view suddenly, fully, twin circles of puffy girlish skin, like fingers poking through the sheerest and loveliest of pale brown silk!
Frank's dick throbbed and bounced, boyishly excited over this deliciously naughty display of tender, innocent girlhood.
He reached down and touched it, wrapped his hand fully around the cylinder, and began a slow slow stroking, up and down over the shaft of the thin, while Julie both watched, utterly fascinated and ashamed and trembling with excitement, and still undressing!
The shirt slipped up over her face quickly--she didn't want to lose sight of the fabulous thing!--and she threw it onto her discarded skirt. She sat there, totally naked from the waist up, and from the waist down dressed in her ripped panties--and nothing else!
But Julie's mind was hardly on her own loveliness, her own sweetly innocent utter vulnerability, her own nakedness. She was almost totally absorbed by the sight of Frank's cock and his self-manipulations! She had never seen anything like this, but she knew she wanted to see the whole thing. See it all--To the end!
All the way!
"Frank!" the little pre-teen gulped hard, her voice breaking with the impulsive strong lust she was feeling! She wanted to see her little boyfriend ... NAKED!
"Frank, take your pants down!" begged Julie.
Frank didn't need any further encouragement! He snapped open his pants and shoved them down his legs in one fluid motion, stepping out of them quickly and kicking them aside. He skinned his underpants down just as fast, and stood straight up, proudly displaying his manhood!
He grabbed it again and continued stroking it!
Julie was fighting her underpants, trying to rip the leg elastic band, but it wouldn't cooperate!
"Oh!" she groaned loudly in frustration. It was no longer fear of being left alone that made her fight the material to get it off, to make her little sleek body totally naked for Frank, but her own sweet tension and loving lust to feel the wonderful cunny climax again!
Her body jerked and twisted and cried and bounced sexily as she ripped and clawed at the little cotton underpants hanging loosely, half-torn off her little-girl thighs, around her bound body!
She gritted her teeth and strained hard, one last time, and the material finally gave!
"Ooof!" she wheezed, throwing the panties as far away into the growing darkness as she could.
"I'M NAKED!" she cried, her voice betraying her own high delight! "LET ME DOWN FROM HERE!"
But Frank was busy, his eyes roving madly all over the little girl's bare boobies and tight tummy and naked thighs and sweet sweaty face and her delicate wriggling toes and her flared hips and tiny belly button and heaving chest and her long blonde hair swishing wildly back and forth and all around her face and chest and tight taut virgin body until he felt the leg-trembling shuddering tightness flow right up from his balls and begin spewing out his dickhead!
He stroked and rubbed and watched the spunk burst out and onto Julie's bare ankle!
She looked down at the white dripping fluid on her leg!
"God!" she cried.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Frank moaned, jerking his prong hard to keep the sweet sensation coming and coming and COMING!.
He gave his dick a couple of final pulls, sank down to his bare knees in the straw, exhausted.
"Man!" he gasped.
Julie stared at him, watching his prick go limp in his wet hands.
She felt the gooey spunk dribbling down her ankle and over her foot to slip wetly and warmly between her toes.
Her nipples ached to be fondled, pulled, pinched. She lifted her fingers to her breasts, stroking lightly with her fingertips around and around the darker skin, a trick she had learned from Donna last month!
Frank gave a final shudder, then stood up, looking around for his clothing.
Julie looked at him with love! I love you! she said in her mind. But to Frank himself, she whispered, "I ... I like you."
Frank pulled his underpants up, stuffing his limp prick back inside, then reached down for his pants and stepped into them.
"Yeah," he acknowledged.
"Frank?" Julie asked.
"Yeah?" he said, his voice full of annoyance.
"Do you like me?"
Frank zipped up his pants, and began tucking his shirt in. He eyed the little girl closely for a while. Then he gave her a big wink.
Julie smiled at him. It was a nice smile, very pretty and open. She sat on top of the sawhorse, completely nude, stroking her little breast mounds lightly, feeling the slowly rising heat between her long bound legs, and let her eyes droop half shut in deep pleasure.
She closed her eyes completely and let her feelings flow, massaging her small mounds hard and fast, hoping that she was exciting Frank as much as he had excited her.
She moaned deeply, and threw her head way back, trying to make her titties bigger for him.
"Oh, Frank!" she called.
She opened her eyes and glanced toward him, her lips parting to make him an offer that no one in his right mind could resist ... but he was gone!

Chapter 7
Julie Miller sat all alone in the dark car, re-living once again her night of terror and sexual awakening in that dirty scary old barn.
She let a slight smile play briefly over her lips. Well, maybe not so much terror as sexual awakening!
The action up on the big screen was getting to the little girl. She was letting her mind drift more and more into the fantasy of the film, letting her mind imagine what it would be like to have two people doing ... that?
And ... hey ...! those two people were ... WOMEN!
And what was that thing she was wearing down between her widespread legs? It looked like a gigantic prick!
Julie watched closely, extremely interested in how the artificial cock could be used!
She wondered where she could get one of those! It would be a relatively easy thing to do to talk Donna into putting one on, and using it ... just like that!
Julie knew, deep in her heart, that Donna was the kind of girl who would grow up to dislike men, to prefer having her sex with females. Donna had already made quite a few passes at Julie, and Julie suspected that Donna and Norma had been making it for the past school year!
But that was a nice thought for future reference, anyway. Making love to Donna! She had a trim little body, and Julie had often found herself admiring the fullness of Donna's hard little boobies, prominent already at the age of eleven. It might be very pleasant to kiss her and hold her and ... touch her ... down there!
The girls on the screen sure seemed to be enjoying it!
The victim was being forced to bend way over and take hold of her own ankles. And the other girls were opening up her ass cheeks and aiming the fake prick directly into that dark brown tightly puckered asshole!
The scene went into a tremendously close shot of the tip of the dildo pressing through the tight ring of muscle around the victim's anus! It reminded Julie of Frank's huge hunk of sex meat, and that in turn brought her back to Billy.
Where the fuck was he?
Why had he brought her so close to the edge and then simply walked away, as though he had lost interest? Julie frowned deeply at that strange behavior. It made no sense, especially after that great suck-off she'd given him. Julie would be willing to bet one hellofa lot that no other girl had ever given him such a fine blow job!
She might still be a virgin in her cunny, but her mouth had long ago lost its innocence!
That night in the barn!
That horrible, strange, sexy, wonderful night ...
Julie was all alone in the dark barn. Her voice was little more than a rasping whine after the hour she had spent screaming for someone to come and help her. An hour filled with awful terror, her fear of the dark was so great!
Every small sound made her pounding heart leap, every shadow caused her to cry out and push her upraised palms at it, trying to keep it away from her bound nakedness!
But nothing happened, except that she lost her voice for a while. Beyond a gasping whisper, she could barely make a sound.
"Oh, Frank." she wept to herself, hunched over on the sawhorse until her long hair swept down along both sides and her forehead almost touched the wood. "Why did you leave me alone?"
Suddenly, with a loud creaking crash, the double doors slammed wide open and into the huge emptiness of the barn stumbled two grizzled old drunks!
Giggling and shuffling around near the doors, the two men finally succeeded in getting them closed again. At first they had no idea that less than twenty feet away, against the inside wall, a little girl only ten years old, of lovely figure and sweet face, totally naked, sat helpless!
"What the fuck is that?" the first one said, leaning far forward and raising his hand to his eyebrows, peering hard into the darkness.
"Um ... what? I don't see nothing, Zeke. Where?"
"Over there, Moose. See it?"
The two men staggered slowly toward the child, making slow circles around the strange little thing on the sawhorse, pointing at her and frowning and belching and spitting and poking her with the stick-canes they both carried.
Julie kept silent. She was terrified!
"Is this thing real?"
"I dunno," Moose burped.
Zeke raised his cane and jabbed the girl hard in her tummy.
"Oof! Ouch! Don't hurt me!" Julie gasped weakly.
Zeke jumped backward, almost fell. Moose grabbed his arm.
"It's a girl!"
"It's jus' a itty-bitty kid!" Zeke slobbered.
It took the bums another two minutes to realize the child was tied by her ankles to the cement blocks and that she couldn't get free.
"Got yer knife, Moose?"
"Well, let's cut them there ole blocks off her little leggies and haul her down off that silly thing and fuck her up one side and down the other!"
"Hey! Yeah!"
Moose dug into his deep pockets until he found the rusted knife blade, then, fumbling and cursing drunkenly, he bent over and tried to slice through the twine between Julie's thin ankles and the cement blocks a few inches lower.
"Don't cut me!" Julie whispered loudly, her eyes wide as she watched the drunken weaving of the old man near her naked, unprotected flesh.
"Don't cut her!" Zeke dribbled. He was bent over watching his partner's fumbling.
But the knife blade crumbled in his hands, making not the slightest cut in the rope.
"Just untie me!" Julie said quietly.
"Hey! Jus' untie her!" Zeke said loudly.
"Ah, piss! Maybe I can just untie her!" Moose shouted, brushing the rust and dust from his gnarled palms.
Julie shook her head in astonishment at these two crazy guys. She knew they were helping her off the horse so they could fuck her--she knew what that meant!--but somehow, she wasn't too worried about it!
She sighed as they took turns fingering the tight knots around her ankles. It wasn't working too well. They began to fight each other, calling each other names and pushing each other out of the way.
"I have two feet," Julie said.
"Hey, Moose! She's got two damned feet, you know! Go 'round to the other side and give that one a try!"
"Oh yeah? Well, she's got two fuckin' feet!" Moose shouted, storming as best he could to the other side of the wooden horse and kneeling to work at her other ankle.
"Shit!" Zeke called to his buddy.
"Piss!" Moose shouted.
Zeke and Moose both straightened up at the same moment, one on either side of the sawhorse, and with motions exactly alike, both men casually and thoughtlessly kicked the bottom block out from under the top block, and the top blocks, both at exactly the same instant, fell to the ground!
Or tried to!
But they were tied to Julie's bare ankles, and they dragged downward hard on her long bare legs, yanked her bare, hairless, virgin cunny down hard against the sharp angle of the wooden horse!
The ten-year-old little girl threw her head back wildly and screamed out as loud as she could, her naked little body pulled down hard against the coarse wood.
"Ahhhhhhgggggggg ...!"
But it wasn't a scream of pain!
Her hot box had been slowly building to another climax, with all her rubbing and shifting, and she had grown wet and sticky all the while the two bums had been working at her legs ... and when the weight of the cement blocks yanked her legs downward, her entire body crushed downward on her pussy lips and squeezed hard into her tiny piping clit, bringing the little girl off for a second time in the same evening!
"AHHHHHHHH ...!" she cried out, jerking her cunt in sharp little motions back and forth on the splintery horse edge! She spilled her juices down her thighs and smeared the wood with lubrication from her twat. She slapped her bare thighs hard against the sides of the wood, exactly like she would had she been riding a real horse!
"God!" Moose shouted.
"Go! Look at her gallop!" Zeke laughed.
"OHHHHHHHH ...!" Julie called out, letting her moan slowly fade away as the twitching of her cunny on the wood slowed and finally stopped.
She rested her hands together on the ridge of the horse, bent forward in little girl exhaustion from the throes of heavy coming!
Her cunny just had to be dried out completely after that!
But it was far from dry!
And she smelled so fresh and sexy! "Oh! Uh! Oooo ..." she whimpered, with each little twitch of her clit on the wood.
She tightened her wet thighs against the wood. Wow! The weight of the cement blocks felt so damned great! Dragging at her long legs, they forced her cunthole down on the horse's sharp spine with just the right amount of pressure.
Oh, this is so ... so wonderful!
She had lost all her fear of these two strangers. She just wanted to get down, now, and go home to bed, relax after this wild night of virgin pleasure. She wanted to sleep.
"How we gonna get her down offa that sucker, Zeke?"
"Fucked if I know, buddy."
Julie looked down at them both.
"Go get someone with a knife." she whispered.
"Yeah, okay. I'll go get a knife." Moose said, nodding and starting toward the doors.
"Hey!" Zeke shouted at him. "You can't do that! Somebody else'll get to fuck her then!"
"Right! I wanta fuck her first!"
"We gotta get her down off'n that thing, first."
Julie was surprised to find herself getting bored. These two idiots couldn't even get her down off this dumb sawhorse, so how the hell would they ever figure out how to fuck her? And the thought of getting fucked in her cunt by a real cock was beginning to take on some real interest for the little girl. After all, if she could get off on a hunk of lousy wood, imagine what she could do with a hunk of cock shoved up her cunny hole!
Her nipples itched at the image of Frank's dick spewing that hot white spunk up inside her virgin body!
"GET ME OFF THIS FUCKER!" she suddenly shouted, her voice full and loud and strong! "NOW!"
Zeke and Moose shrieked and jumped away from her.
"SHHHHHHH ..." they whispered together.
Julie almost laughed at them, but suddenly thought better of it. These two were her only way out of here tonight. If they didn't help her, she would have to wait until her daddy got worried and came looking for her.
And knowing her daddy, that could take until next week!
Julie had lived a very strange life. Her mother and father weren't too concerned about her welfare, now that she was ten years old. She had the free run of the entire neighborhood and she had gained something of a bad reputation as a little girl with few morals, since her clothing was always a few sizes too small for her body, and the parts that most often showed were the very parts that other mothers warned their little girls about showing ... her tight ass, peeping from under her short skirts, and her pointy nipples, poking out through her much-too-tight and much-too-thin shirts!
And this clothing problem was due to her mommy's total lack of interest in the child.
Both her parents worked hard, but the money was never saved, going for lots of booze and evenings out barhopping, sometimes together, sometimes apart.
They fought like wildcats, but their marriage was solid. They really loved each other, though they yelled and screamed and stormed out on each other every other weekend.
Fighting was their way of showing their concern and love. It was a weird situation for Julie and her brother, Jerry. They could never determine if their parents would be together the next day. As time passed, Julie found herself turning more and more often to Jerry for her personal problems. Asking his advice on things that she should really have been asking her mommy about.
Finally, she was asking him about sex!
And Jerry, at sixteen when Julie was ten years old, was finding his interest kindled in his kid sister. She was very definitely a little beauty! Her legs were long and strong, like those of a fifteen-year-old cheerleader. And Jerry loved those cheerleader legs of Julie's. He wanted to touch them and wrap his arms around them ... even stick his prick between Julie's tight thighs and jack himself off.
It hadn't occurred to him to really fuck her.
She was, after all, his little sister!
But he did take some liberties with her tiny fresh body, when she would crawl into bed with him, snuggle up to his larger body and meekly ask him to tell her the facts of life!
He would slip his arm around her shoulder and draw her close, letting his other hand rest on her soft, slowly moving tummy as she breathed more and more quietly, slowly falling asleep in her brother's secure arms.
And then, when she was fast asleep, Jerry would slip his hand downward, fitting it under the waistband of Julie's pajama bottoms, and the lower, to cup her bare and utterly hairless pussy with his trembling palm.
He rested his index finger along her warm, soft crease!
And Julie never knew!
So he thought!
But the little girl was much smarter than her bigger brother could ever understand, and much more sophisticated than he could ever be! She crawled into his bed, not to ask about sex, but to experience it!
She had seen his watchful eyes taking in her maturing young body, saw him follow her swaying walk when she returned from taking a shower and had to pass his bedroom door--when she glanced back, he was sticking his head out the door and staring right at her little butt!
Often she let the towel slip away from her body just as she stepped through her own door, or a few seconds before, giving Jerry a look at her entire body.
But what she really wanted to do was to have him see her, full-length from the front. She wanted to see his reaction to her nakedness. And she wanted to see him naked!
Jerry had only begun to let her catch him dressing after she had stormed into his room while he was drying himself after his shower. Her intense interest had been quite obvious to him, and he had not instantly replaced the towel around his waist.
She stared straight at his soft prick!
Her hand brushed the front of her short skirt. It was a movement that Jerry picked up immediately. He smiled at her, winked, then wrapped the towel around himself.
Julie moaned subconsciously when he hid his dick.
More and more often, the two young people found themselves meeting each other half undressed, and both enjoyed it immensely!
Yes, Jerry would rescue her long before her daddy would even know she was gone!

Chapter 8
"Look what I found in the shed!" Moose said, holding up a huge double-bladed ax.
"Okay! Let me have that sucker!"
The ax was passed to Zeke, who wet both hands with some spit then heaved it up onto his shoulder. He bent forward, eyeing the length of rope holding the cement block to the child's ankle, then rather casually dropped the blade off his shoulder, letting it swing downward and around, almost totally by its own weight, and slice neatly through the twine!
The cement block fell with a dull thud to the wooden floor of the barn. But the other block was still tied to the little girl's ankle, and when the weight was suddenly released from her left side, the block hanging from her right leg gave her body a sudden tug, then a hard fast yank, pulling her bodily off the sawhorse!
But in yanking her tiny naked body off the horse, Julie's twat scraped against the wooden ridge sideways!
She fell in a heap beside the sawhorse, moaning and clutching her sore cunny hard with both hands.
She cowered down against the horse as the two men rushed around to her, squatting down next to her.
She thought about leaping up and running for the door, certain she could outrun these two nuts, but then she remembered her right leg was still tied to the cement block.
"Sir?" she whined quietly, trying sympathy. "Would you cut the other rope, please?"
"Sure!" Zeke said, drooling onto the pre-teen's bare shoulder. Julie made a terrible face at the feel of the old man's cold spit dribbling over her chest and running thickly onto her upper nipple slope.
"Yeah! Right after we fuck you, kid!" Moose agreed, nodding and grinning broadly at the pretty captive.
"Are you a virgin?" Zeke asked, reaching out and brushing Julie's long thick hair out of her face, tucking it carefully behind her delicate little earlobe.
The child nodded meekly, blushed a little.
"Hot shit! A virgin!" Moose clapped his hands together in glee.
"Not after I'm through with her!" Zeke said.
"Yeah! Sloppy seconds!" Moose laughed, automatically taking second place to his good buddy.
"I can spread my legs farther apart for you, sir, if I don't have to fight this cement block and this awful rope!" Julie said submissively. She knew instinctively that her only hope for escape lay in convincing these two creeps that she would cooperate to the fullest possible extent ... but only if they released her leg. She had to make them free her ankle!
Moose and Zeke stared at the kid. "You sure you're a virgin, kid?"
Julie smiled at him. "Oh, yes, sir! Please untie my leg! I'll show you a real good time! Both of you!"
"Oh, my God!" Moose moaned.
"Man, oh man!" Zeke gasped.
The two men looked at each other. They frowned, and Julie thought they must be communicating by some sort of mental telepathy, because they came to a decision about her without a word between them.
"You know what a blow job is, little girl?"
Julie thought she did know, but she didn't dare take a chance and make a mistake. So she shook her head, and decided to act as innocent as she could--which wasn't very hard! She was innocent!
"No, sir," she whispered.
Moose grinned at Zeke. Zeke squatted back on his heels and opened up his pants, pulled out his puny little shriveled prick. Julie frowned. Oh-oh! She didn't know what a blow job was!
But she knew she was about to learn!
Zeke laid himself down on his back and sighed loudly. He motioned to the little girl to come closer. Julie could just reach him with her leg stretched out behind her.
"All you do is suck it, baby doll! Suck it until I shoot my wad right down your pretty little throat!"
"Suck ... suck your ... cock, sir?" Julie said.
She didn't want to take that awful withered-looking thing into her mouth!
Moose was crawling up close behind her. She could feel his breath on her bare asscheeks! Oh, no! Don't let this happen to me! I don't want to do this awful thing!
Moose bent forward and began licking the little girl's bare behind!
"Oh!" Julie cried out!
"Blow me, kid!" Zeke commanded.
And that command made Julie shudder with the very first pangs of cunny pleasure. She was used to taking orders and obeying them. It gave her a real sense of security to have some man tell her what to do, no matter what it was! But, she wasn't sure she could obey, this time. The prick was lying limp on the man's pants, waiting for her to take it into her hot mouth and suck it to life!
But behind her Moose was licking closer and closer to the crease between her tight buns, and it was causing the pre-teen quite a bit of distress. Not that it hurt--on the contrary! It felt so damned good that she wanted to pay full attention to what was being done to her ass back there, not waste part of her attention with the man lying before her!
But it had to be done.
With Moose slobbering all over her bare asscheeks, little Julie bent far over, lifting her butt high in the air and making it all the easier for Moose to tongue her anus--and the ten-year-old naked beauty stuck her tongue out and tasted the tip of the dry dick under her lips.
Zeke moaned.
Moose bit her ass!
"Ouch!" Julie whispered against Zeke's prickskin.
"Come on, you virgin girlie! Suck me!"
Zeke reached down over his body and found the little girl's long warm hair, twined his fingers deep into that sweet mass of softness and kept her head pressed firmly against his limp prong of dried-up meat.
She licked the side of the cock, tasting a crust of salt and smelling the strange, strong odor of unwashed prick. She tried to lift her head away and shake it to rid her nose of the harsh stench of Zeke's meat.
Julie twisted her head until she could pull the tip of his cock into her mouth, deciding to get this over with as fast as she could.
Zeke gasped as the child wet the entire length of his cock with her sweet saliva, and began moving her head up and down slightly, working his dick with an instinctive expertise, bringing it to life slowly. Her tongue flicked back and forth rapidly as she dipped her head again to pull the prong deep into her tender throat, sucking it hard like she might suck a particularly juicy hot dog. It tasted strongly of salt and something else she couldn't identify--and wasn't sure she wanted to identify--but all in all it was pretty good!
She shut her eyes tightly and let her mind pretend she was pulling like this at Frank's huge cock!
She began to moan herself, her head bobbing wildly and her lips and chin and bare throat becoming quickly soaked with her drooling saliva.
And she felt Moose sucking tiny bits of her smooth, satiny asscheeks, concentrating on the softer, looser flesh on the underside of each cheek where it became the upper part of the back of her thigh!
It felt so fucking great!
Ohhhhhh ...!
Her ass began to move of its own accord, shifting under Moose's biting, teasing teeth and sucking lips.
Moose was moaning now, too. All three of them were purring and groaning, each one becoming lost in their own private sensations of sex.
Julie was sucking wildly now, her long hair flying all over her head and down around her face and covering her bare arms and falling loosely onto Zeke's pants.
He left himself rising up, harder harder, inside the delicious warmth and wetness of the pre-teen virgin's amazingly talented mouth!
"Go, baby! Suck it! Suck me off!"
The man's whispered words drove Julie crazy! She wanted to taste come! Anybody's come! And right this minute!
She sucked hard, bobbed her face up and down on the rigid pole of burning slippery flesh in her mouth, tonguing the prick like a whore in a hurry!
And her cunny was dripping wet, and Moose was right there to lap it all up, sticking his tongue deep into the crack of Julie's utterly smooth hairless cunny crease, tasting before any other male the little girl's sweet offering of love juice!
Julie groaned in a sexual frenzy!
She felt herself beginning to warm and twitch as the pleasure rose to her clit and flowed slowly upward through her tense tummy toward her swelling nipples.
And in her mouth, Zeke was throbbing like a rod of molten steel! She couldn't believe he was so hard! God! He's like hot lead!
She felt the tightening of Zeke's hips and his thrusting upward, shoving his cock hard and deep into her throat at the same time he grabbed tightly onto her hair and pulled her face downward with all his strength, forcing her to gag on his cock!
The pre-teen gagged and gasped as she tried to breathe, and suddenly her throat was full of hot thick spunk, gouting and flooding out the old man's dickhead! She was drowning in the stuff, gulping hard and fast to keep from dribbling the stuff out of her mouth! She wanted every drop!
She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed, it seemed to be going on forever, coming and coming and COMING IN HER SWEET VIRGIN THROAT!!!
The hot spunk kept flooding her throat and Julie kept sucking it out of the man's hard cock and swallowing it in gasping gulps and suddenly her own sweet ass jerked high and wiggled and whipped around in the cool air spurting and drooling and dripping her own juices as she CAME!
Julie, the cock still in her throat, shoved her hard nipples down to the front of Zeke's rough pants, and began rubbing the sensitive nubbins back and forth over the material, driving herself into a frenzy of wonderful mindless sex, her pussy flooding the slick slippery juices down the backs of her thighs and right into Moose's wide open eager mouth!
She felt his lips and tongue and teeth working her cunny lips open from behind, his lips nuzzling deep between those little-girl pussy lips and seeking out her piping, dripping clit, sucking it between his teeth and biting down and pulling it halfway out of her cunthole!
"OH! AH! AHHHHHHGGGGGG ...!" Julie screamed as she tore her face off Zeke's still pumping prick! His spunk spat out onto her face, the last few spurts hitting her pulsing throbbing throat!
She threw her head far back and howled her pleasure like some night creature! She loved it! She needed it! She wanted it all! ALL!
And Moose was good!
He pulled at the child's hot, sticky clit and shook his head back and forth right down there between her tight asscheeks, wiping his face in her slippery come and sweat!
She tasted like ambrosia!
Moose sucked up her pussy juices like a maniac, drawing the little girl's clit almost entirely into his mouth, forcing it long like a straw and sucking her virgin clit dry of fluid!
And Julie howled and cried and shrieked with lust and shuddered and jerked and twitched her asscheeks wildly with her deep cuntfilling pleasure!
And suddenly, she sighed and fell limply forward, landing on top of Zeke's body.
And Moose got up on his knees, pressed his own hard cock right up tight against the little girl's still raised buns, and gave a little shove against her anus!
"NOOOOO!" she cried out loudly.
"Oh, fuck you!" Moose shouted back, clutching the child's bare thighs and hauling her back hard against his probing dick.
"NO! PLEASE! YOU'LL RIP ME APART! NOOOO!" the little girl kept crying.
She rolled aside, her leg pulled hard by the rope and the weight of the cement block. She sat up quickly before Moose could react to the loss of her anus and crawled to his cock, opened her mouth wide and shoved her face down over his prick. She began sucking hard.
"Oh, yeah!" Moose sighed, content with a blow job from this tender little morsel of girlhood!
Julie sucked and sucked, repeating her act with Zeke for Moose, feeling him rise harder and faster than Zeke had been able to do.
He was ready even before her lips touched him, and he quickly shot his wad down the child's tight throat!
Moose simply fell over backwards and laid still, his dick slowly sinking down to his pants.
Both men lay still, their dicks lying limp on the fronts of their pants.
Julie crawled to the cement block and began trying to untie the rope. Too bad the damned ax was on the other side of the sawhorse. Julie gave up for a moment, rested her face against the side of the huge instrument.
She sniffed. Oh! She had rested her cheek in her own lubrication! She rubbed her cheek in it, smelled it by rubbing her nose against the wood, then stuck her sharply pointed tongue out and tasted it.
Then it struck her to taste her own juices directly from her still seeping pussy lips!
It was then, while both men laid out half unconscious on the straw-littered floor of the barn, and while little Julie was squatting next to the wooden sawhorse, dipping her fingers into her wet cunthole and sucking her fingers clean of her own wonderful come, that those door burst open and a huge figure stood there.
"JERRY!" the pre-teen shouted!
The older boy strode fully into the barn and threw the powerful beam of his flashlight over the scene, then rushed to his naked sister's side, knelt and made quick work of the twine.
"In here!" he shouted back over his shoulder. More men came rushing in. They hauled the two bums up to their feet, the evidence of their limp dicks all that was needed for the rescuers to bundle them both off to the county jail.
Jerry lifted his sister in his arms, and another man placed a warm blanket over her tiny nude body. Jerry carried the small lightweight child home and put her to bed in her own bedroom.
He stayed with the girl until he was certain she would be all right, then went down to his own room. Both parents were sound asleep.
It wasn't more than half an hour. Little Julie crept quietly down the long hallway to Jerry's room. Jerry had been lying wide awake, waiting for her.
"Hi!" he greeted the girl.
Julie just smiled and walked over to his bed. She looked absolutely delightful in her shorty nightgown, and it had a very convenient rip over her left nipple, which clearly showed the whole of that sweet nubbin of darker flesh--and little did Jerry suspect that the rip had been very carefully manufactured by Julie herself!
She stood there, letting her brother inspect her bared titty. Then she held out her delicate hand for him to draw her into his bed.
He did so, carefully cuddling her body beside his.
"Sure you're okay, Sis?"
Julie nodded against his hard body.
"Oh," she whispered.
"That's nice," Jerry said, stroking her long hair down her back and feeling the sleekness of her silken hair moving over the silkiness of her nightgown.
Julie moaned for him.
"Like this?" he asked.
Again, the little girl nodded. She wanted so badly to tell him to strip her nightgown off her little body and lay her out on his bed, command her to open her thighs and let his huge prick inside her cunthole!
But she just sighed deeply, and closed her eyes, letting him stroke and caress her hair.
In a few minutes she pretended to fall into a deep sleep, and let her arms fall limply aside, off her stomach.
Jerry continued to stroke his little sister's beautiful long hair for another few minutes.
Then he shifted his weight, freeing his an and laying the child down on the bed beside him. He rested up on one elbow, looking down at the quietly asleep little girl.
"Julie?" he whispered very quietly. No response. Julie, still feigning sleep, sighed and stretched slightly, slowly spreading her long slim legs wide, WIDE open! Jerry sighed deeply, shook his head a bit and let his mind play with the idea of raping the little kid right here and now, shoving his hard cock up between her thighs and taking her cherry once and for all!
But this was his own sister! He shut his eyes and rolled away from her limp body, got off the bed, then threw the covers up over her. He turned the light out and went down and got into her bed. He slept very badly. Julie was disappointed, but decided to take care of herself. She began caressing her cunny lips. Then she lifted her fingers to her nose and sniffed. Oh! How much nicer than the juices on the sawhorse! So much cleaner, fresher! what a nice smell I have!
Julie dipped up some more wetness from between her thighs and touched her fingertips to her tongue, tasting herself, then sucking her whole finger deep into her mouth and licking it clean of her sweet lubrication.
Oh! How sweet!
She smiled to herself, and turned over onto her side, slipping Jerry's pillow between her thighs and pressing it up firmly against her cunny lips. She squeezed her thighs tightly together a few times, then had a sudden and wonderful inspiration!
She climbed out of her brother's bed, rummaged through his closet until she found one of his belts. She got back under the covers. There, she once again fit the pillow up between her bare thighs, under her nightgown ... and then she wrapped the belt tightly around her thighs, tying the pillow into place against her cunny and clit!
It was quickly soaked with her wetness!
What a nice surprise for Jerry in the morning!
She went to sleep, and had the sexiest dreams of her young life, one after the other, all night long.
When she woke up in the morning, the pillow was loose at her side, the belt slipped down around her knees.
Julie stayed in the bed until Jerry came in quite late in the morning.
She smiled up at her big brother, then reached over for the pillow. She lifted it onto her tummy then raised it high, offering it to Jerry.
He took it, cocked his head and looked at the girl.
"What?" he asked.
Julie grinned.
"It's all wet," she said quietly.
Jerry felt it all over. It was wet! He lifted it to his nose and sniffed.
Julie giggled when she saw his eyes widen and his frown give way to a strange but exciting stare, directly into her own deep, smiling eyes!

Chapter 9
Julie Miller sat all alone in the dark car, re-living once again her night of terror and sexual awakening in that dirty scary old barn.
She let a slight smile play briefly over her lips. Well, maybe not so much terror as sexual awakening!
The action up on the big screen was getting to the little girl. She was letting her mind drift more and more into the fantasy of the film, letting her mind imagine what it would be like to have two people doing ... that?
And ... hey! ... those two people were ... WOMEN!
And what was that thing she was wearing down between her widespread legs? It looked like a gigantic prick!
Julie watched closely, extremely interested in how the artificial cock could be used!
She wondered where she could get one of those! It would be a relatively easy thing to do to talk Donna into putting one on, and using it ... just like that!
But that was all long ago, two years ago, and where the fuck was Billy?
Julie was frustrated, and now she was getting worried. Her parents had never even asked to which movie she was being taken, and Julie herself hadn't bothered to ask. All she wanted was to (be able to say to her girlfriends she had dated Billy Powers, and now that was ruined!
She would have to deny everything he would say about the evening.
Damn it!
Then she recalled his command, just before he went away into the darkness, "When I come back, you better be naked!"
And now she recalled her submissive "Okay."
But now she began to think it out. Why should she strip for him? Why should she do one damned thing for him? He had stopped her from fingerfucking herself, and then he'd brought her to the deep end of the pool and let her get her feet wet but stopped her from jumping in all the way!
It really bugged her. She couldn't come up with any answer for his behavior. Nothing made sense to her. How could he turn down a freely offered virgin fuck?
Shit, the child thought.
She glanced back at the screen. This time it was three men who were fucking the girl--no, this was a different girl. Julie had looked up just in time to see the first thick gouts of white come spurt out of the short fat dick and cover the girl's huge boobs, dribble down between her breasts.
Wish I had boobs like that!
She touched her small mound under her bra.
Oh, well ... Just then one of the men fucking the girl in the movie laughed loudly and said, "I guess this will teach you, you fucking tease!"
She straightened her body on the seat, brushed her skirt down neatly over her thighs, feeling every inch of her skin, and each and every item of clothing she wore.
Damn, was she hot!
Billy yanked the front door open, slammed the seat forward and shoved himself into the back seat. He balanced the huge bucket of buttery popcorn on his knee while he leaned forward and pulled the front door shut.
He glanced at Julie.
"Hi," he said.
Julie gave him a sweet smile.
"I told you to be naked," he said gruffly.
"Okay," Julie said.
She lifted her hands up to her throat and began very slowly to unbutton her crisp white blouse.
"You can look, but you can't touch me!" she said.
"What?" His voice was laughably grim.
"You heard me, Billy."
"Come on, baby!"
Julie smiled coyly.
"If you're going to get all bothered about this, I'll just button myself right back up!"
She slipped the button back through the hole and placed her hands, neatly folded together, in her lap.
Billy decided to tough it out. Two could play that game. He popped some popcorn into his mouth and turned his attention to the film.
Julie cleared her throat, then reached over and took a handful of popcorn out of the bucket. The pieces were soaked in warm, slippery butter, just the way Julie loved popcorn!
She chose a large piece, held it up to the light from the movie, then, deliberately and very very slowly, she lowered it, slipped it up under her skirt, rubbed it deep between her love lips, wetting it thoroughly with her pussy juices, and then she popped it into her mouth!
A sideways glance at Billy showed her that he was watching, and closely!
She repeated her action with another piece of popcorn, savoring the taste of warm butter and warm lubrication!
Ummmmmmm ...
Billy was trembling with desire. He wanted to do that!
"Julie?" he said, his voice quivering badly.
"Hmmm?" Julie asked, innocently. Billy hesitated.
"I'm sorry ... I ..." He shrugged.
"Oh? About what?" Julie was determined to win this round, and she knew exactly how to do it!
"I'm sorry about ... not ... bringing you off."
"Oh, that? It doesn't matter." She tried to keep her voice casual, but she didn't feel casual at all.
"It doesn't?" he asked.
But his tone, his sincerity, his total lack of sensitivity to her need, finally got through to the child, and she twisted toward him threw her handful of popcorn directly into his stunned face, and shouted, "OF COURSE IT MATTERS, YOU FUCKING BASTARD CREEP!"
She slapped her palms over her face and began bawling loudly.
Billy waited until she was completely finished crying, then cleared his throat.
"Julie, let me tie you up."
Julie gasped. "What?"
"I want to tie you up. Right here, in the car. I won't hurt you, and I promise it will be good for you. Really good!"
"Is that why you didn't finish me earlier?"
Billy nodded hard.
"Yeah! I figured if you came then, you wouldn't want to fuck for real later, and I was so damned hot and horny that I just had to get out of here for a while. I was afraid to ask you to let me tie you up!"
"Oh? You didn't seem to have any trouble asking Norma!"
"Oh, shit!" Billy moaned. "She promised she wouldn't tell anybody!"
"Well, she did!"
"Did she tell you it was good?"
"She didn't tell me anything at all! She told Donna, and if she said you were hot, I don't know it!"
"Please?" he begged. She shrugged.
"I don't know. What would you use to tie me up with?"
"Your hair ribbon. Your belt."
She looked down at her belt. It was cloth. God! Had she put it on purposely? She had learned about Billy's desire to tie his girls up before the date. Maybe she ... "Let me think about it," she said quietly. She shifted around on the seat, lifted her knees up and put her feet on the seat. She pulled the hem of her black skirt up high so that it slipped back down her upraised knees and fell loosely into her lap, baring her pubescent stockinged legs and her panty-encased pussy. She dipped another piece of popcorn into her cunny hole and ate it. "Go ahead and have some, Billy!" she said. Billy quickly leaned over and dipped a piece of buttery popcorn into her twat, rubbing it all around and getting it nice and wet with Julie's drippings, then popped it into his own mouth.
"Delicious!" he said, nodding in appreciation.
The two young kids sat there in the back seat of Jerry's car, alternately wiping up Julie's juices on the popcorn pieces, and then gulping them down!
They finished the entire bucket like that!
"Whew!" Billy said at last. "Man, that was the only way to eat popcorn!"
"I liked it!" Julie agreed.
Billy set the bucket up in the front seat. He sat back, and looked at the young girl across from him. Julie looked back. She reached up to her hair, and slipped the ribbon loose, pulled it from her hair, and reached her hand out to Billy, offering him the long strip of pretty ribbon.
She shook her head and let her hair fall loosely all around her shoulders and down the front of her blouse.
"You're beautiful, Julie!"
"Thank you!" she smiled in delight.
Billy played with the lovely piece of delicate ribbon for a few moments.
"Turn away, and put your hands behind your back."
Billy gently but firmly wrapped the ribbon around the child's bare wrists, pushing the material of her blouse sleeves up on her wrists farther. When he was done, she turned back around for him.
He got in the front, on the passenger's side, then turned around, resting his head on the back of the seat, looking at Julie. He stared at her, smiling a little crookedly.
Julie waited for his next command.
"Now, this is going to be a bit hard to do, Julie. I want you to take off your clothes! Every stitch! And I want you to do it without any help from me ... and with your hands tied!"
"That's impossible!" Julie cried.
Billy grinned. "Norma can do it!"
Julie glared at him for a second. "Damn you!" she shouted at him.
"When you're naked I'll give you a fuck you'll never forget!"
Julie took in a deep breath. She let it out with a long loud sigh, then straightened her shoulders and looked at Billy, who was grinning back at her. She wet her full sensuous lips.
"You'd better!" she said.

Chapter 10
Julie sat looking at Billy, but her mind was occupied with the problem he had set for her. How to take off all her clothes, with her hands bound behind her back!
She was dressed in her tight white blouse, with thin ruffles down the buttons and around the collar and wrists. She had on a black skirt that was riding more than halfway up her thighs, almost to the tops of her flesh-tone stockings. Under her tight blouse, the pretty pre-teen was wearing her favorite training bra. Under her skirt, she wore her cotton panties and the white garterbelt.
How the fuck was she going to remove all that?
Billy gave her a wicked wink!
Julie turned and lifted her legs to the seat, stretching them out in front of her. The easiest thing would be to slip off her shoes, which she did. But then she was stumped!
Julie slid down on the seat, lifting her knees to make room for the rest of her body, until she was lying on her back, on her bound arms. She fumbled her arms up to the back of her skirt, then sucked her tummy in as far as she could, at the same time she grasped the waist of her skirt and began twisting it around her trim body, until the clip of the belt was in her hands. She finally got it unclipped, and felt the release of the tightness around her waist. It took only a few tugs to open the button and run the zipper down, and then the material was simply laying loosely around her body. It was relatively easy to push the material down far enough on her legs that by some very sensuous shifting of her thighs and knees the pre-teen stripper succeeded in kicking the skirt off her stockinged feet and onto the floor of the car.
She took a brief rest from her struggles. She lay on her back, on her arms, dressed now only in her panties and her garterbelt and stockings, and her blouse and bra. Her panties were soaked!
The crotch of the panties was twisted and pulled aside, away from her hairless cunny, exposing to Billy's eyes the puffy little girl pussy lips, glistening with sweat and lubrication ... and popcorn butter!
Julie sighed from her strenuous exertions with the skirt, and then began working on her stockings.
She reached down behind her and found the hooks at the backs of her thighs. In order to unhook the silken nylon from the straps of the garterbelt, the child had to lift her hips high off the seat. This action thrust her half bared cuntslit right into Billy's face!
He could smell her overpowering female odor!
Julie got the back hooks undone, then twisted the stocking tops around to unhook the other snaps. This accomplished, she pushed the tops of the stockings down her thighs as far as she could, to just above her knees, then, working her thighs and knees together, she worked the loose nylon down over each knee. Then she lifted first one foot up and hooked her toes into the loose and open stocking top, and pushed it the rest of the way off her foot. She repeated this cute move with her other foot.
Again, she sighed.
The panties were next. Julie got the back of the cotton underwear shoved down over her tight asscheeks in back, then rolled over, awkwardly onto her tummy. She hitched herself up on the seat, as close to one side of the car as possible bumping her knees against the side. Then she slowly shifted her body toward the other side, and this friction against the seat pulled the front of her panties downward.
And the inch-worm action made her bared butt wriggle in the most delightful manner.
But once was not enough!
Julie found that she had dragged her panties down only to the tops of her knees. She had to roll over onto her back again and arch herself upward off the seat enough to be able to reach down and push the panties below her knees from behind and then roll over again onto her tummy and slide her body sexily over the seat to get them below her knees in front. Once they were down that far, it was an easy matter to kick her legs and let them fly off her feet!
Her lower body was now entirely bare! Her thighs were smeared with lubrication, and the car was beginning to smell like a pussy farm!
Billy watched the girl with lust in his eyes. He wanted to shove his prick into her bare cunny hole right this instant! But the rotten lie he'd told her abut his "problem" was paying off much too well! It was the same story he'd used with half a dozen other young girls and it worked like a charm every time! He got the whole show and he got the whole hole, and he got the last laugh! He smiled down at Julie, who was resting, panting. She was naked, from the waist down.
He wondered how the fuck she was going to get that shirt of hers off. It buttoned down the front and her hands were tied behind her. Norma's blouse had buttoned up the back, and after she unbuttoned the lower half she simply tore it off her, popping the top few buttons completely off the blouse!
Julie's buttoned in front, though. This should be terrific!
She was wondering how to do it herself.
While she considered the problem, she worked the garterbelt around so that the hook was easy to open, and it fell away from her waist onto the floor.
Only her blouse and bra to go!
She moaned and looked up at Billy.
He smiled down at her.
"Fuck me now!" she cried to him.
He shook his head. Below her vision his dick was throbbing madly to fuck her cunt!
Julie looked down at her bare tummy and cunny, then spread her long legs wide open, inviting Billy in!
"The blouse!" he commanded.
"Yes, sir!" the little girl whined back.
But how?
She struggled for a few seconds trying to twist the shirtfront around far enough to get at the buttons with her hands, but she couldn't reach even one, the blouse was so tight on her small chest.
Damn it! "Oh, shit!" she said aloud.
She began humping her hips up off the seat, thrusting her pussy at Billy's face! How the hell could he resist this? She wet her lips and humped in a hard fast rhythm of loving which no man could have failed to jump onto!
No one but Billy!
He watched her, breathing hard and fast in the same rhythm, wanting so badly to jump her cunt and shove his burning prick to the hilt inside her fucking box!
"The blouse!" he demanded.
Teasing himself and her! It drove him to the wall! He was getting too damned close! A few more minutes and he'd have to fuck the little girl, blouse on or blouse off!
"You damned bastard!" Julie moaned.
"Hurry up!" Billy gasped.
Julie threw her tight body all over the seat, kicking wildly at the walls of the car, and jabbing her knees into the backs of the front seats, grunting and groaning and twisting, trying to force one or two of the buttons open ... but she failed.
She was on her belly, gasping and panting hard, her face turned toward the seat.
"I can't," she said. It was muffled.
"I can't do it," she said, turning her face toward Billy, finally rolling over onto her back.
"You have to," he said.
And from that position on the seat she caught sight of the push-down door lock. She sat upright, then stood up, bent far forward between the side of the front passengers seat and the door of the car, and arching her head and shoulders back as far as she could, she tried to press her titties against the glass of the window. She did it, and then lowered her whole body, forcing the push-down lock upward between the two halves of her blouse, behind the button over her breasts!
Then she pulled backwards hard and fast, plopping her half nude body back onto the seat ... and tore the button off!
Her blouse gaped open over her bra!
"Great! You can do it, baby!" he shouted to her.
But Julie was lost in her blouse ripping idea! She loved this! She leaped forward again and worked the door lock behind the next higher button and ripped that one off, too!
She tore the button off the blouse near her throat and the two lower ones, and the material fell freely open, dangling down both sides of her young, fresh, virgin body!
"Damn!" Billy laughed.
Julie was breathless, but happy! She'd opened the damned blouse without her hands. Now to get it off her arms. She shrugged it down off her shoulders and let it hang behind her, then sat down and worked it over her feet, catching the collar part with both feet. Then, with increasing pressure, she straightened her legs, trying to tear the material away from her bound wrists behind, or rip it in half with her feet.
She strained hard, and her lovely face grew bright red with the breathless tension, but suddenly she felt the buttons pop away from her wrists and the thin material split open and fell off!
She sighed deeply and loudly. Then she looked at Billy.
"The bra!" he said, his eyes wide and taking in every detail of the little girl's trembling shoulders and tight white bra. He swore he could see her dark nipples through the silken cups!
Julie saw him staring at her boobies, and arched her back to accent their size. She was shaking with desire for the boys cock!
"FUCK ME, YOU ROTTEN CREEP!" she shouted at him, opening her legs for him again.
He shook his head.
"Bra," he told her, pointing at her little mounds.
"AAAHHHHHHHGGGGGGG ...!!!" Julie screamed in frustration, wildly throwing her cunny all over the back seat, trying madly to fuck the air!
How in hell could she get that bra off! Billy wondered the same thing. Norma had gone on the date with Billy ... braless! She was some little fucker! But Julie was so much more beautiful, delightful, and ... frustrated! Billy, behind the cover of the front seat, was stripping off his pants and underwear, getting ready to make the leap over the seat the instant Julie was naked!
The bra was open!
But it still hung over her thin, boney shoulders.
"I'm not gonna tear it," she told Billy. She hunched her knees up to her chin, worked the bra cups over her knees and down under her feet so that when she straightened back up the bra was dangling from her tied wrists, leaving the entire front of her body bared to Billy's sight!
Billy watched her. Should he make her break her bra? The poor kid was on the verge of going nuts, if she didn't get stuffed pretty soon! If he told her she had to rip her bra off? Had to, or be left hanging?
What the fuck?
He grinned and nodded at her. And Julie grinned back, threw herself down on her back and spread her legs wide open as Billy came up and over the front seat like the rising sun!
Naked from the waist down!
His cock sticking straight out like a fucking cannon!
Julie was shouting wildly, humping her cunny up and down hard and fast and forcing poor Billy to hop on her like he would a madly bucking horse, hop on her jumping body and try to shove into her at his own peril!
He aimed and missed and aimed and missed and aimed and almost missed but got it, got it, GOT IT!
And slammed home!
"AHHHHHHHHHHH ...!" Julie shrieked as Billy tore through her cherry cunny, ripping that tiny membrane wide open, and filling her virgin tube with fat little boy dick flesh and ramming it home over and over and over and OVER!
The two young kids were humping and fucking and shrieking and laughing and fucking and kissing and drooling and slobbering all over each other, loving and loving and thrusting into her and fucking down and up and up and down on his gigantic pole of love, crazy with each other's bodies and cock and cunt and bouncing little nipples!
Julie came!
The little fucker CAME! She sucked Billy's cock up inside her virgin twat and squatted on it and sucked it dry and humped it hard and wiggled her bare buns in the air and on the seat and crushed her cunny as hard as she could against Billy's rigid prick and hairy balls!
Her pussy drank him dry!
And spewed out onto his pumping dick her own juices, soaking the cylinder of passion, drowning his dong in her own sweet thick creamy come and pussy perfume and lubrication and little girl sweat!
And drained herself dry!
Both children fell together, spent and utterly exhausted! Somehow, they were both drained of every drop of their own juice, and yet they were both soaked! Soaked with the other's sweet wet love!

Chapter 11
By the time the last movie ended and Jerry had returned to the car to drive the two youngsters home, both Billy and Julie were fully dressed.
Jerry kept a foolish and somehow disturbing grin on his face all the time he drove. He let Billy off at his house and then turned the car back toward town, instead of driving his little sister home.
"Hey! Where are we going, Jerry!" Julie asked, glancing at her brother's smiling face.
He ignored her question and patted the seat close beside him.
"Come sit closer, Julie."
"I'm okay over here," Julie whispered against the cold window glass. She had moved up front after they had let Billy off. She didn't like the tone of Jerry's voice, nor his grin, nor the fact that they were moving farther and farther away from home in a direction that Julie didn't know.
"I didn't ask you to sit closer! I told you to sit closer! Now get your ass over here!"
Julie was stunned by Jerry's command. Her heart began to tremble as she slid over to the center of the seat.
She moved so close her thigh was touching his. Casually, Jerry placed his hand on his sister's thigh.
"Move your legs apart. I want to put my hand between your legs."
Julie tightened her legs together.
"JERRY!" she cried, suddenly shifting back across the seat toward her protective corner. But Jerry reached out and grabbed her arm and yanked her back tightly against his body.
Little Julie was terrified. What was happening? She was becoming very frightened of Jerry. His fingers forced their way down between her thighs, and he squeezed the soft tender flesh so hard that the little girl cried out in pain.
"Please ..." she whispered.
"Just shut up, Sis! The evening is young! Very young! Almost as young as you are!"
The little girl didn't understand her brother's words. She only knew that his hand was hurting her thigh, and that his tone of voice was dangerous.
"Jerry, please tell me what's going on!"
"I told you to shut up! If you think you can tease me for two fucking years and then let that creepy boyfriend of yours have your cherry, you got another thing coming!"
"WHAT? HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT ...?" she cried loudly.
Jerry snorted, squeezed his sister's tender thigh very hard.
"Ow! Please don't!"
Jerry let go of her leg and fumbled around under the driver's seat, pulled out a cassette recorder with a strange-looking attachment.
"Oh, my God!" Julie moaned.
"You stupid little fucker! Ellen and I listened to everything you let him do to you! I would have stopped you, but Ellen ... Ellen ... kept me occupied! But we heard it all! And now I have the tape, too! I'm going to play it for Mom and Dad and all your little classmates, you bitch, unless you do everything I tell you to! Understand?"
Julie was weeping into her cupped palms. She nodded her understanding.
"Good! And you better figure out some nice, logical story to explain your ripped blouse to Mom and Dad, too, while you're at it!"
"Yes, Jerry." the child said quietly. Jerry listened to the submissive little voice with a real shudder of delight. How long he had longed for little Julie's pussy! How many months had he lain awake most of the night, remembering the soul-shattering smell of Julie's pussy juice on his pillow!
That night he had vowed to himself that he would have her! Have her cunt and ass and mouth! Every way it was possible for a man to take a woman, he would take his sister! It became an obsession with him but one he decided it would be safer to keep under wraps ... until the time was right!
And his little trick with the recorder had made the time right ... NOW!
Julie was his! Her cunt may be used, and her mouth. But her asshole was still his for the taking!
Her virgin asshole! Tonight!
He pinched her leg through her little skirt, pinching so hard that she doubled up her little fists and pressed them tightly together in her lap.
Then he released her.
No, not pain ... PLEASURE!
He let his hand begin stroking her leg, slipped it down to the hem of her skirt and stroked up underneath the black material.
"Where are you taking me?" she asked.
"A motel!"
"What are you going to do to me?"
Jerry let her stew about it for a few minutes.
"I'm gonna fuck you! Up your asshole!"
Julie sucked her breath in deeply! Oh God! No!
"Oh, Jerry! Please! Not that! Anything else! I'll give you the best blow job of your life! Or fuck me, but in my pussy! But not my asshole! Not my asshole!" And she burst into tears again. She cried for most of the rest of the fairly long drive to the motel. It was on the outskirts of town, but on the far side of town from their house.
Jerry was taking no chances of the car being recognized, not tonight!
Before they pulled into the motel lot, Julie had finished her tears, and sat up, wiping her pretty face dry.
"Will it hurt me?"
Jerry snorted loudly again. "Maybe! only for a split second, baby sister!"
Julie sighed. "Will you ... be gentle with me ... after you ... fuck my asshole?"
Jerry reached up and around the little girl's shoulder, dropping his palm down over her tiny breast and massaging her tenderly.
"Sure ..." he whispered to her.
She took a deep breath and held it, filling her brother's caressing hand with her titty, and feeling her nipple grow large and firm under his touch.
She let her head lower and rest against her brother's shoulder. Her ass felt funny. She had never considered her asshole to be something sexy. She had never dreamed of being fucked in her butt, but once she got over her initial shock at the idea, and after she got used to the idea of fucking with Jerry, the child began to think of the possibilities!
Her asshole began to itch! It itched in exactly the same way her cunny clit itched, and her nipples itched!
"What is it, baby girl?" Jerry said, sensing some change in her body, some relaxing of her whole being. It was ... trust!
She trusted him!
"Hey, Julie! Don't sweat it! I'll take it easy on you, and who knows, maybe you'll like it!"
Julie nodded slightly against Jerry's shoulder.
Maybe she would!
Julie was willing, even then, to bet she would!
She smiled. She wriggled her butt on the seat.
Asshole, eh?
"Okay," she said, letting her thighs fall open for Jerry's caressing hand. He slid his palm up tight against the still wet crotch of Julie's tight panties. She jerked as he stuffed three fingers under her panty leg, probed around her pussy lips and then shoved all three fingers inside her cunny!
"Ohhhh ..." she gasped.
"Oh, yes! Jerry! Oh! That's so nice! Good! Right there! Oh, yes! Do that! Do that! Ah! AH! YES! DO THAT!" she cried out in pleasure. Jerry knew her body so well, she couldn't believe it!
He knew her tiny hairless slit so well from all the nights of massaging her while she slept, and never felt a fucking thing!
She began humping the three-fingered cock in her cunthole, riding slowly up and down on the pyramidal shaft, feeling her cunny begin lubricating and warming and tingling.
She lifted her hands to her breasts and found her nipples hard and ready. She stroked then and pinched them, and began purring, and rolling her face against Jerry's arm.
"Easy, baby! Cool down! Hot shit, Julie! Are you still that horny, after making it with Billy?"
She nodded, moaning.
Jerry took his hand out from under her skirt.
"No! Keep doing that! I want it!" she demanded, pouting up at her big brother.
Jerry grasped the steering wheel with both hands and just grinned and shook his head.
And Julie simply lifted her skirt up, flounced it around in the air while she reached under herself, lifting herself up off the seat, and found her newly aroused asshole!
She poked it with her finger.
She stuck the very tip of her finger through the tight muscular ring and twitched.
Jerry grabbed her and jerked her around until she pulled her finger out ass.
"I want that hole virgin, Julie!"
Julie laughed, reached up and smeared her slightly soiled fingertip over her brother's nose!
"You crazy ... NUT!" Jerry laughed with her.
Julie leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. The car made a sharp turn into the old motel parking lot. Jerry drove around to the back side, and pulled into a space beside a car that looked vaguely familiar to Julie.
But she paid it no real attention. She was trying to unzip Jerry's pants!
"Hey! Cut that shit out!"
"I bet I could give you such a suck-off!"
"Well, baby sister, you'll get your chance! I'll keep this tape for a long time! Maybe someday you'll want to hear it yourself!"
"Ummmm ... maybe! In fact, why not bring it in with you! We can listen to it while you fuck my asshole!"
"You little pervert! Great idea! But that can wait till the next time! Tonight we'll have something else to keep us occupied!"
Julie smiled, let Jerry take her hand and help her out of the car.
"Oh? What, besides raping my asshole?" Jerry took her arm directed her toward the motel door. He patted the familiar car as they walked by it.
"Ellen!" he said. "She's waiting for us inside!"

Chapter 12
"Hello, Julie!" Ellen said with a pretty smile.
"Uh ... hello, Ellen," Julie replied hesitantly. She wasn't sure she liked an audience for her asshole rape.
"Take your clothes off, Julie!" Jerry ordered her.
She looked around the room. She had never been inside a motel room before. It was neat! The two beds looked so big! She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. She walked over and peered into the tiny bathroom. It smelled so ... sterile! She undid her skirt and stepped out of it, tossed it onto one of the beds. She opened and closed all the desk drawers, and squealed with delight when she pulled out a postcard with a picture of the motel on it. She carefully laid it on top of her discarded skirt. She pushed her panties down, and with them, her stockings and garterbelt. Then she turned toward her brother and his girlfriend, dressed only in her training bra.
She let them look her over.
"Ellen is bisexual, Julie," Jerry explained. "She has liked you for a long long time."
"I'm going to make love to you, dear child," Ellen said, somewhat nervously Julie thought. Hmmmm. The thought of having Ellen touch her naked body was ... interesting!
"Then take your clothes off, Ellen!" Julie said casually. "But you better not touch me until after my brother fucks my asshole, or no matter what is on that fucking tape, I'll start screaming rape all over this motel!"
"Okay," she whispered weakly.
Hey, Julie thought, Ellen is more scared than I am!
Jerry was half undressed already, his prick slowly lifting straight up in the air. Julie smiled at Ellen, then turned her full attention toward her brother's hardening prong of meat.
"You want a blow job, Jerry?" she asked. "After I butt-fuck you, little sister!"
Julie wet her lips, glanced at Ellen, who was watching the interplay between brother and sister with intense interest. The little girl walked over to the bed and crawled up on it beside Ellen. She crawled forward on her stomach until she had centered herself on the bed, then very slowly and invitingly lifted her tight ass high up into the air, at the same time lowering her upper body so low that her bra rested on the blanket.
She felt the bed creak as Jerry got up behind her, and she jerked in pleasure as she felt his palms touch lightly over both her tight asscheeks and clutch firmly those two firm buns.
"Ummmmmmm ..." she moaned.
She felt his breath, hot and hard, on her ass, and felt his hands working her cheeks apart.
His breath blew against her puckered brown anus, causing the child to suck in her own breath sharply.
"Ooooooo ..." she purred.
Jerry stuck his wet tongue out and touched the pucker of her anus, teasing the little pre-teen girl with new sensations, licking downward to the beginning of her cunt slit, tickling the whole exquisitely sensitive area between her pulsing asshole and her freshly used cunny slit.
Julie began wiggling her ass wildly as the feeling flowed through her body, tightening her asshole and hardening her nipples. Her long delicate fingers clawed madly at the blanket, and her breathing came in quick rasping gasps.
This was heaven!
She could easily learn to love assfucking more than cunny fucking!
Jerry was kissing her asshole!
He tongued the child all over her ass, wetting the whole sweet silken surface of her delicious buns. He slobbered his face tightly down between her ass cheeks and sucked at her anus, trying to suck it inside out!
Julie was groaning loudly with her intense joy and cunt gushing lust.
"Do it!" she mumbled loudly into the blanket.
Jerry was already climbing upward over her bare back. The pre-teen felt his fingers unhooking her training bra, felt the soft cups sagged downward away from her small hanging breasts as it was released from her body. It slipped down her bare arms and rested on the blanket.
Jerry climbed higher, bringing his cockhead up under the child's thighs, lifting it up between her ass cheeks, and finally pressing it lightly against her anus.
"Oh!" Julie gasped.
The cockhead was wet with something gooey. It slipped over the little girl's butt crack. Jerry reached down and pressed his cock tightly against her puckered anus, leaning into it, bending forward over her tiny sleek body.
With a slight forward push, he easily inside his sister's asshole!
She had relaxed her muscles at exactly the right instant!
Jerry felt his prick being sucked up inside the child's body, slipping far up into her bowels! His cock felt like it was being squeezed by a huge, firm hand.
And then he began to move.
In and out of the child's hot burning itching virgin anus, pushing and pulling at her intestines, fucking her ass like she had earlier been fucked in her tight cunt.
And Julie was going wild!
She crushed her butt backward as hard as she could against her brother's bouncing balls, his fat cylinder pounding in a hard counterthrust slipped deeper and deeper into her, until she thought his prick was going to gag her throat!
She was being driven crazy with love and lust!
She bit her own wrist to keep from shrieking out her pure pleasure! She gasped and gagged and gulped hard, grunting and cooing and sucking air loudly! Then she felt something in her long blonde hair!
It was Ellen's hand!
Her hair was being dragged backward, forcing her pretty straining sweaty face up off the blanket, forcing her to look forward, at the head of the bed. And what she saw was Ellen's beautiful face, only inches from her own, but with her head forced so far back, and her body so full of her brother's beating, thrusting, wonderful cock, poor Julie could only gasp an indistinct syllable.
And then Ellen moved closer, until Julie saw her eyes close slowly, and her sweet thin lips part, and come closer, closer, until they met with Julie's own drooling full lips!
It was a sideways, awkward kiss, but a loving, sharing, soul-searching kiss, with Ellen probing her hot tongue deeply between Julie's wide open jaws, thrusting like Jerry's cock deep into her throat!
She was being fucked from both ends at once!
It was hard to swallow, so her saliva simply dribbled out her lips and was quickly sucked up by the girl at her mouth.
And then Julie felt Ellen's other hand forcing its way under her breast, to cup it fully and find the child's swollen nipple, and begin such a tender loving caressing of that tiny hard nubbin, that Julie felt herself falling in love with her brother's girlfriend!
Jerry butt-fucked his sister good and hard, reaming her tight asshole thoroughly, feeling his passion rise and focus in his prickhead as he rode the little girl toward his own trembling shaking violent climax ... and he thrust hard forward, ramming his prong high and deep inside the pre-teen's bowels, and began flooding her tiny body with his huge load of come!
His thighs were locked hard to her asscheeks!
Julie felt every terrific jerk and twitch of her brother's come! Felt him fill her guts with his spunk, his love goo!
She cried out, feeling her own climax approaching rapidly, brought on by her brother's climax in her ass and Ellen's sucking at her tongue, pulling her tongue deep inside her own mouth and sucking so hard the little girl thought her tongue would be torn out by its roots!
With a sudden wild tug at her brother's cock embedded deep inside her body, the twelve-year-old beauty began bucking and bouncing like a crazy wild horse on the bed, pulling hard at her tongue in Ellen's mouth and pulling hard at Jerry's cock in her butt!
She was locked between the two of them, and going wild with her own coming climax!
Her ass bounded high, and Jerry rode her twitching come like a pro rider in the rodeo!
The ponygirl leaped and threw her body all over the bed, finally tearing herself out of Ellen's sucking mouth, and dumping Jerry onto the bed, his cock yanked from her asshole with a loud "pop"... and Julie rolled off the bed and onto the rug-covered floor, where she twitched and jerked a few more times as she rode her own come to a slowly calming finish.
She sighed, and threw her limbs wide open, stretching.
"Wow!" Ellen gasped, leaning over the edge of the bed and staring at the little girl, totally naked on her back on the floor. Ellen couldn't grasp how the child could be so relaxed. She had never had that free a feeling about being assfucked by Jerry. But ... maybe she'd give it another chance. Which is exactly what Jerry had been hoping for! The two teenagers roiled together on the bed, and Jerry began bringing Ellen upward by sucking lightly and gently on her boobies, his hand slipping down toward her trembling asshole ...
While Julie quietly reached under the and turned on the tape recorder that brother had placed there!
She knew how to get even with him! But she wasn't sure getting even was exactly her motive for turning on the tape. Maybe she just wanted a nice personal record of this amazing evening.
Or maybe she wanted something she could threaten Jerry with, if he should ever refuse to fuck her!
The pre-teen sat up and watched the action on the bed. She frowned. Why the hell was she only watching? She hopped up and leaped onto the two people on the bed, knocking them aside, and snuggled down tightly between them!
"Now!" she commanded them both. "Let's start this whole thing over--FROM THE BEGINNING!"
The End